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Sometimes a porn site can seem really amazing at first glance, and then once you get in, you’ll be disappointed like blue balls. Some sites are really good at creating a solid presentation, providing great site design, tons of features and hundreds of thousands of porn videos, but when you start clicking around, you will find that many of these videos are not loading properly or the site has failures. Making your website look good is the easy part; However, creating a really good porn site is a completely different story.

You may have already been there, looking for the perfect porn tube for you… you stumbled upon a new site, it looks good, the site is well designed, it looks very well organized; Hell, there are even some social features (cool!). But once you sit down and start browsing the site, your brain slowly fades due to long loading times, broken links, or simply missing features that you thought the site would have there. This is some serious fucking shit, right?

Well, lucky for you, I’m here to sift through all that junk so you don’t have to. All you need to do is take a few minutes out of your day to read my reviews and you will know, without wasting time, to see for yourself if a porn site is worth jerking off to. And believe me, there is a lot of nonsense out there.

Some of the general problems I have noticed with most free porn tubes are the lack of useful features; tacky, lazy, messy or outdated website design; low quality videos; there are not enough movies; and (my biggest pet peeve), very few feature-length scenes. You’ve probably noticed it too, right? This is especially true on big money generating sites like Porn Hub, Red Tube and almost all the sites in the Porn Hub network. They make it almost impossible to find a complete and direct scene. Heck, sometimes on these sites it can be difficult to find a movie that’s long enough to help you! Well, maybe you don’t have that problem. If you don’t have the strength, a 5-minute video is probably more than enough. But unless you’re a virgin and live in your mom’s basement, these videos are too short!

These are the most important criteria for me when it comes to free porn tubes. The site should look good, be well organized, have plenty of high-quality videos to choose from, plenty of long-form videos, and it wouldn’t hurt to add some additional social features to the site as well. If you’ve read some of my reviews before, you probably already know my opinion on this topic, but porn is supposed to be the last resort we turn to when pussy isn’t an option. People, this should never have been a normal job! So if a porn site can help you with your sexual crusade, all the better, and the social features make it possible: message a girl who lives in your area and, who knows, maybe at the end of the week you’ll find her. from behind. Well, assuming you have basic communication skills…

Slow down, Hoss

Today I will guide you through a free porn tube known as Empflix. But perhaps there is no one better to introduce Empflix than Empflix himself. At the bottom of the home page they write: “Empflix is the number one porn site on the Internet, always fresh and exciting. is updated daily and has full length DVDs for your viewing pleasure. With the most erotic and tantalizing sexual experiences, watch hundreds of hours of hardcore sex and free porn from every niche available. Come back every day for more porn, always free and fresh, at your fingertips… Join the hot, free porn action at Empflix, offering fresh porn since 2008.”
I wasn’t immediately thrilled with your confidence in evaluating your website. It is simply false. Not a great first impression. First of all, they claim to be the “number one porn site on the internet” and, well, considering I had never heard of them before it came time to write this review, I highly doubt that could be TRUE. They also do not mention any metrics in this regard.

What the hell are you number one at, Empflix? For all I know, you may be the most hated porn site out there. You can also be a leading source of information about Vietnam veterans. Don’t know! But you can’t just claim to be number one without backing it up in some way. It’s like people saying America is number one. Yes, you damn idiot, maybe with childhood obesity!

Great collection of erect tits and asses

However, the truth is that Empflix has a lot of videos. Which I can’t argue. Like they said, they’ve been “publishing” porn since 2008 [something about that description bothers me] and it definitely shows. There are hundreds of thousands of videos available on Empflix. It would be difficult to be on the verge of running out of stock. Even if you did nothing but masturbate all day, every day, you would never run out of porn. Even if you’ve watched almost every video currently on the site, your site will likely double in size. That’s the beauty of a free porn tube, bro!
But every porn tube has tons of porn (or fucking better!). There’s nothing necessarily special about it. What makes a porn tube stand out is the quality of the videos. And I’m not just talking about the resolution of the video (although that’s important too), I’m talking about the ease with which you can change videos! What are the chances of you cumming? After all, that’s what we’re here for, right? Well, I can’t speak for everyone, obviously we all have different tastes and quirks, but it seems like most of the Empflix videos are standard, professional, studio, hardcore porn. There is no general niche to speak of. They mention in their brief introduction that they cater to all niches, and that seems true (except you probably won’t find any really twisted shit here… like literal shit [thank the dark Mr. Satan for that]), but there’s also an extensive bizarre porn section if your tastes are a little weirder.

As for the design of the website, it is not bad. I like a lot. It has a modern character and a quite pleasant organizational structure and layout. I like the black and blue theme. I feel like this isn’t something you see very often on porn sites, so there’s something new about it. I also like how all the categories on the site appear in alphabetical order on the left side of the thumbnails. It allows easy and hassle-free navigation through the website. You can also filter videos by All or HD; Videos from newest, highest rated, featured or most popular users; and by duration (All, Short [1-3 min], Medium [3-10], Long [10-30] or Full [30+]). I love all the options they give you, they really put you in control of your porn.

Some areas that need improvement…

The only bad thing about this is that you can’t select multiple options at once. For example, if I want to filter videos so that only long, full videos are shown, I’m out of luck. You would have to open two separate tabs and view the two duration options separately. The same applies to categories. Why can’t I combine two categories at once and have it work as a macro filtering function? In my opinion, a huge missed opportunity.
Another thing that makes Empflix (often misspelled as “emplix”, “ampflix” and “emflix”) different is that it actually offers social features. You can add friends, subscribe to members, post comments on your walls, and send messages. Now it’s in your hands whether or not you can get some real pussy out of this. One more time with your cock if you fail.

However, there are some glaringly serious problems with this site that my integrity as a porn site reviewer cannot go unnoticed. The site reportedly has a Photos section (according to the site’s menu bar); However, when you click on it and try to verify it, nothing appears, just a blank page surrounded by a website frame. Strange. Not that I’m a big fan of photographs, but damn, if you’re going to announce a feature, you better deliver it. This is simply unprofessional.

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