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Hmm, Net Fap X… I’ll be completely honest…I’ve seen dozens of pornographic websites that parody “NetFlix” in this or that way…and it’s getting pretty fucking annoying. How unimaginative can you folks be? I mean, I won’t bother you much with the poor choice of words that these people have…however, I will bother you with the content they have on the page. Well, for now, I’ll only bother you with the content the boys at have provided for us. I believe that it is worth mentioning, is it not?


First things first, I’d like to let you know that this page is absolutely free. You don’t have to pay for a single thing, which is a huge plus. It’s something I like seeing in a porno page. Who even pays for porn today? Well, it’s obvious that a lot of people still do this, but let’s be honest, back in the day, you had to pay for every little bit of pornography this or that way. You had to pay for your DVD, you had to pay for your magazine and shit like that, and this is not the case these days, as you can get a whole lot of great HD porn for free, given that you know where to look!


I mean, is indeed a great place to start, seeing as the design of the page is very simple, the page doesn’t beg for money or anything of the sort, but boy oh boy, there are tons of ads in here, and this might be a little problem for some of us, but this is perfectly understandable, seeing as these little pages (It’s quite obvious that is not that well know, is it?) need to live off something, so they prop up a bunch of ads on their page, and they get that sweet cash that way. However, these ads aren’t usually as aggressive as they are in here.


These other pages pop up a little ad in the corner of the website, and you can barely notice it, which is fine. No one even cares about that. In fact, those little ads are kinda cute.


They have these little animations going on, and they really get you going for some reason. Some of these ads will show you some short but sexy videos, which is something that most of us don’t mind, in the end. However, what we really do mind is ads popping up on our screens and confusing the living hell out of us, because they’re not really that easy to close.


In fact, the ads I get to see on are so annoying that they deserve a section of their own in this review. I’ll consider dedicating an entire section to these ads a bit later, as I don’t want to kick this thing off with some bad shit that no one likes to talk about. Again, let’s go back to the good sides of, and let’s focus on that until the time is right. I mean, let’s not ruin the mood right away, that would be pretty fucking terrible.



The content itself

As I’ve said, there’s a whole lot of juicy content on this website, and it’s all completely free, which is a great thing. In fact, the porn here would be quite addictive, if it wasn’t for the ads that pop up whenever you click on a certain video. However, these ads aren’t that problematic as they can simply be closed with a single click. There are some other more persistent ads on this page that I’ll talk about a bit later since they surely deserve more than a brief, vague mention.



There are tons of categories on this website for you to choose from, and I’d say they are pretty good if you’re not that much of a pervert. Most of these are pretty god damn basic, so you surely won’t be too entertained on if you’re the type of person to like sex that’s a bit more…intense. Let’s call it that. Intense. You get categories that are all about 18+ girls riding dick, some that are about girls sucking dick, some that are about girls taking it up the butt, and so on, and so on.


There are also come categories in here that are pretty much all about the ladies getting their way, but there’s nothing too intense here anyway. What I’m talking about is pussy eating and all that, but there are no categories that are about femdom or soft femdom or anything of the sort. Huge pervs simply aren’t the target audience of, and that’s fine.


You folks will just have to move to a different page if you want to see dudes getting stepped on by bitches in huge high heels and shit like that. What we like on is missionary sex with the lights down for the sole purpose of procreation — just kidding. If I have to clarify this to you in a single sentence, I’d say it like this: What you get to see on websites such as Brazzers or Reality Kings is exactly what you get to see in here. That wasn’t so hard, was it? You get the idea yet? Overproduced mainstream pornography. They got the idea for the name of the website from a company that makes these boring-ass shows for the lowest common denominator, so the type of content that’s provided here doesn’t really surprise me.



The player

Don’t hate the player, hate the game, right? Well, I’ll have to say that I’m not here to hate either, actually. Not that I know what I meant by “the game” (The entire porn industry, I guess?) in that line, but I sure as hell know what I meant by “the player.” As it seems, the player of is nothing too special, but it gets the job done. Much like the porn on the website, which is not that bad either way. I mean, we don’t always have to make things super complicated. Avril Lavigne gave us the tips. We’re just here to listen. It’s okay if you don’t get the reference, not all of us had a phase where we were obsessed with the pop-punk princess.



Okay, so, back to the main course. First things first, I’d like to say that this player loads the videos up pretty damn quickly, which is something I did not expect to happen. I mean, it looks cheap as hell, it doesn’t give you that many options, but at least you get to control the volume and you also get to full-screen the videos, but that’s not really a luxury, is it?


The movies here do not have an “HD” option or anything like that, but for some reason, they all look great. Is the “HD” option a default thing here? It might be for some videos, but I’m not really sure. Call me an idiot for not being able to tell apart from videos in 480p and 720p if you will, but I’m sure that most people can’t do this either. This just goes to show that people really do not care that much about the porn being HD. The one thing that matters is the fact that the porn is completely free, nothing more, nothing less.



Now, are there any other tabs in here that are worth checking out?

We’ve seen the homepage of this website, and we’ve found out about the “categories” section of, but is there anything else in here that we’re missing out on? Well, to a degree, yes. There’s the “porn stars” section. You should check this one out. I mean, if you really fall in love with a certain porn star, you should look her up in this section and see what she has to offer. Or, rather, if you ever get bored of regular browsing, you should move on to this section and look through the porn in a different way. It could surely be a breath of fresh air. The performers I’ve seen on so far are actually pretty attractive, so I can totally see myself nerding out on this section of the website, without a doubt.




The arena

We almost forgot about this part of that seems actually pretty god damn pointless, especially on a website as obscure as this one. I mean, why would a super simple website such as need a section where people would vote for their favorite pornstar? You’re aware of the fact that most people don’t even care that much, right? I can only see myself heading over to this section of the website after a long, hard, wank to relax a bit. Maybe that’s what they had in mind, actually. Maybe I’m just not bright enough to understand the genius of Maybe.




A conclusion

There really isn’t much to say about this page, as it’s pretty much the same as every other porn website out there, but there are a few differences. There’s “The Arena” (it’s not as interesting as it sounds) and there’s the “Pornstars” section that way too many free websites miss out on today. All in all, if the porn is free (and it sure is free here) and if there are tons of categories, I’m in.

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