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Sometimes an Adult Match Maker is all you need to help get your dick wet, or at least that’s what I’ve read on the Internet. I’m guessing you’ve heard the very same thing, and I bet we’re both thinking about the very same website that puts it right there in the name. There are plenty of sex dating websites, but this has been one of the stronger brands over the years, outlasting a lot of the competition who’ve come and gone along the way. The question is whether that popularity is related to the quality of their platform or just the amount of money they put into advertising.


Fortunately, you’ve got a Porn Dude on your side who loves digging into shit like this. Hell, if the site is any good, it might mean I will get laid shortly after working up this review. I’m on a little visit to the Land Down Under right now, so I’ve got my browser aimed at, hoping for some action. AdultMatchmaker is one of the most popular sex-positive dating sites in Australia, so let’s see about getting some poon tonight.


Getting Laid with Adult Matchmaker

One of the things I like immediately about AdultMatchmaker is that they don’t beat around the fucking bush. A lot of these joints will talk some bullshit about making connections and finding romance, trying to sound wholesome even though you perverts are scrolling through the singles with your dick in your hand and a bottle of lube at the ready. Adult Matchmaker isn’t fucking around with that tripe; instead, they are laying their cards face-up on the table. This is, in their words, “Casual dating for sex-positive singles and swinging couples.”



In lieu of the usual family-friendly pics of laughing couples you find on the supposedly romance-oriented dating sites, this one features a babe in the process of getting her sexy bra pulled off by a shirtless, muscular dude. Beneath that one-sentence description I mentioned, there’s a box saying they’ve got over 3 million Australian members. Any dating or meetup site, wholesome or filthy, absolutely needs a big-ass userbase to be of any use, and this one clearly has a ton of members to mingle with.


One of the big gimmicks they brag about on the landing page is how they’ve got a built-in Live Video Chat. I know some of you are already thinking, “It’s 2024. That shit’s standard,” but there are still sites out there that don’t have it. It puts them at least a step up from the crowdsourced fat-girl farm on Tinder, with some explicit adult cams and free webcam chats in the evening that mix in some features you expect more from a sex cam site than a dating site.


Personally, I think it’s a bigger deal that AdultMatchmaker was one of the first sites to implement a profile verification system. Anyone who’s fucked with these sites knows they can be an absolute hive of scum and villainy, with scammers galore trying to rob you using some hot-girl photos they stole off Instagram. AdultMatchmaker was not only among the first to start verifying profiles, but they’ve been around long enough to refine their techniques to weed out more of the sketchy profiles.


I was also surprised to find a rich selection of free swinger resources and erotic stories available even without signing up for an Adult Matchmaker account. You can find swingers clubs and local events, plus a blog with articles like “How to Have a Full Body Orgasm” and “How Are You Celebrating Masturbation Month?” The erotica section stretches on for 140 pages, delving deep into smut categories like Swinging, Exhibitionism, and Voyeurism, as well as Kink and BDSM.


Let’s Get Started

Of course, all that free stuff is arguably to get you in the door. If you ain’t a swinger yet, those dirty stories may get you all primed and ready to let your wife suck off some younger, more handsome 18+ dude, provided he makes less money than you. If you want to reap the benefits of, you’re going to need to sign up for an account.



Basic AdultMatchmaker accounts are free, and signup is fairly straightforward and simple. You tell them who you are and who you’re looking for, pick a name and a password, and off you go. I told them I was a dude looking for Women and Groups down for Casual Sex, Threesomes, Swinging, and Something Kinky. There are also options for Relationships or just plain ol’ Friendships, Parties and Events, and Video Chats.


The second page of registration asks for some more basic info, this time describing your body type, dick size, condom habits, and other personal options. It takes a few minutes, but I think it’s fair; it seems like just about the right amount of info to help find the right casual sex partners. I really like how the only options for the Drugs category are “I don’t take drugs” or “I don’t smoke weed.” I guess bong hits for breakfast don’t mean you’re a druggie anymore, so remember to send your old high school health teacher a note saying to fuck right off.


After uploading a photo of myself to get all the ladies hot, asked who I was willing to be contacted by. The filters are very nice, letting you limit your messages to just the broads or couples or restricting it to just the verified members. That alone will cut down on a lot of the spam and bullshit you get immediately after signing up for some of the shittier sites.


But How Much Does It Really Cost?

A couple of minutes after clicking the JOIN button, I was in like Flynn. Right away, Adult Matchmaker presented me with a picture menu of some of the local babes. There’s a smattering of oldies and fatties, as you expect, but I also saw some hotties right away. A sexy redhead gave the camera her best fuck-me face while a gorgeous mixed Asian chick showed off what can only be described as a prize-winning smile.



Then I noticed a set of sliders along the side of the page next to my profile photo. Apparently, I wasn’t viewing the site in Adult Mode, which meant I wasn’t supposed to see any nudity. (I did see a few stray boobies, so evidently, the filters aren’t foolproof.) I tried to turn on Adult Mode, but it turns out I have to upgrade to premium or at least verify my account by uploading my ID.


I’m happy you can see nudity just by uploading ID, but I found another roadblock in the same section. A slider for Postage Paid will let other members contact me for free, but I have to pay ten bucks on top of the premium membership I haven’t bought yet, either.

So let’s look at what those premium plans get you. It’s a tiered system, so the more you pay, the better the features. Plans start at $25 a month, which will let you message four new members, watch 50 amateur videos, add private galleries, and wink at more members. (Incidentally, this is the first place I found out AdultMatchmaker also has amateur porn.)


Like other sex dating sites, the freebie membership is largely crippled in an effort to steer you toward the paid options. Cheapskates are quickly going to run into roadblocks designed to keep them from getting laid without ponying up the cash. That said, they’ve made enough of the site visible that users can get a pretty decent sense of the site’s utility before busting out the credit card. Some of these sites break the search feature for free users entirely, but they’ve left it largely intact except for a couple of minor elements.


The fact that they’ve left so much available to free users makes it much easier to recommend to Aussies looking for some casual sex, swinging, or even legit romantic relationships. My advice is to hold back on pulling the trigger until you’ve perused the selection of local sluts, which will make it a lot easier to see if it’s worth the cash. Now, if you’ll excuse me, I have a thick-ass goth girl to message.

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