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Live cam sites are always an amazing venue for all people who are looking for something fresh outside of the regular porn videos that we see every day. I would know, I’ve seen so much porn that I can’t stress enough how much real-time connections make the experience better. Then again, I’ve been with so many bitches in real life that even that is getting stale. But this review ain’t about that! Today, we’re talking about the free live sex cam site


Live sex cam girls numbered in the thousands

So, what can we say about this site that will help you make the decision of whether or not it’s the streaming site for you? Well, for one, it’s free, so that’s always a plus. You’ll find tons and tons of live streams on here at any time of day. I mean I took a gander at in morning hours as well as after midnight hours, and it’s always just jampacked with some incredible babes who are ready to perform for you. Honestly, these cuties are on a grind, and they never sleep it seems.



There are thousands of live cam girls on all the time, so there’s definitely no shortage of girls to choose from, that’s for sure. Now, other than the fact that they’re online all the time, these babes have some other affinities to them as well. They’re all sexy as hell, I can attest to that. They’re also really good at what they do. Sure, there are copouts who use the vibrator toy that reacts to your donations, but those are easy pickings. I’m talking about the real pros here on


Furthermore, even the chicks with the vibra toy hack are doing a fine job at entertainment. They seem like they actually want to engage you if you put a little money on the line that is. But all in all, all of these girls seem to have in common that they’re working really hard for your pleasure. You can rest assured that these cuties are going to be working overtime just to bring you the hottest stream that you’ve ever seen in your entire damn life.


Familiar layout so that you can jump straight to it

What about the design of Well, it’s pretty basic. All of the links are where you’ll usually find them on other sites. There are a few tabs at the top of the page mainly concerning checking out the Calendar, the New Models, and the language of the site. There are eight languages to choose from so they really tried to cover a wide range of nationalities here. Not an extreme amount, some sites went even beyond that number, but it’s fair enough.



The Calendar is where you’ll find some of the upcoming featured streams that seems to sponsor. I can see why too, the babes that are featured are some of the sexiest goddesses that you’ll ever see in your entire life. It’s pretty amazing that they’re even on this site in the first place. I mean, most of these other sluts can’t even come close to the level that these babes are at. Seriously, this is some fine craftsmanship right here.


Get in on the fresh meat and enjoy some hot cam girls

Okay so, the New Models tab is filled with the newcomers to the site. The fresh meat of the bunch. If you want to see some hot girls stumble and fumble their way through their first few streams, this is where you’ll find them. I can see how that would be hot, since they have this aura of cuteness around them, and they’re usually some pretty young 18+ girls that are yet to feel the full force of the porn industry. Hey, I’d get in on the action before they get completely spoiled if you get what I mean.



A niche genre here and there to spice things up a notch

So, what about the categories then, can we expect anything more than what we already have on other live sex cam streaming websites? Well, there are only a few niche categories that I’d point out that might be interesting to some of you that you might not find on other sites. First, we’ve got the Feet Fetish category, and then also the Pregnant category, and finally, the Smoking category. All of these are pretty much the most niche genres there are on the site, so only some people are going to find them enjoyable.



Oh, at the top of the Categories sidebar, you can also select whether you want to see girls, guys, or recents, whatever that last one means. I guess the ones that recently started their stream? I don’t know, it’s kind of vague if I am to be completely honest with you. But if you’re a, as they would say, homosexual, you’ll enjoy the fine selection of guys on, which I won’t even take a look at. I’m just going to trust my gut on this and say that they’re perfect for your taste.


What else… Ah yes, it wouldn’t be a review without me complaining about something. So, what could I possibly complain about on Ads. And not just any ads. Ads that open up in your entire tab when you try to open up a stream. The site is littered with these and very often when you click on a stream, you’ll instead be taken to an ad which made me completely furious. What made them think that this was a good idea? These are even worse than pop-up ads!


Features to help you narrow down your hunt for the perfect stream

Anyway, there are a few interesting features on that I would like to mention as well. First of all, there’s no home button, kudos, so right under the logo which serves as the home button, you’ll find a refresh button so that your page can stay up to date with which babes are online and which ones aren’t. You can use the refresh button as much as you want and it’s a great addition to the site. But this isn’t the only thing that you can do on



On the right of the Refresh button are a few filters that you can use to find the perfect live cam for you. You can filter them according to their Features, which covers a wide range of things, including HD, Audio, Party Chat, etc. Then you can also filter them according to their region. And finally, you can filter the Chat Language so that you might have an easier time talking to the live sex cam babe that you’re currently watching.


Finally, you can also use the search bar, or even go into Advanced Search if you want to be ultra-specific with your choice of live cam girl. I usually don’t put that much thought into my choice of slut that I want to watch, I just click on the first one that looks mildly amusing enough. But hey, that’s just me, and what’s more important is that you find your place on and experience some of the best live sex cams that the industry has to offer.


Overall, (often misspelled as “streammate” and “streammates”) is a pleasure to use if we ignore all the ads that plague its existence. If you could look past that though, you’ll find some high quality live cam girls that are just waiting to make your day better when you come to their stream. And with so many babes to choose from, you’ll be sure to find the perfect one for you. Go ahead and see if you can find your dream live sex cam girl today on

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