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Cum Louder? Hmm… Porn tube sites and original, premium porn studio content are two very separate worlds. I mean, sure, most porn tubes worth their salt will provide clips of scenes from the biggest porn studios in the industry, that’s a given. But surely there are no porn tubes that provide a variety of content from all over the web, as well as produce their own original, professional-grade videos, right (sounds like a copyright issue)?

Wrong. Enter, a site that has finally merged these two seemingly disparate types of content. Instead of merely aggregating the hottest porn scenes from thousands of sources and allowing users to upload their own amateur content, Cum Louder has blurred the lines between free tube sites and premium paysites, flipping the separate formats on their heads (and then shoving a dick in their mouths). Cumlouder has little to no concern for your preconceived notions of what a porn tube site should be. And thank goodness for it.

Not only can you find clips from your favorite studios such as Brazzers, Reality Kings, Vixen, Naughty America, etc.) (Sound like copyright infringement ), Cumlouder also offers up their own original content. And, what’s more, that content is actually really fucking good—right up there with the other paysite videos available on Cumlouder. The result of marrying these two worlds? A completely unique and unparalleled porn site experience.

From the moment you land on Cumlouder’s home page, you might be a little confused. The website design and layout are even similar to a lot of the member’s area pages that I’ve seen on paysites. You’ve got an off-white background donning black, white, and orange text with a very professional looking banner atop it all. On the far-left side of the banner is the Cumlouder logo in a loud orange and white signature font. To the immediate right of that is the search bar. A little farther right and you find their slogan: “Porn favors the bold,” with a checkmark next to it, a member’s log-in button, a credits bank, and a language option.

Sleek, Easy to Navigate Web Design

Underneath this slender banner is your site navigation bar, which lists home, porn videos, categories, live cams, girls, channels, rewards, and store. Clicking on “videos” will bring you to something that more closely resembles the typical tube sites you are likely more familiar with, a gallery style list of thumbnails ordered by date added, regardless of studio or category. If you want to only view Cumlouder videos, there is a convenient video above the video results to do so, and above that is a list of popular recent search terms to choose from.

Clicking “channels” lets you browse videos by your favorite porn studios. Only want to see Brazzers videos? Done. Wanna check out only 21st Sextury scenes? Click, click, done. This can be a great way to get a feel for some of the popular paysites before signing up for a membership with them. Try a few out before you buy, make sure they’re right for you.

Clicking the “rewards” tab will bring you to a survey, which will ask you questions like “Who is your favorite Cumlouder girl?” allowing you to choose between four options. After answering five or six similar questions about the site, you will be brought to a page in which you can collect your reward. The reward is, as you may have guessed, a list of free trial memberships to popular premium pay and cam sites. Kind of a bust, if you ask me. More of a way for them to gauge the popularity of their content than it is actually a reward for you (most of these sites have free trials anyway).

Does Cumlouder Mean Cum Better?

So, how well does Cumlouder’s original content stack up against other studios? Well, for one, Cumlouder offers their original videos on the site absolutely free of charge, so that’s a big plus for them. But, price differences aside, I was pretty impressed with their stuff. I would compare most of it to a studio like Reality Kings. Most of it is shot in the gonzo fashion, shaky camera and all. But the girls are generally really hot, and the scenes are full-length (around 40 minutes or so) and provide the necessary backstory/context, as well as a good variety of positions and angles throughout. Oh, and did I mention that it’s 100% free?

Cumlouder does, however, offer a paid membership too. On the sign-up page, they brag about being “The most popular porn site in the world.” But there is nothing to substantiate that claim (and, honestly, I highly doubt it). With the paid membership, to Cumlouder, though, you get exclusive access to all of their 17 HD series and their cam site. They also advertise the ability to access the full site on any device, “whenever, wherever you want.” Having said that, though, it is fair to note that I had no problem loading the entire site on my iPhone without a premium membership.

So, basically, all your paying for is access to HD videos. And, personally, I can think of much better ways to spend $17.99/month. Their content is great, sure, but why am I going to pay that much when I can access most of it for free? For me, Cumlouder would have to integrate some alluring additional features and exclusivities in order to convince me to pay them almost $20 per month. Maybe if that monthly payment also came with a certain number of tokens to play around with on their cam site. Maybe.

What’s the Ad Situation Like?

There are ads on Cumlouder. Which, as always, is pretty fucking annoying. But, to Cumlouder’s credit, as far as ads are concerned, they could be much worse. There are no hidden click ads or popups to contend with. Nor do they make you sit through ads before watching videos or bombard you with them when you hit pause. Instead, you’ll find them to the right of your video when it is not full-screen and down at the very bottom of each page.

I should also say, though, that my adblocker took care of making them invisible; all I had was an empty box labeled “Advertisement.” So, all things considered, Cumlouder is definitely not the worst site I’ve been to as far as ads are concerned. Still unnecessary and annoying, sure, but whatever. Unfortunately, ads are pretty par for the course when it comes to porn sites. Hopefully, more and more sites will go ad-free, though, and that will eventually no longer be the case.

Does Cumlouder Help You Cum Together?

There are a couple of interactive, community features available to you on Cumlouder. And I mean literally just a couple. You can like or dislike videos. That’s it. No comments, no adding videos to playlists, no user profiles, nothing else. As the trend in porn sites move closer and closer toward accommodating social media functions, such features have become glaringly absent.

It just seems like common sense at this point to offer your users more social media-esque capabilities, doesn’t it? Maybe it’s just me? I don’t know, personally, I think these features really enhance the experience, and so many sites have them now that I’ve come to expect it from an otherwise innovative site like this.

Quality Content, Free, Cum Check it Out

All in all, nobody else is doing what Cumlouder is doing (and if they are, they aren’t doing it nearly as well because I’ve never heard of them). It is rare to find a site that, so late in the game, figures out a way to innovate the way in which we are able to enjoy online porn, so I automatically respect Cumlouder’s originality. On top of that, they have managed to provide quality original content at no charge to users (this alone is an incredible feat), they operate what looks like a decent cam site, and—as if all that wasn’t enough—they have a sizeable archive of other studios’ content to choose from.

In my opinion, you can’t really go wrong with a tube site that is also a porn studio that provides both aspects of its site for free. Sure, you may have a couple of ads to ignore here and there, but, still, that seems like a small price to pay for such a unique porn viewing experience. Cumlouder (often misspelled as “cumloader”, “coumlouder”, “cumloder”, “comlouder”, “cumlauder”, “coumlauder” and “cunlouder”) is the perfect site for the indecisive pornoholic.

Can’t decide between a tube or a paysite? Or can’t figure out which paysite you want to subscribe to? Check out Cumlouder and get a little bit of both while also test-driving—or, to be a little more accurate, test fapping—each one until you come to a conclusion. And, who knows, maybe you won’t pick any of the paysites. Maybe you’ll decide, at the end of the day, that you like Cumlouder’s original content enough to just keep enjoying their free professional-grade scenes. As I said before, they are surprisingly good.

Whatever you decide (or don’t decide), happy fapping, fuckers. Oh, and don’t cum too loudly, you’ll wake up the neighbors.

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