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Want to see some cam sluts at Im Live? In our current age of the internet, we have access to pics and videos of every single sick fuck-minded fetish and nastiness we can ever want. This includes eels up bitches’ asses. But what is one thing that people are losing out on in modern society? Real human interaction. Well, fuck that shit, who the hell has the time to get dressed and actually go out into the real world for that shit? That’s why we got


ImLive is a living legend of a camwhore site that offers your dick thousands of webcam models to choose from. You can talk to them, ask them to do shit, give them money, and all kinds of degenerate shit without having to leave your bedroom or change your diaper. Now that’s my shit.


It’s been around for over 15 years, and while your wife will get old after a month of spending time together, this site is the gift that keeps on giving (fresh pussy). Since its start in 2002, it already hit 10 million members by 2007, and now the goddamn site has enough members to start its own country. But don’t worry, the models also have private 1-on-1 rooms so you don’t have to limp out thinking about how many other dicks are being jackhammered to the same show your watching. Personally, I don’t give a fuck.


Cleaner than a shaved pussy

No fucking bullshit. The best thing about this site is that there is no fucking bullshit. No annoying fucking ads, no fucking upselling retarded ass shit I don’t give a FUCK about, nothing like that. It just got cams, cams, cams, and a good customer support system. The site categorizes its shit quite conveniently too. We got shit like “Shy Girls Alone”, “Fetish & BDSM”, “Shemales Alone”, couples, and all the other basics that you need to jerk off to in a nice neat layout.



The site’s design is fairly modern and in line with other standard layouts, you’ll see on other websites. “List view” is the default setting where you get a picture of the whore and then a nice little description that you don’t give a fuck about. Then again, you might wanna read carefully in case they have a surprise dick or something… Just kidding, the search also shows a filter to sort whether you wanna see girls only, guys only, both, chicks with big hairy cocks, or some trans girls.


Browsing has several options. In addition to List view, you can browse using a gallery option, which shows the chicks all nicely laid out in portrays, or tile option, which is just a fucking clusterfuck of faces so you can click on the one you wanna see get jizzed on the most. Again, all of this is really intuitive and easy, so you can focus on the business at hand – finding a fine-ass bitch.


When you click on a model, you get sent to the video room which has the standard webcam video, chatbox, and buttons to send her money and shit. Also, the mobile layout is fucking ace as well. Even cleaner than the desktop layout, so no worries if you wanna jack the fuck off to your phone while your wife sleeps next to you (guilty!) Just remember to turn the sound off, you fucking idiot.


Too many bitches

What the fuck is there to even say about the content? You got sixty fucking million fucking horny users on this shit, you think money-thirsty gold-digging whores won’t come looking for some handouts? You got white bitches, black bitches, Asian bitches, bitches with big toes, bitches with big ass dicks bigger than yours, couples trying to shame your baby pecker, all kinds of sick fucking shit. And yes, private shows ARE available if you want to feel “special” because your dad didn’t pay enough attention to you growing up like these bitches’ fathers did to them.



There’s also pornstars on this shit. Tori Black, Lexi Belle, and other famous bitches known for their fuckfaces have graced this platform and are heavily featured. That’s right, asshole, this is some high-class shit.


If you a homo, they got shit for you too. Guy Alone, Guy on Guy, Trans girls, and Trans couples are on this shit all the goddamn time. And if you are a REAL fucking flaming idiot that is way beyond saving, they have a “Friends & Romance” platform as well. That’s right my two-inch pecker friend, you can pay these sluts to pretend to be your girlfriend so you can hold hands over the internet and kiss her cheek pressed up against the monitor.


Im Live has a shitload of special features to keep things interesting. First, it has a video archive so if you missed your favorite slut cum all over the camera, you can go find the video footage. It also has contests and special events in case you’re feeling festive as you jerk off. Porn stars have their own special section with scheduled shows. Riley Reyes was highlighted when I went there to see what I can bust a nut to.




Like I’m at a buffet (What I Like)

Selection. This shit got more selection than a Hometown Buffet. Browsing through the models, I can easily find dozens that I want to bust a nut to (oh and I will. It may take me decades, but I never let a nut pass me without me busting to it). Also, fucking clean and easy to use design. They clearly have a good team, cause the site always loads fast, and the streams are smoother than a bleached taint. This site won a bunch of awards throughout its fifteen-year history, and you can see why. The website team knows what they are doing, the models know what they are doing, everything just works.



The downsides

It fucking costs money. You may think “no fucking shit ThePornDude you stupid fuck!” but FUCK YOU, there’s so much fucking free porn out there I’m fucking spoiled okay? There should be some more freebies to new visitors, or at least some sample videos or some shit. The cam quality is also kind of ass. In today’s day and age, I would expect there to be 4K options, virtual reality, all that shit! But while there are some HD options, the actual video quality is not the best. Then again, the videos stream nice and fast, so it may be their decision to prefer user experience over being able to count their pussy hairs. Finally, there are way too many fucking fat bitches on the site. I ain’t fucking trying to jack off to fat folds, okay Moby Bitch!? Just kidding, most of the bitches are hot, although you can definitely find some land whales if that’s your thing (you sick fuck).



Some tips from ThePornDude

What the fuck can I even tell the #1 cam site? They swim in money for a reason. One thing I would want, being a porn aficionado as I am, is for there to be more preview and free options. For example, they should promote their top models by releasing some sample old videos of them rubbing their clits with a toothbrush for free. That might motivate me to open my wallet a bit more to these scumbags. Second, get some fucking technology in that fucking site! Like I fucking said, there should be some channels for 4K, Virtual Reality, 360 exploration inside a bitch’s pussy, all that shit. If they don’t do that shit, a better competitor might come along and win my dick.




Overall, ImLive is some pretty good shit. As one of the OGs of the online cam game, they were able to build a loyal following of hungry cocks that also bring in fresh batches of gold-digging whores needed for such a site to stay successful. Do you understand what I’m saying? In order for there to be fresh whores, there need to be money-giving cocks. But for there to be money-giving cocks, there need to be fresh whores.



This is called the Circle of Life.


ImLive has literally thousands of whores, all wanting a piece of the pie from the millions of dudes like you and me looking for something new to jerk off to. Jerking off with a personal touch. Lord fucking knows it’s a lifelong adventure that never ends.

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