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Fap Folder! Have you ever been browsing social media and, suddenly, a set of bikini snaps of the local neighborhood hottie pops up on your feed? You can practically see her tits bursting through the thin fabric of her bikini while her hungry camel toe munches through the crotch of her panties. Yet, it’s still insufficient for you to blow your load over.


With a sigh, you head to the nearest porn tube site to kick off a mission to find the elusive porno featuring a cock hungry slut who looks very similar to the one who started this horny adventure. With your dick in hand, you say to yourself, ‘’fuck! If only there were a way to view porn in a social media format!’’


Well, my horny friend, there is! We’re living in an age where TikTok and Instagram play a huge role in most of our lives, and this is something that hasn’t gone unnoticed by the porn industry. There’s now an increasing number of sites popping up online that intend to showcase some of the hottest amateur porn in the same format as your favorite social media platforms.


But despite some of these sites being a badass porn adventure that can drain your balls and leave you with a horny smile on your face, it’s fair to say that not all of them have been created equal. There’s a hefty amount of new websites of this type that will leave you with the opposite of a smile and, even worse, blue-balled!


And this is no doubt why you’re standing at the gates of Castle Porn Dude, begging to be let inside so I can spurt my wisdom across your horny face, right? Well, the squirt-soaked gates are about to be opened, and I want to introduce you to a new social media-style porn site that has recently hit the scene that has got a lot of people talking. Its name is


I’m sure you have more than a few fap folders in your collection, as do I, but this site claims to offer a range of free porn content in the style of a social media platform, and some of it is said to be dick-drainingly hot! However, the site is still in beta mode, so I want to find out if the time is right to start using it or tell you to hold your horses and cum elsewhere for the time being!



What is

According to its About page, offers a social media platform-style environment that encourages users to share adult content for free. Its mission is to connect like-minded people and allow them to thrive in a porn-positive environment.



When writing this review, the platform boasted more than 32,000 members. As the site’s default language is Russian, we can assume that it’s hosted in some ex-Soviet nation of the Russian-speaking world. However, there is a translation button to switch up the site’s language.


The site is still very new and is currently in beta mode. However, it’s still able to offer quite a lot of features that range from a personal messaging system and the ability to create adult communities with built-in media galleries to a reward system based on how many likes a post receives and personal crypto wallets to pay for services on the site and raise funds.


Once the site is fully functioning and out of beta mode, the mods plan to implement a range of other features, from an enhanced media player that can handle much bigger file sizes to an on-site translator and more. It sounds exciting, but next, let’s see what the site currently offers regarding content!



What’s the Content Like on

To see what kind of content had in store for us, I headed to the list of trending hashtag content themes on the site, which included the likes of #OnlyFans, #NSFW, and #cute, to find out what kind of content is making this site and its users tick. Now, here are some of the highlights!



● Anal Plug Squirt – Man, this chick is smoking hot, and we even get to see an insight into what she does in her bedroom when the door is closed! Zayka slides a diamond butt plug up her hole before unleashing a black dildo on her pussy for a fifteen-minute masturbation session that leaves her bedroom floor drenched in lube, pussy juices, and squirt!

● Emo Slut Gets a Doggystyle Creampie – The glum look on this hot emo’s face disappears really quickly when she’s presented with a fat cock to play with! This dude fucking her rips her fishnet stockings apart, and pounds her breedable pussy relentlessly until he can’t hold back and fills it with a hot creampie that she proudly squirts out with a beaming smirk!

● This Squirting MILF Can’t Stay Still – This chick is hot enough to melt the dick of any MILF lover in seconds! Dressed like a pornstar, she rubs her meaty pussy relentlessly until her face contorts, and she sprays jets of squirt all down her smooth thighs. In the wake of each squirt, she becomes an increasingly shaking mess of sexual pleasure, and it’s so fuckin’ hot to see!



The Design of the Platform might be brand new, but this also means that it’s rocking a very modern site template that looks great and feels equally epic to use. The first part of the site that’ll likely capture your attention is the pussy pink logo which is complimented by a few splashes of white jizz. The logo spells out the site’s name with a fitting graphic of a folder behind it.



After the logo comes a long search bar stretching across the top of the site, bordered by two buttons that you can use to sign up for a new account on the site or log in to an existing one.


The main page of is divided into three sections and really does feel like you’re on a social media platform. The first section is home to two vertical menus containing a favorites section and an ‘’explore’’ section with two links to the site’s portfolio of communities and a fundraising area. There’s also a Reddit-style ticker that shows how many people are currently members on the site and how many are online.


The second section of the homepage is the biggest and hosts a vertical selection of content on the site. The images and videos are presented in large thumbnails. They are accompanied by metadata detailing the person who posted it, the upload date, and relevant hashtags to summarize the video or image content.


The final part of the homepage is home to an orange box containing a list of hashtags that make up the most trending content themes currently on the site. Underneath this is a selection of the site’s social media links, a translation plugin, and a set of administrative pages.



What I Like Most About It

For a beta platform still in its development stages, has already done a great job of building up a community of people. In turn, this has also resulted in a solid selection of porn to explore across the site, too.



The site’s design is also pretty much flawless, and it’s very straightforward to navigate and seek out specific forms of smut you have in mind. For example, I threw a range of basic porn terms into the search engine, like MILF and creampie, and got some solid results back. Although more specific ones did fall flat.


I’ve reviewed so-called porn social media platforms before and found them to do a poor job of engaging their users and transforming them into legit platforms that countless people want to use., on the other hand, does a great job of encouraging its users to form communities in a similar way that Reddit does, and there’s already a hearty array of specific adult groups popping up across the platform.


The fundraising part of is also pretty damn cool. This is a great way to not only bring the porn community together but also allow people to take part in new and exciting projects and play a direct role in them by financing them.



What I Don’t Like

The one issue I found with was in the translation plugin. While it’s great to see an adult platform implement one in an age where so many don’t, I found that it doesn’t work very well, and a lot of the site remains Russian regardless of whether you set it to English or not. Plus, English and Russian aren’t the only languages in the world, so this is a minimal selection.




Suggestions I Have for

The presence of a language plugin can be a solid boost to any adult platform as it opens it up to a vast international audience and allows it to rank in foreign search engines. However, this one needs to be fixed to ensure it works, and it also wouldn’t be a bad idea to offer more comprehensive translation options to some of the world’s other most widely spoken languages.





Overall, I was pretty impressed by for a site still in beta mode. There’s a lot of fantastic porn to explore here, as well as thriving porn communities spread across different genres. It’s definitely a platform I’ll be keeping my eye on, and hoping that it has a bright future ahead!

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