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Reddit Tube

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I found out about RedditTube recently, and I knew right away it was probably something I’d be reviewing here at ThePornDude. The funny thing about Reddit is that some folks out there might not realize it’s a goldmine of fap fodder, especially with all the porn addicts and no-fap mofos who hang out there, discussing fedora brands and giving waifu pillow purchasing tips. You perverts know a lot better, though, don’t you? Hell, I’ve got more than 500 of the filthiest subreddits ranked and reviewed, so I’ve clearly been shaking my dick at the super-forum about everything.


Reddit – for those of you who may have just escaped a long-term stay in a Fritzl-style sex dungeon – is one of the very biggest sites on the Internet, a massive, globe-spanning message board with nearly 2 billion visitors monthly. Reddit.Tube is a bit more modest in scope, with around 6 million coming by, but that’s because the tube really narrows the focus from Reddit’s anything-and-everything theme. Reddit Tube is an easy way to watch and download Reddit videos without all the goddamn commentary. Personally, I’m curious about how well the site will help me skip to the porn, so let’s find out about that.


WTF is a Reddit and Does It Have Porn?

Guys, I have a confession. As much shit as I give the neckbeards at Reddit for their social awkwardness, obsession with anime, and all the bizarre subcultures like bronies, waifusexuals, and extremely angry virgins, I actually spend a fair amount of time on the site. Where else can I find out about trends in amateur porn, get some help with my stereo from an autistic audio guru, and watch video after video of airline passengers losing their shit, posted minutes after the fact? You guessed it: Reddit.



The all-inclusive nature of the website makes it perfect for sharing all kinds of content, and since this is the 21st century, a lot of that content is in video format. Unlike other popular video platforms like TikTok, Instagram, or YouTube, Reddit doesn’t have any blanket restrictions against sex and nudity. They’ve tightened their rules about the naughty stuff over the years, but it’s still a fucking wonderland of free fap fodder. Sure, the main page may be full of cute kittens, video game tomfoolery, and people breaking their bones doing the milk crate challenge, but dig just a little bit, and you’ll find all kinds of perversion.


Case in point: Reddit Tube. The front page features a handful of clips recently uploaded to Reddit, and it may be a completely different cross-section than you’re used to, depending on what subs you’ve joined. Half of them are firmly SFW, like a glitch from The Last of Us 2 or the revolver some deranged nerd attached to a computer. The other half have NSFW stamped over a blurred screenshot. If I squint a little bit, I can make out boobies and humping couples.


Do yourself a favor: as soon as you hit the front page of Reddit.Tube, click that dropdown menu in the corner, and turn off Safe Browsing. As soon as I did that, the screencaps unblurred, giving me a glimpse of bouncing booties, topless Latinas, and some chick licking another chick’s butt in an elevator.


Save Reddit’s Freakiest Videos

Reddit.Tube isn’t designed to replace Reddit and works well as a complimentary website. The very first thing you’ll see on the front page is a box where you can enter a Reddit link to grab a downloadable version of the video you were watching. There are some bots on Reddit that offer a similar service, but they aren’t always active. Reddit Tube’s also got a search engine for downloadable Reddit videos right there at the top of the front page.



That search engine seemed like a good place to start digging in for my review, so I typed Bukkake into the box, and away we went. Reddit Tube served up a handful of short scenes, complete with thumbnails of sperm-splashed hotties. Half of them are from Texas Bukkake, a premium cum-fetish site I reviewed here a few weeks ago.


I clicked one labeled Marley Brinx Bukkake, the thumbnail enticing me with the illustrious Marley down on her knees, mouth wide and a cock aimed at her eyes. The one-minute Jules Jordan video loaded in a video player on a new page, and it’s in a nice, crisp resolution. Marley goes to town on three cocks at the same time, making me wonder how gay it is for three guys to touch dicks, even if it is inside of a pornstar’s mouth.


Beneath the video is a View Source & Comments button that leads back to the original post, but I was more curious about the Download Video button. I assumed Reddit.Tube uses a file locker service to host the videos, and I’d have to sit through the countdown timer and spam you associate with those sites. It turns out I was wrong, and the setup is a lot better than that. The site serves up easy one-click downloads without routing me to a secondary website or blowing me up with pop-up spam. (Naturally, I am using an ad blocker because I’m not a fucking idiot.)


There’s even a button to send the video to your email inbox. That means Reddit Tube’s download features are useful even if you’re beating off on one of the public computers at the library. Just use that email button, and you can grab those blowbang videos when you get home, or use the feature to show grandma all those glory hole movies she’s been missing out on since she can’t figure out Reddit.


Serving Up the Hits Minus the Bullshit

Reddit Tube’s obviously not your typical free video tube, but they have some features that make them as accessible and instantly fappable as any good tube. For example, you’ll find a few different ways to peruse the stash. There’s a section of Popular Videos where you’ll find the most downloaded stuff and a very well-indexed All Categories section broken up by subreddit. Some of the biggest categories lately are PerfectlyCutScreams, TikTokCringe, and TikTokThots.



I have a feeling, though, that you’re going to end up where I ended up: the NSFW section. I chuckled a little bit at the description in the header, imploring me to “Browse NSFW Videos (Mostly Porn).” Well, don’t mind if I do! I always appreciate a rotating selection of fresh, random porn videos from Reddit.


I was a little disappointed the NSFW isn’t divided by subreddits like the All Categories area since that would make it easier to skip right to your masturbatory content of choice. Still, I think most general perverts will appreciate what comes up when you hit the button. I instantly got girls twerking, creampies, amateur MILFs in fishnets, thick white girls showing off their jugs, and an absolutely filthy 3D BDSM sex video some nerd made in Blender.


After checking out some of the offerings, I refreshed the NSFW page and got some fresh material. The older stuff slipped down the page, replaced with up-close pussy diddling, a purple-haired cutie flashing her tits on an airplane, and some chick showing off her new bikini. So, I clicked through to the original Reddit posts to see when the videos were uploaded. And while they’re not quite in sequential order, all the fresh stuff has been added within the last 24 hours, some within the last hour.


That tells me that Reddit.Tube is constantly scouring Reddit for fresh material. That means you can use the site as a supplement to Reddit if you’re already a Reddit user, but you can also use it as a stand-alone porn site to pull up when you’re horny and alone.


And you know what? I am horny and alone right now, at least if you don’t count the other Starbucks customers. I just found a 16-second loop of some beautiful Asian girl pulling up her skirt and flashing her butthole and hoo-ha at the camera, and frankly, I’d like to enjoy it a little more. Reddit.Tube will let me download it instantly, and then I can watch it at like .25 speed on a loop in VLC. Now, if you’ll excuse me, I have some masturbating to do.

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