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X Mega Drive! I don’t have to tell you that there is a fuck load of tube sites out there. I mean a ton of them. I operate NoLimitsFun and even I can’t give you an estimate. It’s that goddamn many!


But in the grand scheme of all of the tube sites out there, there are not enough sites out there that are tailored toward fetishes. There are plenty to choose from to be sure. But compared to the mountains of vanilla tube sites and the like, far too many of them cater strictly to fetishes. XMegaDrive goes against the norm and provides you with only fetish videos that will get you off via the sexy smut that you are into. Take a look today and find the videos that make you horny as fuck!



Huge wall of tags

With so many fetishes represented on XMegaDrive, it can be overwhelming when trying to find just what you are looking for. You may think that it is a lost cause and that you should go ahead and look around the tube site blindly. Don’t fucking do that! Make looking around at the amazing array of fetish content on XMegaDrive more convenient for your horny ass!



As you know, when you want to cum, seconds fucking count. You don’t want to spend time looking for the right video to cum to. You want to be able to do it right then and fucking there. That is why you can browse a gigantic wall of tags that show you every single tag that is listed on XMegaDrive.


Keep in mind that this is an enormous list. You will not be able to read every fucking thing, so do not even try. The best approach to finding what you want in this wall of tags is to use your browser’s ‘find in page’ function. Type the fetish you are looking for, and if there is a match on the site, it will show up as a tag on this list.


Of course, you can just read the entire thing if you desire. This wall of tags is full of fetishes, performers, series names, and more. You will find all kinds of shit here that you can jerk off to, including your favorite fetish that will get you off.


It is worth noting that the order here could be a lot better. This is a dumped tag list and it can be a chore to go through everything. There needs to be a lot more order to this part of the tube site than there currently is. A lot of tube sites dump shit like this, and it is so fucking annoying. Oh well. At least there are plenty of categories to browse.



Good variety of categories

If a categories section was lacking, you would see me getting fucking pissed as hell about the tag list. But fortunately, there is a robust category section that makes finding the kind of shit that you are into all the easier. All you have to do is choose the category tab at the top of the page and browse accordingly.



You will find a large array of categories that you can browse. You will find categories like smoking, hairy, giant dildos, latex, femdom, bondage, fisting, and more. But if you are looking for more hardcore fetish videos like vomiting, pissing, shitting, and so on, you won’t find it here.


While XMegaDrive is a fetish tube site, it is a bit more vanilla than the hardcore fetish tube sites that are out there. That’s fine, too. There is nothing wrong with that in the slightest bit. It knows what it is, and it provides that kind of fetish content accordingly. If you want fetish content that doesn’t deal with fucking human waste, you will likely find it in some capacity on XMegaDrive.



Lots of new daily content

What exactly is the point of visiting a tube site if there isn’t any new content coming down the pipeline? If you see fucking everything and it seems like nothing new is getting posted, why in the hell would you stick around and keep visiting the tube site, anyway?



Too many tube sites have this problem. They create the site, make it look nice, then fail to add regular, sexy content. Fortunately, XMegaDrive does not have this kind of problem. If you are worried that the tube site is not going to have regular updates and new content for you to look at, guess the fuck again. That is because when I visited XMegaDrive, I noticed that there was new goddamn content every time that I visited.


Between the gals with the hairy legs and the endless dominatrix videos, I had a difficult time looking away. I visited multiple fucking times. Every time I visited XMegaDrive, I noticed that there were new videos always getting posted. In fact, new videos seem to be posted every few hours. I cannot give you a particular number when it comes to how many videos are posted every day because it differs. But what I can certainly tell you is that there will always be shit for you to watch in most cases.


I don’t know how much porn you watch. But XMegaDrive should fucking satisfy. Check it out for yourself and visit every day. I think you are going to like what you find!



Good sorting options

Take one good look at XMegaDrive, and you will find that there is a lot of content available for you to look at. I don’t have to fucking tell you that there is always something new added to the mix. That is why providing proper sorting options is so important to ensuring that visitors can browse the site easily, efficiently, and without wanting to pull their goddamn pubes out.



Visitors will notice that they can sort content by latest, most viewed, top rated, longest, most commented, and most favorited. This allows you to quickly find videos based on your personal preference. It’s good to see that there is so many of these sorting options, too. Sorting content by ‘most commented’ allows you to see the most discussed videos of all time, and that’s fucking amazing. More tube sites should have these stellar sorting options.


What also makes these sorting options so convenient is the fact that the informative video listings make it so easy to find the types of videos that you want to watch. Good sorting options are one thing. They make it so simple to arrange videos in the manner that is most convenient and comfortable for you. But none of that really makes a difference if the listings on videos did not have a lot of information to tell you that the video you are about to click on will actually make you cum.


The excellent video listings show the name of the video, duration, rating, upload date, view count, and of course, a large and vibrant thumbnail. Whenever you come across a listing, you will know for a fact that this is the video for you just from the information that the listing shows you. Check it out and experience the insightful information for yourself.



Almost gave up watching a video

XMegaDrive isn’t perfect, though. Far fucking from it. The tube site has plenty of issues. The worst problem on the fetish tube site is how difficult it is to actually watch videos. Watching content on XMegaDrive is nearly impossible. I lost count of how many times I selected a video, only to have the tab redirected to an ad, then to a Google page.



I thought maybe this would happen only once. After a third time, I knew there was no way that the page with the embedded video would be redirected for a fourth time. But it happened for a fourth, fifth, sixth time and beyond. It was so fucking infuriating that I nearly gave up and left the fetish tube site altogether. This happened on multiple videos until I landed on a handjob video that somehow loaded properly.


You are not only bombarded with ads anytime you try to watch a video, but they also pop up whenever you are browsing the homepage. The ads that appear on the site appeared so fast and were so blinding that I didn’t know what was happening. Pop-ups appeared, fake ads featuring bogus girls messaging me were all over the place, and I was busy closing windows when I should have been jerking off. I thought my device had an STD by the time I closed everything.


XMegaDrive is a decent tube site if you want to look at fetish-friendly content all in one place. The ads make it such a fucking chore to look at anything. If you can get past all of the ads and actually watch content though, you are going to enjoy what you find here.




XMegaDrive is a fetish tube site that features all kinds of videos that cater to those with more unique tastes. The videos and the content is certainly there. However, there are way too many ads. The ads need to be fixed if XMegaDrive hopes to grow in popularity.

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