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Only Faps! You have to hand it to platforms like OnlyFans, Patreon, and more. They basically changed the fucking game when it comes to allowing anyone to become a fucking porn star in some way. Nobody has to use a talent agency, be found, or bullshit like that anymore. They can hone their skills on these types of platforms, earn a living working on their own terms, and gain a following in the process.


But how the hell do you find the best of the best, specifically on OnlyFans? You get a taste test for what you can expect month-to-month. A no-bullshit way to do this is by visiting OnlyFaps.


Let me tell you, my bros, once you visit OnlyFaps, that is absolutely what you will be fucking doing! I found myself tugging on my dick like it was the last time I was ever going to cum. I blew a huge load across the room that stuck to a hot bitch that I just ate out. That made her horny all over again, so I fucked her again: win-win, and it’s all thanks to OnlyFaps!



OnlyFans photos you cannot find anywhere else

The unique thing about OnlyFans content (and content from similar platforms) is that you cannot find this kind of shit on just any tube site. It is not as widely available as every day porn that you find from big brands. It is more exclusive, which kind of makes it feel a bit more intimate and unique. I guess it’s like fucking playing cards. If everyone has a dumbass dragon card with a big dick, but everyone wants the octopus card with a giant clit, more people will want that octopus card.



OnlyFans content is the same way. Because performers control the flow and exclusivity of their content, you don’t see OnlyFans content posted all over the fucking place. But more people than ever before want to see it. Yet, when they don’t know where to subscribe or even who to search for, and because OnlyFans requires that you know the performer’s unique URL, this creates a problem.


Sites like OnlyFaps gives performers the opportunity to be found. But specifically, OnlyFaps goes out of its way to ensure that performers are given full credit for their work. That is why at the top of every gallery, you will see a link to the performer’s OnlyFans page so you can subscribe and never miss new content again. Just like how I came all over that hot bitch that was addicted to my dick and cum, it’s another win-win situation for both you and the OnlyFans performer!


As you look around on the site, you will find that the photos available on OnlyFaps cannot be found fucking anywhere else. There may be similar sites where this kind of content is found, but it’s difficult to find these kinds of sites that have content at this degree. They are slowly cropping up as OnlyFans content grows in popularity, I’m fucking sure. But goddamn, OnlyFaps is almost a one-stop-shop for hot and sexy OnlyFans content.



New content added all the fucking time

If you thought that maybe some of the porn you find on these types of sites is rare and hard to come by, fucking think again! OnlyFaps posts so much new content, that you are going to have a difficult time keeping up with it all! Whenever I was looking at OnlyFaps from one day to the next, I noticed that there was new content published all the fucking time!



It’s hard to put a number on just how much content is published every fucking day. It seemed to me that you will find at least a dozen new posts daily. That number could fluctuate, of course, but it’s pretty close to what you can expect day in and day out. There is at least something new to look forward to every day, which is what fucking counts in the first place.


The amount of actual pictures that you can find also differs day-to-day as well. It’s hard to put a number on the actual average. A fuck ton of listings have between 90+ pictures inside, each of which are full size and goddamn huge. But there are a lot of listings that have a gallery of only 40something photos or less. I noticed that some only had about 20 or so. As I said, the amount of images that you can find in one gallery to the next differs widely.


Still, expect to find a decent amount of images inside of each gallery. Hell, when you think about it, you can browse hundreds of pictures every fucking day! That is an insane amount of content when you think about it. And the great thing about it all is that you can find this amount of content each and every day on OnlyFaps!


What you are also going to appreciate about OnlyFaps when you visit from one day to the next is just how quickly everything fucking loads. I had no problem clicking on a gallery and looking at its full-size images on my desktop as well as mobile. I didn’t experience any annoying fucking pop-ups, nor was my browser redirected in any way regardless of the browser or whether I was using a mobile device or desktop. It all worked seamlessly, which is important if you want to see everything that OnlyFaps has to offer.



Over 90 pages of premier OnlyFans content

OnlyFaps has only been around for a few short months as of this review. I don’t think that they are skimping on the content, though. The site has an insane amount of content for such a short period of time. In fact, the amount of content that you will find on OnlyFaps is pretty goddamn competitive with other similar porn picture sites out there! They have already become a big player in this niche as far as I’m concerned, and you have to see it for yourself to discover if I am full of shit.



Spoiler alert: I know what I am fucking talking about. I created the goddamn ThePornDude, so I know a winning site whenever I fucking see it. What I can tell you about OnlyFaps is that the amount of content that you will find here is insane, and it only keeps getting bigger every day. With over 90 pages of listings with roughly 12 listings per page, that is over 1080 different listings as of this review. And if I am conservative with the numbers, that is well over 43,000 pictures waiting for you to explore. With at least a few hundred new pictures getting uploaded to OnlyFaps every fucking day, you are always going to have something to look at!



Listings that work

With so many options, you may be wondering just how in the fuck you are going to be able to decide which listing to look at in the first place. For sure, it can be an overwhelming experience. Especially when you cannot decide on what you fucking want to look at. Fortunately, the listings are ripe with information that can make settling on that hot and sexy gallery a little more manageable.



OnlyFaps features a lot of good information within each listing. It consists of a thumbnail, name of the person, clickable tags (usually consists of the platform (OnlyFans) and name of the performer), description of the performer, date posted, and the number of comments on the listing. It can give you a roundabout idea regarding the kind of content that is within a gallery, so pay special attention to the listing before you click if you want to really choose bangers every time you look through a gallery.


The straightforward minimalist Web design also makes it easy as fuck to find what you are looking for on OnlyFaps. It’s simple to go from one page to the next, click a listing, look at the full-screen version of the image, go back, and do it all over again. It may not be much to look at as it lacks any bells or whistles to speak of, but the star of the site are the OnlyFans listings, and OnlyFaps knows this.


It isn’t perfect though. OnlyFaps falls short in a few areas. Namely, there are no videos anywhere to be found. I know that these performers publish videos for their fans, so what gives? Maybe OnlyFaps has not found a proper way to host and share the videos with viewers, as it is still a relatively new site. But that needs to change sooner than later, as OnlyFaps’ fans are going to want to watch videos from their newfound favorite OnlyFans performers.




OnlyFaps has an amazing amount of OnlyFans listings from sexy as fuck performers. With tens of thousands of pictures to look at, there is no shortage of the amount of content you can jerk off to. There are sadly no videos, and OnlyFaps needs to add these in the near future.

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