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Let’s have a look at Porn Dig! One of the crazy things about porno is that there’s just never enough. I could spend a few hours watching premium lesbian movies, and then another few banging pornstars in VR, and I’d still wind up needing more stimulation. Paysites can add up quick, but free tubes like Porn Dig are good for a quick, low-investment wank any time of the day. was registered back in 2005 and entered its current form around 2011. That’s a ripe old age for a free porn tube. These guys have been around since the MySpace days, and they’re currently crushing that dead old giant with a good 12 million visits a month. Tom would still be around if he’d been giving out blowjob clips instead of inviting himself to your friend’s list.


Ever Been to a Free Porn Tube?

You’ve seen a free porn tube before, right? If not, welcome to the Internet! PornDig’s got the same basic setup as the rest of the tubes. The majority of the front page is dominated by thumbnails from porno movies. The default view features the very newest material on the site first. The search bar says they’ve got more than 75k videos.



What’s new here? Glad you asked. The very newest one is an 11-minute taboo clip called 18+ Teens Fucking Got Accompanied By Mom. Teenagers (18+) are the stars in a few of the recent offerings (18+), and taboo is on the menu in multiple places as well.


The action is varied, even without leaving the front page of the site. There are gangbangs, pantyhose sex, and deep-throating. I see MILFs, blondes, Latinas and Ebony beauties. There’s even some kinky bondage porn out front, with Kenzie Taylor getting tied up, gagged, and fucked.


If you hover your mouse over an image, you’ll get a moving preview. I love taking a peek at what looks like a good cunnilingus scene and finding out it’s actually part of a wild orgy.


A percent rating is listed in the corner of each thumbnail. PornDig viewers are some picky goddamn perverts! I’m not sure I’ve ever seen a free tube where the clips were so consistently ranked poorly, and I really want to know how a movie called Sweet 18+ Teen Gets Her Arsehole Fucked can have a 33% rating.


The Best Terrible Anal Movie Ever

Sweet 18+ Teen Gets Her Arsehole Fucked in HD quality, but that doesn’t stop the video from playing immediately without buffering when I click the button. A Euro slut is reading a magazine when a dude comes in with a gift. They exchange some Euro banter I can’t understand, but assume they’re talking about buying jeans from America.



The video was labeled with an HD icon in the thumbnail. Even at the max 720p resolution, it looks a little blurry. I wonder if that’s a contributing factor to the low rating. I can tell you nobody clicked the Thumbs-Down button based on her cock smoking ability. She slurps this dude to diamond hardness before he slips it inside her tight cunt.


Once the dude pushed it up her asshole, I took advantage of PornDig’s speed control option. You can watch it in Yakety Sax mode at 4x speed, but I’m all about that 0.5x mode. Start watching your cumshots in slow-mo and thank me later.


There’s a download button baked right into the player. It offers downloads in all the same resolutions as streaming, which on this clip run from 270p to 720p. I expected an ad or something as a fair trade for the download, but it started saving immediately at a respectable speed.


Watching this clip just confirms what I already thought: PornDig viewers are some picky-ass motherfuckers. This is a damn fine clip, especially for free. Below the video, they ask, “You Dig… Or you dig not?”


I clicked the thumbs-up button because, yeah, I fucking dig! Somehow the rating fell even further after I voted, and now Sweet 18+ Teen Gets Her Arsehole Fucked is rated at a paltry 25%. Sorry, you beautiful Euro whore with the talented mouth and anus. I hope you get those Levi’s, at least.


Find Your Porno Jam in the Sidebar

The sidebar on the left shows your history, even if you haven’t logged in, so you can go and revisit your favorites. It’s an unusual feature to see on a free tube, but seems like it could be useful. If it bothers you, you clearly haven’t figured out how to use the incognito porn mode built into your web browser. (Yes. It is real and you already have it.)



There’s also a list of The Most Popular tags. The only one that stands out as even slightly unusual is the Arab category, since it’s not generally one of the top subgenres. It tells you a little about PornDig’s viewer demographics. They also love 18+ Teens, Mature Women, Big Natural Boobs, and Swingers. A full A-to-Z list of tags can be found beneath the top ones.


A bunch of webcam sluts who are currently online are listed at the bottom of the sidebar. The camwhores also show up at the bottom of main video pages, presented like they’re part of the site. I don’t have a problem with this. Considering PornDig’s conspicuous absence of spam, this is the only readily apparent income source for the site.


You can select Gay, Straight or Trans porn from the sidebar. Beside that is a button to break the whole collection into two big pieces, Professional and Amateur. I’d already seen some of the pro stuff here, so it must be time for amateur hour.


Amateur Hotties, Fatties and MILFs

The Amateur section of PornDig looks almost exactly like the Professional. There is that noticeable difference in overall video quality and polish. The girls are less pornographically refined and enhanced, which you’ll either like or you won’t.



Some amateur sites have a lot of young 18+ webcam sluts sharing their content. PornDig ain’t one of those sites. I see an archived cam show of a sexy blonde getting her titties fucked, but those shows aren’t covering the front page like some sites.


MILFs seem to get the most attention in the Amateur area here, which aligns with those Most Popular tags I saw. You don’t have to dig very hard to find younger girls, but they’re definitely outnumbered. I don’t see any elderly women on the front page, but I do see a bunch of BBWs. You know what they say: the bigger the cushion, the sweeter the pushin’!


Some of the amateur smut clearly predates the webcam era. I watched one of a thick MILF in a small sequined dress sucking some hillbilly’s cock in the back of a limo. It’s grainy as all hell, and I’d bet my middle testicle that it was originally filmed on VHS. The bitch sucks a mean-ass dick, though, so I can see why the clip has survived so long.


Where’s All the Damn Spam?

PornDig’s near-total lack of spam shocked the living hell out of me. Even paysites try to hit you with upsells, and I’ve never seen a free tube that didn’t at least try to ram a few down your throat. Millions of visits on a streaming video site cost a lot of money in bandwidth.



I turned my blocker off just to see what the site was like without it. A small, fairly unobtrusive ad loads on top of each video and closes immediately as soon as you hit Close And Play. I did it a bunch of times, looking for pop-ups or any other nasty surprises. The surprise was that there really wasn’t any more spam.


Honestly, I have no idea how they do it. It doesn’t seem like they’d even be able to break even, but I’m sure as hell not complaining. Maybe every other free tube is just a lot greedier than I realized.


It’s hard to find anything real to complain about on PornDig. Their rating system seems broken, but who cares? The site is full to the brim of all kinds of professional and amateur porn, and you don’t even have to wade into a bukkake puddle of spam to dig into it. Every free tube should be like this.

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