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Howdy, horny fuckers – tired of beating it to recorded footage of your favorite models being filthy on camera? Of course, you are. Fortunately, the gods of the internet created webcam sites and filled them with gorgeous models.


Of course, there are tons of webcam sites out there, some of them good, some of them boring. So in this review, if it weren’t already obvious, we’re going to look at and all of its gutter-minded glory.



Cams and Cummy Content

The first thing you need to know about Cams is the Ass-load of Awards and Accolades it’s received from the adult industry. But how wank worthy are the site’s videos, really?



It depends on what you’re into. Cams features an easy to use navigation bar which classifies models be age, ethnicity, hair color, and even kink. Granted the kink sections can be a bit vanilla (although fortunately, there’s no “chocolate” fetish section) but what’s there – ex. anal, bondage, hairy – is pretty good. On the other hand, there’s even a section for women in high heels, something most other sites don’t have.


On top of that, the diversity of models is great. The talent on Cams comes from all over the world, and runs the gamut from young (18+) to very old, and include women, men, and even trans girls. Although the numbers fluctuate throughout the day, there are virtually guaranteed to be hundreds of models to be online at any given time.


On its face, membership to Cams is free and checking out the girls is, too. At least at first. In order to request the models to do specific things, or get a private show, that’s when you have to start putting up cash. And this can get to be pretty pricey.


Seeing a pretty girl in a bikini doesn’t cost anything, but getting her to take her top off and start batting away at her bat cave and run you over a hundred smackers for even a short session. Fortunately, though, some models do provide complimentary tokens so you can get a good feel for a model, before spending serious cash.



What Are the Main Private Chat Options?

Unlike some of the crappier sites out there, Cams has a lot of different chat options. Besides the free chat option, where models will flirt a lot but won’t get nude, in nude chats, it’s you and the model with a whole room of other horn dogs talking to the model. You can give shell out tips to suggest what a model will do. Generally, they will, though, a lot of them have posted standards for the sexy stuff they’ll do.



Like I brought up before, if you really want to get down and dirty with one of the models, order a private chat. In private chat, the performer will do whatever you ask. It’s just you and the model.


And there are even more options than that. If you really want to get crazy, get a party chat started. With this feature, you and other members can chat in a private room with other people free to join. It’s like private chat with all of its nudity, but cheaper.


If you own a webcam and want a super intimate experience, then a cam-to-cam chat is just for you. Just like private chat, it’s just you and the model, but you both get to look at each other getting naughty and nude. Unless, of course, you want to open the room to a Party Chat. If you want, you can do that, too.


Excited yet? Well, there is even more crazy stuff you can do with the talent on



Go Beyond Simple Web Chatting

Watching a webcam show is great if you’re a voyeur but what about people who want to do something more. In addition to seeing live girls do what you want, Cams allows you to take the action to a more personal level of fun.



With your favorite model, you can connect via one-on-one text message when they are online or offline. With this, you chat with one of the models privately or tip them through their personal number. So those of you who are exceptionally lonely, don’t need to be anymore…in a manner of speaking.


Besides texting, you can interact with the models in a more direct way through the site’s Connexion system. By using OhMyBod or similar apps, you can control the teledildonic dildos (aka a remote control vibrators) that your model has up inside of her (or him) live.


If you want a really special experience, this can go both ways. By ordering a Lovesense digital fleshjack, you can experience a wave of sensations that your chosen model picks, or you ask for, in a private chat.


Imagine that. A private show with a beauty, sending not just texts but specific stimulation. You’re pleasuring her, she’s pleasuring you back – all in real-time.


That’s something that no regular porn vid can match.



You Can Cash In, Too

Any exhibitionists out there? I know that there is. Anyway, with Cams you too can be a model. Al it takes is a quick sign-up and verification of your identity. As a model, you can set your own hours and work however much you want.



Of course, everything you make in profit you keep. No startup fees or maintenance costs. Since Cams has lots of kink categories, you can brand yourself however you want, and all under anonymity. And it doesn’t matter if you’re a curvy woman, a less-than-endowed man, or a busty trans girl. Cams and their members take all kinds – all good modeling really takes is confidence.


Granted, this isn’t for everyone, but if you’ve got the gumption for it, you could be the next sexy webcam sensation.



Service For the Whole World

With babes from all over the globe, it can be hard to keep track of who is and who is going to be online. The good thing is that more models post on their profiles when they are going to be webcasting. To make finding certain models easier in different parts of the world you can filter results by region. If you fancy a girl from a country or region like Russia, Europe, the UK, Africa, Latin America, Asia, or the States, this feature makes it much easier.



On top of that, the website has a model directory with every talent’s name listed alphabetically. Although with a membership, has even been designed to cater to users from all over the world on a linguistic level. Besides English, you can view the site in French, English, German, Italian, Spanish, and Portuguese. Good thing, too, since there are so many spicy European girls on the site.


And don’t worry about customer service if you have problems with your account. Cams has a thorough customer service FAQ page and a couple of phone numbers and email for billing and customer support.



Summing Up This Sexy Site

So, what’s my final word on First, there is plenty of adventurous babes to enjoy stripping down and putting on one helluva pud pulling the show. That said, to get any quality action you’re going to have to pay for it.



Since membership and private shows can wrack up quite a bit, you could just invest the money in dates…you know with real women. In fact, you might actually save money by taking a girl out, but for all of you socially awkward shut-ins Cams is a great, albeit potentially pricey option to spend time with your choice of hot hussies.


However, the chance to not only earn your money back but to make more through the sites’ affiliate and studio starter program is pretty neat. That is if you’ve got the smarts for it.


Overall, Cams is a great site, certainly to surf through, even if only for the free content. Despite the cost of premium content and private shows, I give Cams four happy hands out of five.


So, what are you waiting for – sign-up and claim your 100 free tokens and start watching, chatting, and jacking with hundreds of hot honeys today.


Have fun webcam wanking.

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