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Fap Fappy! Amateur whores are all the rage right now. Fappers are ignoring the professional babes who know how to take a fucking in favor of e-thots that make you pay to see them do the most trivial shit. Seriously, I’ve seen these (18+)girls string simps along for years without even showing a goddamn nipple, and they’ll be raking in tens of thousands of dollars on their OnlyFans. I respect the fuck out of these babes. They found a market full of horny cucks who will pay good money to get teased. It’s the ultimate scheme. And, man, these sluts know how to market themselves. Just look at the whole bathwater fiasco from a year or so ago. That shit was genius.


Anyway, we’re not talking about their savvy mogul moves. This site houses thousands of photos and videos from these whores’ OnlyFans content. It’s only been around since the end of 2020, but you can still expect a ton of hot content to fap your brains out to.



Cluttered Site Design with No Filter Options

It’s a busy site. You get a ton of mismatched previews of different sizes scattered down the entirety of the homepage. Above all of the chaos, there’s a simple banner where you can find links to submitting content and a link back here to my awesome site full of reviews. The header doesn’t have much use aside from that. There aren’t any category or tag pages to make use of.



You can toggle light and dark themes depending on when you’re browsing, which was certainly a nice touch. And there’s a simple search bar you can use if you happen to know the name of the hot piece of ass you’re looking for. It’s not the most helpful search tool if you don’t know the name of the babe you’re wanting to jerk off to. There aren’t any tags or keywords that will pop up in the results, so your mileage may vary here.



Thousands of Hot Galleries, Videos, and Pics

The site design is fine enough, but everything looks like an ad. I get what they were going for. They wanted to have a sleek page with borderless preview images that showcase these babes in all of their glory. It might just be me, but I can’t help fucking help it. All of these previews look like the banners you’d see tacked onto some porn tube. Thankfully, that’s just how they look. There are plenty of ads on the site, but they come in the form of chat pop-ups and redirects. I didn’t stumble across any lurking amidst the rest of the previews.



I can’t stand when sites do that shit. I’ll see a hot image of a dimepiece whose tits I’d like to see and click on it only to get cock-blocked by a third-party site that doesn’t even have the content I clicked on. It’s fucking frustrating. Your only real way to browse this catalog is by blindly scrolling down the page. There aren’t any filter options for popularity, view count, or anything like that. I don’t mind scrolling through previews of amateur thots bending over and shoving dildos up their asses, but it’d be nice to be able to curate that selection by more than just name.



New Content Uploaded Every Few Hours

Like, come on, do you think I’m enough of a simp to know these whores by name? Fuck that. Let me sort by hair color, tit size, weight, and stuff like that. The content is sorted from newest to oldest, and damn, does this site upload content frequently. New videos of amateur sluts are being uploaded every few hours. You can expect a whole slew of new content to be here every time you come back for a fap sesh.



Each preview will have a full-sized image from the gallery or a screenshot from one of the videos to draw you in. Hovering your cursor won’t do shit. These are all static images, but, hey, I’m not going to complain about something that small. These previews also have details for who the babe is in the content, when it was uploaded, and how many views it has. Most of this content is going to have a mix of videos and pictures, but the title will let you know if it’s just one or the other before you click over.



Scroll Through and Save Any Hot Pictures You want for Free

The videopage is where the ads come out in full fucking swing. It took me a while to find that you actually have to close out of a bunch of the goddamn things just to see the content. Some of the pages didn’t even have the content the preview mentioned! A few pages were just full of ads with no photos or videos to get off to. When the pages do have content, it will be displayed one image or video at a time. Simply scroll down and get your fill of this amateur content.



You can save photos all day without issues, but Fapfappy won’t let you natively download videos. Bummer. Though, I’m sure you nerds have your ways. If you feel like taking your favorite e-thot nudes with you on the go, then you should check the mobile version of this site out. It’s formatted well. It’s got all of the same hot content you betas crave. The ad clutter is about the same. Really, the only difference is that the header is tucked away beneath a handy drop-down button.



NoLimitsFun’s Favorite Features

I was impressed by the sheer amount of fap-worthy porn on this site. Fapfappy has a robust catalog packed with videos and galleries of amateur babes.



The site design grew on me. It’s like going out with some emo bitch who wears the big-ass platform shoes and smells like stale cigarettes. It’s weird and clunky at first, but you know that slut fucks like there’s no tomorrow. But, yeah, the previews are great and do a good job at showcasing the hot content. While there are a lot of ads on the content page, they were still reasonable enough considering that you’re getting a fuck ton of free content.



NoLimitsFun’s Suggestions

This site could use a few quality of life options like filter tools and an advanced search bar. Those small changes would go a long way in making the site less overwhelming. Let me filter these bitches by hair color, weight, height, and all of that shit. I want to find the perfect amateur babe to jerk off to because I sure as hell don’t know these sluts by name. I don’t even know the girls I bang in real life by name. I just call them by their cup size. That way I won’t forget.




NoLimitsFun’s Final Thoughts

Overall, has a fantastic selection of OnlyFans material. There are a few frustrating aspects, but the content far outweighs those minor hiccups. I highly recommend you simps go and check this site out!

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