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Time for a banger with Bonga Cams. As the name suggests, this is a live sex cam site where you can find some of the sexiest models and one of the best implementations of the token system out there. There are thousands upon thousands of cams to choose from so you’ll never be bored. And on top of all that, there are just so many ways to find the perfect live cam girl for you. You can search through categories, models, but we’ll get to that soon.


Gave my bitch a token, bitches love tokens

Tokens are a big thing on Bonga Cams, so while you CAN use the site as a free user, you’re constantly bombarded with incentives to purchase tokens. There’s no going around it, wants you to buy as many tokens as possible to use on all these sexy live streams. As on other websites, some live cam girls use tokens with those sexy vibrators that react to donations. There’s no better feeling than knowing that you’re the reason that some random girl is getting a savage orgasm.



Something else that these girls do in order to get more tokens is that they’ll give you special treatment if you treat them well with tokens. This could go as far as her giving you a private live stream, so keep that in mind. And is geared to the brim with incentives for you to buy tokens. They have many free token incentives that you can access at the top of the site. They’ll also show a lot of ads about these tokens, especially those pop-up ads, which I definitely don’t like, nor does anyone else.


Tons of live cams to choose from, no matter if you’re a free or paying user

It’s a shame that they had to resort to these pop-up ads to make you create an account, and there’s a very small link at the bottom for you to close the ad as well. It slips through your AdBlocker too so don’t expect any help from that front. Unfortunately, you’ll just have to deal with these annoyances if you’re a free user on here, or you can opt to pay your way around these ads and become a paying premium user. This also unlocks many more features for you to utilize during your stay on



There are so many live cams that are online at any given hour. Of course, some hours are more popular than others, but you can rest assured that there’s always a sexy bitch willing to please you at any time of the day. even put up a number of online live streams so that they could proudly show off how many streams they’ve got going on at any point in time. Next to this number you’ve got some tabs which filter through streams so let’s take a closer look at these.


So many options to choose from, so little time

Now, as you all know, ThePornDude fucks with females exclusively, so I’ll keep my tabs on the Females tab. The Couples tab might also be a good idea if you’re more into that dynamic rather than watching solo girls go at it. There’s also a Males tab for all you dick lovers out there. After that we’ve got the Transsexuals tab which begs the age-old question: Are traps gay? I’ll leave that one for the audience to answer and move on to the tab New where you’ll find the latest live streams to surface on



Finally, there’s the Spy Mode where you can check out sexy live cam girls without them knowing that you’re there. I don’t really know the appeal of this, but I guess if you really want to- ah shit, the pop-up ad jumped me again. I swear this really gets on my nerves. Anyway, the streams are always sorted according to their Camscore by default. Think of it as your rating system, but you’ve also got the option to sort the cams according to their Popularity, Just Logged In, New Models, and Lovers (which is basically like subscribers).


Incentives for the girls so that they do their best on the stream

If you look at the very top of you’ll notice some other tabs right next to that Free Tokens tab. There’s a Contests tab and an All Models tab. Now the Contests tab is exciting because here you’ll find out just how much dough these sexy babes can make as a bonus if they score enough points. We’re talking upwards of a thousand bucks just for being the best within a week. Now that’s something, they get the chance to win all this money every single week, which is amazing. Heck, I kinda want to get in on the action! Haha, no I don’t, I have an actual job.



But hey, for women that can’t string two brain cells together, I bet this is a great way to earn some money! You can see all these lovely girls by going to the All Models tab and checking them all out. You can filter them according to their name or nickname, and you can browse through all of them and find out more about them by visiting their profile. This is pretty useful if you’re looking for a model that will get you to come back to her on a more long-term basis. It’s like having a long-distance relationship, minus the nagging and dumb shit, just sexual pleasure.


Chat for free, or do it privately

Once you choose a stream you’ll notice the options that are given to you. If you’re a free member, you can ignore all of these since simply hates guests and want to make you create an account no matter what. If you did create an account, however, you can use the chat option, as well as the Group Chat, Private Chat, and Send Tip options. All of these, minus the regular chat, cost you tokens, so you better pay up or get lost.



When it comes to the video stream, it will follow you across the site if you scroll down so you don’t miss any of the action. That’s cool. You can also change the quality of the stream, change the volume, and even resize the video to fullscree- Wait what? Okay, this is just ridiculous. You can’t resize the video to fullscreen unless you make an account. That’s some grade-A bullshit right there, you’re seriously going to limit guests this much? What a turnoff.


Get a better taste of the chick you’re watching

Under the stream, you can check out the live cam girl’s mini-bio where they’ll tell you more about themselves. It’s like checking out the specs of a device you’re looking to buy, so it gives off a pretty taboo vibe like you’re choosing a product. I guess these chicks are kind of presenting themselves like that, but you can’t take away the feeling of authenticity that you feel when you’re on a live stream. Compare that to the alienation of porn. Actually, I don’t really care as long as I get to rub one out.



Overall, (often misspelled as “bongocams”, “bongascam”, “bangocams” and “bongacomlive”) is a pretty good deal for all of those who aren’t afraid to pay up a little bit to get the full experience. Free users are going to be angry with the lack of features, and guests are going to be furious with the limitations. But when you look at all the features that offers, it’s a really solid site with great execution as well. You can’t take this away from it so definitely check it out if you’re feeling like looking at some of the sexiest live cam models out there on a live cam site that you haven’t seen before.

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