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Tits, and Ass Too! I’ve got to hand it to this next joint for coming up with one of the catchiest, most clever site names I’ve seen this week. It’s just two words, simple and to the point, but with more personality than other dead-on titles. It isn’t just Ass; it’s Ass, Too, meaning they’ve got ass in addition to whatever else is on the menu, and I have some ideas about what that might be. I’m no Michelin chef, but I can tell you that Tits and Ass go together just like carrots and peas. Oh man, we’re eating well tonight, boys! is a free tube focusing on social media porn. Whether you prefer to do your masturbatory rounds at OnlyFans, Snapchat, Patreon, or Twitch, AssToo aims to simplify your routine and save you some money while you’re at it. Just looking at the site’s numbers, it’s clear they’re helping out many horny internet users, to the tune of about half a million visitors a month. Not bad for a site that’s only been around for about a year. Your mom’s a huge whore, but how long did it take her to reach the half-million mark? If she’s hot enough, maybe I’ll stumble onto her during my visit to AssToo today.



Pussy, Tits, and Pretty Faces—Ass Too!

AssToo’s got a reasonably unremarkable setup. It’s the usual wall of thumbnails you expect from a tube, topped with a very basic header and the site’s name in all caps. With my adblocker running, it’s nice and clean, with nary a bit of spam to be seen anywhere. Instead, my eyes immediately fall onto all the lovely ladies and their naked flesh covering the page.



This isn’t a typical free tube, full of the usual paysite samples and sloppy amateur iPhone shots. On the contrary, the site’s focus is apparent in every thumbnail, most of which are vertical from major social porn sites like OnlyFans and Patreon. Most of the recent additions out on the front page is OnlyFans content, plus a stray dildo fuck porno from Snapchat and a nude photoshoot from Patreon. A few of the videos don’t have their sources in the title, but the OnlyFans watermarks give them away.


Given the sources, the subjects should come as no surprise. The site is full of famous internet chicks, social media starlets, and hot amateur models. There are even some traditional pornstars who’ve crossed over into the realm of this new style of DIY smut. I started recognizing babes right away, like Amouranth revealing her nipples, Christina Khalil trying on a new bikini, and MissyPwns pwning her own pussy. Oh, and there’s a sample of Piper Perri sex tape. See what I mean about the pornstars?


It’s such a nice selection of women that I’m a little bit disappointed that doesn’t have a centralized model index where you can browse the girls. Ultimately, it’s no big deal because the search function works fine, but I like having multiple ways to peruse a porn site. They have a nice little Categories menu, though, complete with thumbnails. You can also browse by source, with sections devoted to sites like OnlyFans, Instagram, YouTube, Patreon, and Twitch. Unfortunately, there’s no TikTok section currently, but based on all the titty flashing I’ve seen on the video-sharing platform lately, I wouldn’t be surprised to see one pop up.



Cosplay, Anal, and a Ton of ASMR

Let’s stop and take a look at that AssToo categories menu. They’ve actually kept it pretty trim, with just a couple of dozen subgenres to choose from, but it’s a nice range of adult material. OnlyFans movies and social porn, in general, tend to be solo material, but AssToo has some of the typical hardcore categories you find anywhere else, like Anal and Blowjob. There’s also an Anime section with zero videos, which isn’t surprising since there aren’t many animated women on OnlyFans.



There are certain categories that really shine in this new DIY format, and they’re on proud display here. Cosplay is a big fucking deal, with tons of babes dressed as 18+ schoolgirls, video game characters, and horny elves. There’s also an absolute fucking ton of ASMR movies, with nearly a thousand listed in the category as of this writing, all whispering sweet little nothings in your ears.


I think some of the videos might be getting a little lost in the shuffle. For example, the AssToo categories page says they’ve only got 11 clips tagged with Cosplay, but you’ll quickly see why more than that is just idly flipping through the catalog. The issue boils down to lackluster tagging, with videos being uploaded without all the proper metadata being added. It’s a prevalent problem on free tubes, but hopefully, they’re a little more careful in the future. As the catalog expands, the missing tags could cause some headaches and blue balls. Those are vital for searching for your favorite flavors of material.


As it stands, it’s already a hell of a collection. The current count is around 4,400 free videos on Ass Too. Social porn tends to be a lot of short clips instead of full-length samples fuck scenes, but all the little scenes add up to a whole fucking lot of porno to watch. So if you have any time saved up, you may want to cash in to catch up on all the masturbating you’ve got to do.


Because maintains such a tight focus on social media porn, they’re not growing as fast as those tubes that’ll host basically anything related to sex. That said, they’re growing at a respectable rate, with a handful of new videos added every day. Today’s seen an excellent fresh crop, with five OnlyFans videos hitting the site, including anal dildos, squirting, sex doll riding, and a big-boob fondling ASMR video. Did you remember to bring your headphones?



I’m Going to be Here All Day, and That’s Fine

Where do you start a fap test when you’ve got over 4,000 videos to choose from? Do I watch Amouranth playing with a Hitachi while dressed as a 18+ schoolgirl, a POV Asian blowjob with facial cumshot, or a doggy-style movie from OnlyFans? That’s just browsing the selection on the front page!



I’d never heard of this chick LivStixs before, but the blonde’s face looked pretty, and her ass looked incredible in the thumbnail, so it seemed like a good place to dig in. I clicked through to the 6-minute OnlyFans video. Liv appeared on the screen to say hello and play with her big jugs.


Liv chats with the camera in typical vlog format, making it feel intimate even before she turns around and starts smacking that ass for the camera. The scene is softcore by any modern porno standard of adult entertainment, but the girl is beautiful. I ended up visiting her OnlyFans page and other social media accounts and may have to subscribe to the official thing. Her half-dozen movies on Ass Too will only keep me entertained so long.


Then again, part of the whole appeal of AssToo is that it’s all free. It doesn’t matter if you’re broke as a joke and beating off all over one of the public computers at the local library.


What more could you ask for? has everything a fan of social media porn could want, including thousands of gorgeous amateur models showing off their tits—and ass, too, just like it says in the title! It’s a beautifully rounded out catalog of short videos starring some of the hottest attention whores and regular whores on the internet, doing stuff they wouldn’t get away with on YouTube. Now, if you’ll excuse me, I will spend another couple of hours with the site and a bottle of lotion just to make sure my review is accurate.

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