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Shall we Jerk Mate? If you’re looking for a neat little live sex cam website to jerk off to that’s a little bit different from the rest of the lot, then this is the place to be. You’ve most likely seen tons and tons of tube websites on the internet out there, and they may annoy you a lot at this point. Well, I guess you’ve probably just grown tired of them, and that’s about it. Now, what are the alternatives? Well, first of all, you most likely know that there are tons of porn websites out there that are all about porn games and shit like that, but those probably aren’t your thing. So, what’s left? Do you feel like jerking off to pictures, or do you want an interactive experience like on


Well, the first thing that comes to mind when you tell me about interactive porn is VR Porn. However, I don’t have a headset or anything like that. What’s a person like me supposed to do, then? Well, first of all, you should head out and give Jerk Mate a shot. The page has a whole lot of great girls on it, and the way it works is so much different from every other live sex cam website out there!


What makes JerkMate so unique, since it’s basically a whitelabel of Streamate? Well, the thing is that you get to be the cam model and the person who jerks off to cam models at the same time! It’s kind of like Omegle for adults where you are sure not to run into dudes jerking their dicks off unless you really want to see those. Of course, as soon as you open the website up, you will be bombarded with a whole bunch of messages. It might seem a little bit repulsive to you, but if you take a good look at, you will see that it is pretty god damn easy to use. Sure, there are some flaws when it comes to the design of the website you have in front of you, but really, it is pretty easy to use, in my opinion, so let us jump right into it and see what’s up, alright?



The way things work around these parts

Seeing as you’re a fresh face on, you will need a proper intro as to how you’re supposed to find the ideal match in here. First off, you should know that JerkMate will give you a personal assistant to help you out with every single thing on JerkMate, which is pretty god damn neat! I don’t know if this cute little Wall-E looking robot has a name, but it doesn’t really matter much to me! What matters is the fact that this little cutie tells me everything I want to know about the page.



Now, you’ll find that JerkMate right here will ask you whether you’re looking to jerk off to dudes or chicks. See how it is more important to them what kind of thing you want to jerk off to rather than knowing if you’re of legal age in your country or not? It’s weird stuff, mate, but that’s just how it is in here. It’s not like the majority of your care about answering such questions anyway.


Obviously, you only care about the “looking for man or woman?” question! So, I assume that most of you lads will give Jerk Mate a swift response by clicking on the option on the right (woman), and you’ll get to see all the wonderful ladies this page has to offer. You shouldn’t expect to see any models up in here, but the cam girls are pretty much top-notch up in here, which is great. If there’s one thing, I hate about live sex cam sites that guarantee that you’re going to see girls on them is the fact that they usually place ugly girls with gorgeous bodies on them, and I totally do not like that.


I mean, if you’re really going to act like that, what’s the point of opening up a camming website like JerkMate? No one likes seeing an ugly head attached to a gorgeous face. These other cam sites can keep their butterface bitches to themselves, I only care about the lasses over here at, as they are some of the most beautiful chicks I’ve ever seen, that’s for sure,


Another option you also get to see when you open JerkMate is whether you would like to be notified when your favorite girl is online. Of course, knowing these things is not bad in itself, but I am not really fond of desktop notifications. Really, I don’t think the majority of you people are fond of them either. As a matter of fact, you really shouldn’t be, as they’re annoying as hell, and they can make your PC run slower in some cases. So, please don’t do that.



The extra options that make the difference

Now, you’ll notice that JerkMate right here does not have any header tabs or anything of the sort at the top of the page where those can usually be found. Why is that so? Well, everything happens on the homepage here. So, all in all, this part of the page is basically the only thing you need to care about. It’s where you’ll find all the parameters that you need to play around with to find your ideal mate to jerk off with.



Right underneath the text that says “never jerk off alone again” at Jerk Mate, you get to choose the race of your girl, There are only four categories up in here, but they’ll be more than enough for you. You get to choose between a Caucasian girl, which basically means a white girl. However, this technically includes Arabic girls as well, so this surely isn’t the “I don’t like brown pussy” option. You really need to luck out in here to get a proper white girl.


Now, you also have the Asian option up here on JerkMate. You can get any sort of Asian girl if you decide to click on this option. The majority of people here are looking for East Asians, obviously. So, basically, Japanese or Korean girls, and that’s about it. Now, if you’re looking for Latinas, then this option is available as well. Furthermore, if you feel like getting some black pussy, the ebony option is exactly what you’re looking for at Jerk Mate.



Now let us see how deep the rabbit hole goes

If you don’t really have anything in specific on your mind, then you should steer away from the first screen that pops up on JerkMate’s homepage. You’re a “citizen of the world” type of dude, and you can’t tell different races apart. That’s okay. You might grow out of it, but you don’t have to grow out of your weird way of thinking right now. Hit that green skip button, and see what kind of girl will pop up for you.



You also get to choose the hair color of the girl you’ll be seeing. You can choose a girl with blond hair, a girl with brown hair, and a girl with red or black hair. Of course, some races tend not to have certain hair colors that often. For example, you surely won’t see a black redhead too often, well, at least not a natural one. So, if you intend to see a real girl on JerkMate, then you should pick some realistic options.



Let’s go even deeper

Now, if you feel like being really specific, then you need to choose between a few body types. You need to tell JerkMate if you like fit girls, chubby ones, or if you like them really thick or skinny. Once all of these things are set, you can finally hit that search button. Of course, skipping on all of these options is also a thing, so you can do that as well if you really feel like it.



However, you must create an account on this JerkMate as soon as possible, as you obviously won’t be able to get any results without an account. However, cam models will pop up on your screen either way, even if you do not click on any one of these buttons, which is nice. Basically, the one thing you need to do is open this website up, and that’s about it.



My conclusion in the end

So, if you’re looking for real models to jerk off to, JerkMate is one of the best pages out there, seeing as the cam girls are pretty god damn responsive, and you can actually filter them out pretty nicely. You can choose their race, their body type, their hair color, and all that jazz. It’s pretty neat, and it most certainly does the job for me, and I am personally a very picky person, so that’s quite the accomplishment. I find to be pretty god damn neat, all in all, so I wholeheartedly recommend it to you.

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