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Who doesn’t know Chaturbate, misspelled as “chaterbate” by a lot of you horny fucks! You don’t have to be old to remember when live sex shows could only be seen in the seediest joints in the worst parts of town. If you wanted to watch some 18+ girl spread her twat for you, you’d have to risk getting knifed by a crackhead on the way out. The Internet changed all that by bringing webcams to every exhibitionist slut in the world. is like a global directory of those cams.


It takes some clout to make up words and expect people to use them, but if you’re big enough, anything is possible. It might be a while before they hit Google status, but at this point, most people might agree with the site’s definition of Chaturbate, listed below the logo: “The act of masturbating while chatting online.” The bootleg boner pills I bought from an email are kicking in, so it seems like a good time to try Chaturbating.


Like a Free Tube, But Live

Chaturbate’s got a cutesy logo and a light color scheme. It’s a stark contrast to the typical dark look of your standard sex site, making the whole thing look almost family-friendly. I say “almost” because the page is covered in webcam whores masturbating and couples fucking.



The wall of thumbnails is displayed like any video tube, but all the images go to actual live shows. A hot MILF is groping her tits in what looks to be an office, a young 18+ blonde with a cock in her mouth, a pair of lesbians kissing, and lots and lots of beautiful babes in their bedrooms and very little clothing. I know they’re young because their ages are listed beside their names: 19, 20, 21, 22. There are a few older women, but most of them are fresh and ripe.


By default, you see Featured cams on the front page of Chaturbate. The featured ones are mostly solo chicks and a few straight and lesbian couples. Tabs at the top let you filter it down to Female, Male, Couple, and Trans.


Holy Fucking Shit! Chaturbate Is Fucking Free?

One particular kinky thumbnail caught my attention. In it, one hot 18+ young slut has another sexy young slut’s foot in her pussy. Both chicks have gorgeous legs, and I’ve just got to see more. I click through.



They say nothing’s free in life, and porn is often a great example. Every free tube throws hot, sticky spam in your face at every turn. If you’re actually going to see real, live sex, they might hit you with something worse than the standard pop-up window. I brace myself for an unskippable video ad.


Nope. Chaturbate sends me straight to the live feed. It plays without buffering or pop-ups, though the blocked ad tally on my browser goes up one. I have to give props to StripChat here, since they have any ads at all!


There’s a chat window to the right of the dirty fucking going on as I’m typing this. You were so focused on the Urbating that forgot about the Chat part of the name, huh? More than 7,000 users are connected and watching, many of them commenting and even more of them tipping.


A message pops up in the chat, saying the show starts in 17 minutes. Holy fucking shit! The show hasn’t even started! That’s a fucking trip, because another player has entered the game. A naked dude is getting his cock stroked by the girl with the foot in her snatch.


Just when I’m horny and hard, stroking it to what I think is a threesome playing out live as I watch, another cock appears on the screen. It’s a goddamn orgy, and I’m watching it 100 % for free.


These broads aren’t a couple of fucked-up, snaggle-tooth bitches somebody found behind 7-11, either. We’re talking about top-shelf poon, a Latina and a dirty blonde in glasses. Both are young, 18+ and gorgeous, with flawless bodies and pretty faces.


I’m watching this all basically as soon as I landed on the website. Welcome to Chaturbate. You’re going to enjoy your stay. No wonder this site gets well over a quarter billion visits a month.


Give Them Just The Tip

If you’re new to the world of live webcam sex shows, you might be confused about this whole free thing. How in the fuck am I watching these beautiful women licking each other in a 69 position when I’ve contributed nothing? I haven’t even signed in to Chaturbate.



Well, the whole thing works on tips. Below the video is a tally of the current tips and their goal. There’s a SEND TIP button, so if you’re not freeloading, you can show the talent some appreciation. Your Chaturbate token total is listed right next to the link to buy more.


I know a lot of you are going to check out Chaturbate specifically so you can get your rocks off for free to real, live chicks. There are perks to tipping, though. For one thing, the girls will often thank you by name. For another, and this is what really sucks people in, you can get them to do stuff for you if you throw tokens at them.


This particular show is a hell of a spectacle, with multiple participants getting in on the action. While one girl chokes the other and aggressively gropes her tasty titties, one of the dudes acts as a fuck-carnival barker in the chat. He’s taking paid votes on what part of which girl to cum all over.


The countdown is mentioned again, and I realize my free masturbatory time is running out, at least in this show. The votes have been tallied, and the tokens added up, the agenda decided on: “sex with both girls in many positions, anal sex with brunette and cumshot.” The price of admission is 100 tokens.


The girls pretend to fuck each other in the ass and giggle about it, which is cute and sexy as all hell. I know I’m not the only one who thinks so, because they immediately sell a bunch of tickets. One girl thanks one of the big tippers, and then they start sucking on the cameraman’s dick before the free feed cuts out.


Spare Some Change For a Live Webcam Sex Show

If you want to throw some tokens at the talent, you’ll have to log in. One thing I love about the sign-up process is that they don’t even require an email. It’s optional and used for friend requests and shit like that.



Tokens start at 100 for a little over ten bucks and get cheaper as you buy more. At the lowest rate, that group sex show I was watching earlier would have run me around eight dollars, which ain’t bad at all. You’re not supposed to touch the girls at strip clubs, and it would cost you way more than that just to look. Your mileage will vary a lot depending on the kind of show you’re getting at Chaturbate.


You can also get 200 tokens free if you upgrade your account. Upgrading removes ads, though my ad-blocker has been pretty useful at that. It also unlocks private message ability, which you’ll probably want if you’re the chatty kind of perv who wants a relationship with the cam girls. Upgraded members can also change their font and color options, which is fantastic if you just got MySpace.


Even if you don’t upgrade, an account is worth the 5 seconds it takes to sign up. How are you going to chat on a sex-chat site without choosing a nickname? Even the silent types will probably want to follow their favorite cam girls.


I’m not thrilled about the Premium memberships, but whatever. Chaturbate’s biggest issue is just that tokens and tipping can quickly add up if you’re not a cheapskate. I feel like this is even more true if you prefer more intimate shows than the one I watched today. When I’m just one out of thousands, nobody notices when I’m freeloading. That changes when it’s just a few people watching, and you’re certainly not getting any private shows without laying down some tokens. The more, the merrier.


Chaturbate (also often misspelled as “chaturebate”, “chaterbait”, “chaturbait”, “chaturabte”, “charturbate”, “chatirbate”, “chaterbate”, “chatterbate”, “chatturbate” and “chatubate”) is easily one of the best webcam sex sites on the Internet. They get an insane amount of traffic, which guarantees awesome shows 24 hours a day. There’s enough free shit for the bums beating off at the library, and tokens let you in on a whole world of live, custom sex shows. Chaturbate is next-level pornography and may be my new favorite cam destination, since MyFreeCams.

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