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Dr Tuber aka Dr. Tuber? Is this some kind of porn doctor? Well, porn tubes usually have a little bit of everything. It’s like a buffet of bitches. Asian chicks? Check. BDSM? Got that too. Oh, what about amateur content? Oh, hell yeah, you know they have that shit. But there are a lot of porn tubes out there, and some are a lot better than others. All too often free porn tubes don’t have the best content, have way too many ads, and a bad design. I don’t have one of those sites for you today. I have what I consider to be one of the better ones out there. A tube worth visiting!


I’m talking about A site ready to prescribe you with the exact kind of porn you need to get off. This site has been around pumping out content since 2009, and they are one of the big hitters out there. Nearly 70million views last month makes them a force to be reckoned with. For a site that sounds like it’s going to suggest the best potato for your stew, I would say that’s quite the success.



Be Careful of Deceptive “Free” Account Sign Up

Usually, I’d talk about the layout first, but there’s something else that I think you need to know first here. I started my journey on the site by trying to make one of their “free” accounts. Don’t do it. They ask you for a credit card for “age verification” and make it sound like this is some sort of free lifetime membership. It’s bullshit. In small text below that it tells you about all of the charges you are going to accrue. I’m just trying to look out for you horny fucks who might not be paying attention. It’s very misleading and should be avoided faster than a gas station glory hole.




Great Site Design with Tons of Search Features and Animated Previews

Alright, now we can start off on the right foot. The site looks pretty slick, even slicker than their sketchy credit card scheme. It’s laid out slightly different than your regular porn tube. You still get the big page full of sexy thumbnails, but they are almost borderless. It actually looks pretty good without all of the thick beveled boxes you usually get. The site takes on a dark theme, which I always appreciate. Aside from the previews, there’s an expanded category tab on the left side of the screen that lets you easily see what sorts of content they have, but that little tab is just the most popular stuff. They have a more expansive category page if you need some more twisted shit to get your dick hard.



The page sorts by newest videos at first, but you have a lot of options to tailor your experience. You can toggle the page to show “straight, gay, or transsexual” content by default. Once you decide on that, you can sort by “newest, longest, rating, amount of comments, or toggle to show only HD content.” The HD works differently than you would normally expect. I thought I would get options to change the quality of the video, but you can either turn HD on or off on some videos. I don’t know if that means 1080p or 720p, but it looks pretty good at least.


Previews are done right for once. You get fully animated clips from each video when you hover your mouse over them. It also tells you info like video length, HD or not, rating, and title before you click through. Let’s dive right into the videos themselves, because we have a fuck ton to cover here.


There are plenty of options within the video player. You can actually toggle the audio volume here more than just on or off, which is a welcome surprise. Rate the video, favorite it, download it, subscribe to the uploader, comment on it, or share the video if you’re about that. The downloads are actually free, and you don’t need one of their “free” accounts to download them. It doesn’t even take you off-site to a crap download site. Just click download, wait for the ad to play, then download to your heart’s content.


The videos play without any issue, and I really haven’t had too many ads here. I was expecting pop-ups every time I clicked around, but the only ones I have seen have been banners or short ones that play before the video. No pop-ups at all!



Photo Galleries, Channels, Categories, and More!

But we must move on from the videos and talk about the rest of the site. I mentioned the extensive categories page before, but it has a couple of cool features worth talking about. Each category has a number next to it that shows how many videos are in that category. I didn’t see any single one under 2 thousand, with most having upwards of 200 thousand plus. Talk about a shit ton of content. You can also sort by straight, gay, and trans categories here. It’s pretty cool to see a site that caters more to those kinky individuals as well. The only thing missing are preview images for the categories. As is, it’s just a list of genres. I’d like some visuals here!



If the categories page isn’t tickling your taint, then head over to the channels tab and take a look there. You can sort by popular porn studios and sites like “JAVHD, Brazzers, Reality Kings, and Cam4Free.” At least there are preview images here, even if they aren’t the best quality. The JAVHD thumbnails show some JAV slut getting a facial, but it looks like it’s coming in from a different dimension with how poor the quality is. Going through to one of the channels lets you sort and search by content on that channel. You can also subscribe and get updated every time they upload new shit.


Next up in the lineup is the photos page. What a glorious place. There’s a ton to get into here. Amateur and professional porn pics galore! You know what a porn gallery is, so I won’t dig too deep into the content here. Just knows it’s fucking great. My only issue is that there are no sorting features on this page aside from the search bar. You can’t narrow down by rating, upload date, or anything like that. It makes navigating around difficult and confusing. Like when your bitch of a wife gets mad about something you don’t know about and she won’t explain it. You just don’t know how to go forward. Same here.


The community page is pretty straightforward here. It’s just a master page of users. You can click on a user to see what they have uploaded and subscribe to their content. Next up, is the mobile page? I don’t know why you would want to toggle that on desktop, but you can. I’ll use this weird opportunity to talk about the mobile site though. It’s great. It’s scaled perfectly well, and all of the site features continue to work. You get more ads, but still no pop-ups or anything like that.



NoLimitsFun’s Favorite Features

I have a lot of things that I enjoyed about Dr Tuber, but a few stuck out to me. The animated previews are definitely a favorite. I wish more sites had that feature. It really makes it feel like a premium porn experience. Something I didn’t get around to up top that I also like is their live sex tab. They have links to some of the most popular cams sites, but they also have their own set of cam girls that are really fucking hot.




NoLimitsFun’s Suggestions

The only thing I have a major issue with here is the deceptive credit card scam. It’d be like hiring an escort and paying for her only to find out halfway through that she has a dick. Not cool, man. Not cool at all. Other than that glaring issue, the site is pretty good. The only other features I’d like to see would be search features on the photos page and picture previews for the categories section.




NoLimitsFun’s Final Thoughts

Overall, (often misspelled as “drtube”) is one of the biggest porn tubes out there for a good reason. There is so much fucking content here, and it’s all free! I can recommend this site easily, as long as you avoid their premium scam. But the site design is great, there are barely any ads, and you don’t have to pay a dime. Check this place out!

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