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You already voted!,, aka! I’ve been reviewing a lot of weird shit lately, so I gotta say, it’s a bit of a treat being able to go back to basics. I started out reviewing standard mainstream porn, then the mainstream became niche, when the “step-sisters” attacked, and everyone started jacking off to taboo porn. These days that shit’s unavoidable, but that’s irrelevant for this review. I’m here to cover a standard ass, basic ass tube site that’s here to bring you high quality, high resolution, high-octane porn scenes from the best companies in the industry. And did I mention it’s all completely free? That’s right; this is a free tube site. Talk about going back to basics, am I right?


So why this site? Why not something a bit more mainstream? Well, I have several good reasons why I prefer websites like, and it’s a bit hard to explain, but bear with me. Back in the day, the bigger sites, you know the ones that hold the monopoly on porn tube service, they were a staple. They had the best porn, because they had the most porn. And even though we’ve always had fuck-tons of porn to fap to, there was a point where these sites spiraled out of control. These days your average mainstream tube site is flooded with whatever the market is pushing. So, if you’re not into cam-whores or step-sisters, you’re shit out of luck. If you just want to enjoy some regular-ass triple-A sex scenes, you can’t find them as easily as you used to back in the day.



Specifically Awesome Shit

There’s good porn, and then there’s top of the line smut. You’ve heard some of these names before. Brazzers should definitely ring a lot of bells. Then there are slightly newer champions like Naughty America. Now, this site might have Brazzers in the name, but it is definitely not Brazzers. That can get a bit confusing. I’ll get into it later. The point is, you’re seeing a ton of videos here that come straight from these giants, and there’s doesn’t seem to be any particular preference. I don’t feel like they’re heavily shilling towards any one site.



If anything, it looks like they’re just dumping all of these awesome new videos as they come out, daily. That means that every single day you get a bunch of new high-tier porn videos from the best of the best. You can see which site they came from, naturally, and they retain their original titles, so sorting through them is a breeze. Plus, as these sites all have their own little styles. They’re not that different from one another. They definitely belong under the same umbrella. But, they’re distinct enough so that when you see a particular site name, you have a vague idea as to what you’re getting into. I mean, if you’ve seen a few Naughty America videos, you should be able to tell the difference between their work and that of Bang Bros, for instance. This gives you a lot of power when you browse Brazzers3X. Now, regarding the sorting, I think I need to go into the way this amazing site is organized.



Simple Ass Design

Let’s get the boring out of the way first, this site is bland, and I like it that way. It’s grey, greyer and black across, with white letters. What the fuck else could I ask for? They’ve got a few header links that kind of annoy me, but once you’ve tried them out once, you’ll get the hang of things. The thing I disliked is that several of these links are ads, and you can’t tell the difference. So, “RealityKings” is a sub-section of the site. It’s basically a filter, in case you only want to see videos from that site. That’s simple. I like it.



But, JAV, for instance, doesn’t lead to a section of the site. There’s no JAV on this site; there’s only western triple-A productions. So that means that some of the links are straight-up redirects to affiliated sites. There’s nothing wrong with linking between similar porn sites; I’m more than ok with that. I just wish they colored these differently or split them apart. They’ve got a handy-dandy link to my site right here, in case you’re thirsty for some porn reviews, and I’m very grateful to them for it. They wrote my name in green. That’s fucking awesome. They should probably do the same with the other links. Either way, it’s not a big gripe, the new sites open in new tabs, so it’s just extra free smut at the end of the day.



The Video Quality

All of the videos on this site stay consistent in terms of quality, and that’s kind of impressive. Let’s start from the beginning. You pick a video you like; you click it, and … it actually starts playing immediately. I’ve never seen that on any other site before. No, I mean, it actually starts playing immediately… across your screen, with no loading time at all. How the fuck do they do that? I’ve been on some of these sites straight on their home domain, and it can take them forever to kick off the action. I’ve seen many a loading screen in my day. I haven’t seen a single loading screen on Brazzers3X. Granted, I have a really good internet connection – fiber and all that. But it doesn’t seem to matter, because these servers are just not overloaded.



Oh and, speaking of servers, these are not Brazzers3X’s servers. They host their own site and, by extension, the thumbnails, but not the videos themselves. They do that thing where they embed the videos from a third-party source. I don’t know where these videos are actually hosted, and figuring it out is way above my pay grade, but I’d assume they’re coming straight from the source.


I don’t know if this is a clever marketing ploy to get you to swing back to Bang Bros and Brazzers for a subscription or if this site is enough to replace those sites all-together since you’re getting all their smut here for free. Either way, it’s a free world and a free internet, so jack off any way you want to. As for Brazzers3X, they’re not hosting these videos themselves, so simply think of them as a gathering place with embedded clips.


One last thing about the video quality, I’m not sure if it’s 1080p. It looks like 1080p, but I can’t check. I mean, I’m sure there’s some sort of software out there that can scan the input and tell me, but as I said, technical stuff is above my paygrade. I review smut, not smut accessories. For my eye, this is 1080p, and given what I said about how quickly it loads, it’s pretty mind-blowing. I mean, you’re getting all of this for free. What could you possibly complain about?


Now, it is kind of weird that the player doesn’t have any options for different qualities. It only loads one type of video, and there is no way to fiddle with the resolution. I guess that this means that if you’re on a shitty connection, this site might be a problem for you. But, as far as I know, you need like 5Mbps to stream HD porn, and everyone should have that kind of connection at this point. We’re talking about basic DSL at this point. You can stream this stuff from space.



Why Settle for Less?

In a porn world that’s filled to the brim with cam-whores and taboo crap, it can be hard to find a good source of high-quality smut that’s all about the round asses, huge tits and talented cock sluts of old. These here are young beauties with traditional porn values – that is to say, they take cock up the ass, and they like it. They don’t say dumb shit, they don’t call you daddy, they just take the cock for money and they look damn fine doing it. I feel kind of old saying this, but this is basically classic pornography now. Pretty soon we’re going to call dude on chick porn “retro”.



Either way, if you’re a classic porn lover and you want to see a high-resolution video of a mailman delivering a huge package straight up a hot girl’s pussy, then Brazzers3X is the place for you. They upload new videos every single day, and there are usually several to sift through at a time. They’re also easy to sort through on account of all the site tags. Unfortunately, there are no genre tags, but they’re not exactly necessary. Damn near every single video here is either guy on girl or several girls together in an orgy. What’s not to love? If you’re a straight dude and you know quality pussy, you’ll feel right at home on this site, so dig the fuck in.

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