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Today we have Clip Hunter on the menu. How many hours would you say you spend, on average, per week browsing site after site in search of decent material? Three? Seven? Fifteen?! No matter how much time you spend searching for cock-strangling videos, I think we can all agree that it’s an essential part of the porn addict’s daily ritual.

You grab your materials (lube, Fleshlight, VR headset, headphones, tissues, etc.) and set up (maybe in bed, at your desk, in the bathroom if you’re feeling particularly sick or need to get inside). secret), and then you spend most of your porn time sifting through an endless pile of digital clips looking for a few that you think you have a trick to get rid of.

If you suffer from ADD like me, there’s also a chance that before you know it you’ll have twenty tabs open, because you get bored easily and can’t resist the curiosity of the recommended videos. Now you’re sitting (on the bed, on the table, or on the bathroom floor), semi-organized, and with more porn than you can handle. You can hear your computer hissing under the pressure of processing so much video.

That’s why it’s so valuable for us to have well-organized and easy-to-navigate porn sites. It’s a constant search for nipples and pimples, so we really need all the help we can get to make the process easier and get rid of the poop. We don’t need the hassle of deleting hundreds of thousands of poorly filmed 10-second videos of girls getting fucked by guys who couldn’t do wrong if their lives depended on it. We need the best of the best, and yes, time is of the essence (after all, blood can only last so long in the groin).

Fortunately, there are sites like for the rabid man everywhere. Clip Hunter doesn’t mess with poor quality videos or confusing mash-ups of websites. They’re here to do the heavy lifting for us, so we can get started right away. I mean, let’s be honest, sometimes we don’t have time to sit for an hour or two to click through a porn rabbit hole. Sometimes we need to go to the bar or have an anniversary dinner with my wife (God knows she hasn’t been fired in almost a decade) before going to work.

Great website design

From the second the Cliphunter homepage loads, it’s easy to see why it’s the perfect site for a quick chat. The page is very clean, easy to navigate and organized. And, most importantly, there are very sexy women in every position and situation that the eye can see. The combination of a minimalist white background and blue text gives the site a fresh and elegant design. The thumbnails are also the perfect size (not too big, not too small, perfect for identifying and scrolling) and everything is conveniently filed away for simplicity.
It has three main sections on the homepage: Popular Movies, Featured Videos, and Featured Pornstars, all of which are clearly separated. There’s no messy thumbnails to deal with or unclear labels. Ah, how refreshing. There is also a long list of categories that are clearly listed alphabetically, with letters appearing to label the links. Again, for speed and clarity.

At the top of the page you also have the option to search for keywords or actor names if you’re really serious and have something specific in mind. If not, enjoy fast and uninterrupted browsing thanks to Cliphunter’s excellent web design.

Community Features

While we are on the home page, another interesting feature is that at the bottom of the page they include a list of the latest video comments posted by users. I thought it was a unique way to find videos based solely on what people said about them, sort of a one-to-one word-of-mouth system.
Each comment is accompanied by a link to the corresponding video. The comment above says, for example, “Keisha Gray is the ‘cutest’ and I would love to fuck her all day!” If you’re curious what the user meant by putting “cutest” in quotes, click the video link to find out. [Gathering all my strength to ignore the blatantly incorrect grammar of saying you want to screw someone ‘all day’. However, apparently I am weak.]

Other features of the site are available to registered users (registration is free): as we have already seen, you can comment on videos (without editing your comments), rate videos and create playlists. It’s all pretty standard, but I’d be very disappointed if it were missing.

Finally a great multimedia player

Cliphunter’s media player is as impressive as the site’s design. You can easily switch between video quality options (the default is 360p, but you can go up to 1080p without losing playback space) and cinema mode (which simply dims the outer page of the video). There are also three options for video screen size (normal, expanded, and full screen).
Another aspect of the media player that I love is that when in full screen mode, pressing the space bar pauses the video (as it should!) and doesn’t stop you with a damn ad every time (thank you). Damn). It may seem like these things should be obvious, but many porn sites don’t include the space bar; and too many porn sites shove ads down your throat to pause the damn video.

Bone killers

Speaking of ads, even if they don’t interrupt your video viewing experience, Cliphunter has them all in place. None of these are overly invasive, like a pop-up window or window would be, but they appear on the left (above the category list) and at the bottom of the home page, as well as on the right and below the recommended videos. . on a video page.
While the ads could certainly be much worse, it’s obviously ideal to not have to run ads when you’re trying to take a hit. In particular, many of the ads appear to sell pills. Why the hell would I try to buy Cialis or Viagra while holding my hard cock? Well, ironically these commercials kill the bone because now I’m thinking about erectile dysfunction and the poor old people who suffer from it without knowing it. That’s not necessarily what I try to think about when I watch porn, Cliphunter!

The only other big drawback to Cliphunter is that many of the videos (at least the ones on the home page) are shorter than I would like (often between 5 and 15 minutes). They have a lot of long clips, but you have to look for them. You can sort by duration on category pages, but not on the home page. So I would like to make a suggestion to Cliphunter: add a button on the homepage videos that allows me to filter by duration. Because the site is so well organized and intuitive in every other way, that would really drive it home!

All in all, Cliphunter is a great tube site that is easy to use, expertly designed, and features only the highest quality video clips of the hottest girls in the industry today. There’s definitely no filler to filter out here, just the best. If you are looking for a site to get your fapa without delay, Cliphunter is definitely a good place. Don’t waste hours looking for a needle in a haystack.

If you’re tired of Cialis commercials and don’t mind watching long porn, check out Cliphunter (often written as “cliphunters”, “cliphinter”, “cluphunter”, and “cliohunter”) and get yourself a quick one. Come before your lunch date! Don’t forget, as we learned in There’s Something About Mary, you don’t want to go on a date with a loaded gun!

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