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If you’re looking to Shag 2 Night, what better place to try your luck than a platform that puts it right there in the title? I mean, shit, Tinder sounds like they might be trying to start a fire, and OKCupid sounds proudly mediocre, but this site’s name implies getting some action within the next handful of hours. Their logo even hints at fun, dirty times; instead of a neutered, sexless icon in the shape of fire, hearts, or birds, this one displays oral sex in a way that borders on SFW. Don’t worry, though—I wouldn’t be reviewing the spot if it was even remotely wholesome, or my name isn’t ThePornDude. claims in big, bold, all capital letters that they’re “The #1 Sex Contact Site in the UK!” I’m not sure how true that is just yet, but with nearly a million visitors a month, it doesn’t seem like they’re hurting. On the contrary, it appears there’s more than enough activity on the site that I’m feeling lucky as hell. But, of course, that’s precisely the kind of vibe you want in a hookup site, which is why I was so eager to get inside and take a look around.


Who Wants to Shag 2Night?

They say first impressions count for a whole hell of a lot. If you want to know the truth, I wasn’t immediately impressed by Shag 2 Night when I first pulled up their landing page. It doesn’t really look too different from any random hookup site you stumble upon while fapping your way through the free tubes. There’s stock photography of a faceless babe in lingerie as the background image, and there are a few rows of headshots further down the page, but other than that, they don’t really show you anything.



I always wish dating sites would let you peruse the local babes before signing up because then you’d have a better idea if it was worth your time to sign up. Most sites don’t allow that, though, perhaps because even fewer folks would sign up for the shittier sites. Is Shag2Night a shitty site? I’m not going to know until I fill out the signup form on the front page. As with many hookup sites, that form is all that’s really out front.


At least it’s easy and fast to sign up. The form’s only a few fields; then, they immediately send you an activation email with a link to click. Next, you’ll be prompted to add a pic and shuffled along to the profile area to fill in all your details, though you could also just start poking around if you still aren’t convinced it’s worth the effort.


You’re probably wondering what I found when I got inside, huh? Well, when I ran my first Shag2Night member search, I left my options wide open: any age, any place, as long as they’re female. The site is set up in a way that makes it difficult to see the total number of members, but I did get page after page after page of women. I had to start tweaking the digits in the link to dig through faster and still never reached the bottom.


There are thousands of women registered on all across the UK. (Guys, too. In fact, guys almost always outnumber girls on hookup sites, but I mainly mention the women around here because I know who my readership demographics are.) Weirdly, they’re all listed as “Now online” below their profile pics, even when you’re getting hundreds of pages deep into the search results. So I’m more than a little bit skeptical of the claim, but hopefully, they mean the broads have been active relatively recently.


So Many Women, But How to Choose?

Obviously, I can’t fuck every woman I find listed on, no matter how horny I am and how much Viagra I’ve got stocked up. There are just too many logistical issues, you know? So with that in mind, I had to cut that pile of search results down to size. The trouble is that Shag2Night doesn’t have the greatest set of filters to work with. To be honest, these are the most lackluster options I’ve seen on a dating site in a while.



Users can dial in their preferred age range and choose a region from a list of a dozen, including spots like East Midlands, South East England, Scotland, Wales, and Northern Ireland. There are also a couple of checkboxes to filter the members with photos and those who are online now. That’s it. There’s nothing about hair color, body type, ethnicity, tattoos, smoking, or whether they’re keen to eat ass on the first date, nor is there a distance filter to set how far you’re willing to travel for some ass.


I guess I’ve got my work cut out for me. I dialed in my preferred age range as 18 to 45, ripe teen to experienced MILF, and set my location as Greater London. Another click, and I’ve got myself another, more refined set of search results. It’s still an unbelievably big spread, with hundreds of pages of chicks supposedly looking for a Shag 2 Night. Again, they’re all listed as “Now online,” and again, I don’t believe it.


The lack of better filters is a real bummer because there’s a nice range of women on the site. I see blondes, brunettes and redheads, Asians, Latinas, and ebony goddesses just sifting through my London chicks. There are slim chicks and plumpers, goth bitches and girls next door, library types, and sultry MILFs. What’s fucking ironic is that the profiles actually contain a lot of that info I wanted to see in the search filters, like height, body type, hair/eye color, smoking, and tattoos. Come on, guys, you’re so close!


Flirting with the Women of Shag 2Night

I checked out a cute blonde’s profile, then a hot MILF, and a sexy black chick. One black-haired chick looked like she might be a PAWG, so I checked her profile to see if she really had the Phat Ass part of the equation. Unfortunately, Shag 2 Night has minimal photos. Most only had one, though I found a couple who had an entire gallery of precisely two pictures. It’s a lot easier to get catfished when there aren’t many photos, so it’s up to you to do your own due diligence and make sure these girls are legit.



I’ve been signed up for Shag2Night for about 45 minutes now. My profile is super basic, just a blurb and a photo, but I’ve already got a handful of messages in my Shag2Night inbox and a few shorter messages they call Flirts. One chick asked me to marry her, a few are asking for sex, and one babe told me she collects ejaculate photos. Kinky!


I tried to respond to one of the Flirts, and that’s when Shag2Night finally asked me for some money. I’d been wondering when that would happen. The site works on a credit-based system, where you spend a credit per message, whether it’s a “Sex Proposal,” a Flirt, or just a standard message. If you buy 200 of them at a time, they’re only a pound each. Smaller packages are pricier, with an intro bundle of 10 messages going for £15.


Based on the pics alone, there are many women on Shag2Night that I would absolutely Shag 2night. That said, this isn’t the easiest hookup site in the world to recommend. The shitty filters are my biggest complaint because they make it so hard to find the ideal hookup. If there were a smaller pool, it might be easier, but their broken system lists every single user as “Now online.” That makes it impossible to see who’s actually been using the site lately, so you might end up paying to send messages to somebody who hasn’t logged on in a year.


The best thing I can say about is that they seem to have a fucking ton of members, and it doesn’t cost anything to peruse the picture menu. It wouldn’t hurt to see if they’ve got users listed in your area, but good luck if you find somebody who you find irresistible. Hopefully, she’s still an active user and will get your message.

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