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Cam Soda! After spending a night at, I don’t know if I’ll ever be able to watch traditional porn again.


I have been on cam sites before, but never like this. The good people at Cam Soda were kind enough to provide me with 3,000 coins and a full Elite VIP membership. You know, to conduct “research.” And, god damn, I sure did a hell of a lot of research! If you cheap bastards have not bought tokens on a cam site before, stop reading this review right now, go to, and do it. You absolutely will not regret it.


When I first got to CamSoda, I was immediately impressed by the clean and easy-to-navigate layout—pages and pages filled with live-action thumbnails of sexy sluts ready to fulfill your every fantasy. Within reason, of course. Cam Soda treats their models well. Very well (they even offer them health care); so, fuck off if you’re into shit like roleplayed taboo or poop play. Go back to the dark web, you 4chan trolling fucktards.


Sex is Power

The models on CamSoda demand respect. Not in an annoying, feminazi sort of way, just in the sense that they’re doing a job, and they’re doing it to make you feel good, so they expect that to be appreciated. Long story short, don’t be a dick. These girls are here to please you after all, so the least you could do is keep it civil.



Camsoda takes this policy very seriously. In fact, there is a monthly leaderboard of the kindest members, and the winner gets 1,000 free tokens at the end of each month. Treat the models right, and you will be rewarded (by Camsoda and, of course, by the girls).


Control Her, She’s All Yours

The CamSoda girls are very appreciative of tips. It probably has something to do with the fact that tips can lead to orgasms for them. And money, of course. Who wouldn’t love to get paid to cum? That is the dream, isn’t it? Most of the Cam Soda models have a Lovense toy shoved in their twats, and you can control it if you tip enough, just like on Chaturbate and StripChat.



If you’re not familiar with how Lovense works, it’s pretty amazing. It’s a little pink sex toy that goes inside the pussy and is bent upward to hit the G-spot. It also has a small antenna with a Bluetooth sensor on the tip of it, so it can be controlled remotely. Although each CamSoda model sets her own prices, if you tip (usually not more than 40 or 50 tokens), you get full control over the toy for a little while.


This is probably my favorite feature of Camsoda. All I can say is: Holy fucking shit. I have never had a more interactive virtual sex experience in my life. Just below the chatbox to the right of the model’s video stream is a button marked “Control Her.” If you click the icon and accept the token charge, you are in for quite the fucking treat. There are four vibration settings for you to switch between at will: low, medium, high, and ultra.


From there, her pussy is all yours at Cam Soda. I like to start with medium, watch her suddenly be overtaken by pleasure. Her moans are loud and intense. Then I might tease her a little bit, switch to high for a second (she moans louder), then immediately to low (she begs for more). After letting her beg for it, I switch back to medium, then high (she’s close to cumming now). Finally, finish it off with ultra for the grand finale (now she’s screaming and cumming uncontrollably).


And, just like that, you made her cum. From hundreds of miles away At CamSoda. God, what a fucking time to be alive.


No Way to Lose: Digital Foreplay

But that isn’t the only interactive option you have available to you on Camsoda. Maybe you’re more of a risk-taker, a gambling man. If so, there are a few options for you. There are dice you can roll, a wheel you can spin, and a slot machine you can pull. You will be charged tokens to play each one, but each Cam Soda model has different rewards set up for different outcomes for the games.



Let’s say you spin the wheel. My CamSoda girl had it set up so that when the spinner landed on red, she would fuck her pussy with a dildo. Green was a sloppy blow job; yellow was a free video, and blue was a spanking. So, there is no way to lose. Now, that’s my kind of game.


No Sex in the Champagne Room

Now that you’ve played all the games, you’ve gotten your slut nice and wet and ready to please you, it’s time to slip into a private session. The girls at CamSoda charge per minute in private mode (usually 30-40 tokens), but it is well worth it. Now, your wish is fully her command, and it’s just the two of you. Grab the lube and get ready for some of the hottest Cam Soda cyber sex you’ll ever have.



One thing that makes Camsoda’s private shows unique is that (as long as the model allows it), you have the option to share your webcam too, which really adds to that realistic interactive feel of the site as a whole. Now she can see your cock and fantasize about you fucking her. Oh, and you can still tip for the Lovense during all of this too.


My only criticism of CamSoda is a small one: you can’t access the chatbox while you’re in full-screen mode. It’s already difficult enough to go back and forth between fapping and typing as it is. Why do you have to close the full-screen video too and then re-open it once you’ve sent your message? I know you can do better than that, Camsoda. Why not just make it like Instagram live, how you can message at the bottom of the video, and see the conversation to the right when in full-screen mode?


That being said, I think this is a relatively minor complaint among so much that Camsoda is doing right. The website is well-designed, easy to use, and impressive in terms of performance (I had ten live video tabs open at one point, and none of them glitched or slowed down or anything). Although what you get depends entirely on which chicks you click, there are tons of eager and horny sluts waiting to please you at CamSoda, so you won’t have any trouble finding the right one for you and your cock.


Interactivity Is The Future

The level of interactivity on this site is unprecedented. I highly recommend you check out Camsoda if you haven’t stopped reading this and done so already. You know what, just talking about it so much makes me want to go back there now and have some more fun. hooked me up with a free private show, so I’m going to take full advantage of that! Don’t be a cheap bastard, tip some sexy sluts and make them cum. Happy fapping at Cam Soda!

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