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What kind of site do you think you’re going to find when you visit a site like Do you think you’re going to find a site that’s dedicated to showing you how to jerk chicken? How to not be an asshole? How to craft the finest shoe shine rack one has ever seen?


Well it’s none of those things! is the kind of site you visit when you want to jack off! Otherwise known as jerking off!

And let me tell you something fuck face: made me cum so hard, I think I’m going to need to get a special cast for my cock. But that means I’ll have to visit that hot nurse again. And I fucked her last time. Oh, what to do!



Amazing Web design

What had my ass jerking off so quickly you may ask? It’s all thanks to the outstanding Web design you’ll notice the minute you visit Well, maybe not for some of you mouth breathers. You’ll notice the fine ass pussy that’s all over the screen!



But I noticed the Web design because I’m a high IQ mother fucker! And yeah, I fucked your mother! I fucked her right after I scrolled through the homepage of, noticing how fucking easy it is to get from one part of the site to the next with ease!


If you have visited as many porn sites as I have reviewed on ThePornDude (and I know you fucking haven’t), you will know that a site’s navigation bar is at the top of the homepage. You will find sections like the categories, tags, and that kind of stuff. You won’t find any of that on because it isn’t laid out like that.


Instead, when you scroll from the top to the bottom of the homepage on, shortcuts to the sections appear naturally. They are presented to you instead of you hunting them down, and you can choose to ignore each section and continue scrolling down, or selecting the ‘More’ option to see what is on the other side. Nothing ever feels in your face, and you can scroll through the homepage at your own fucking pace.


I wish more porn sites used this kind of Web design. Maybe they will in the fucking future. Who the hell knows. Maybe some day you will see me whining about this kind of Web design because it’s all over the fucking place. But for now, it is a fresh as fuck feeling website!



View the newest videos per section with ease

Look, I’m going to keep jerking off about how awesome the Web design is on fucking It’s just going to keep happen. And it will continue as I go into how easy it is for you to fucking look at the newest videos per each section with relative ease.



How the hell do you do all of that shit? You do it by fucking scrolling down the homepage, then looking at the newest videos per section. You will see them here, too. They are easy to spot. Here is how it fucking works.


As you scroll through the homepage, you will find just how simple it is for you to look through all of the newest videos that are available for each particular section. It could not be any fucking easier to do this on, and you will see exactly what I mean whenever you scroll throguh the homepage and see each section’s newest videos. It may not sound like a fucking big deal, but take it from me fuck face: it makes finding what you are looking for easy, and it’s easy simple as hell for you to find it just by looking through the homepage from the top to the bottom.


I found that as I scrolled through the homepage from the top to the bottom, I found that I could find recent video samples from Manyvids, Fansly, and more. All of these sections were represented on the site with the greatest of ease, and I found myself looking at these sections just to get a glimpse of how easy it was for me to find the hottest samples per platform. If you want to look at the newst videos per platform, this is exactly where you will fucking do that, and I encourage you to check it out and see exactly what I am fucking talking about here!


So go on! See what type of amazing amateur content that you will find waiting for you on These are some of the hottest full length samples that you will find from the babes on OnlyFans, Manyvids, and the like. If semi-pros that are making porn feel as fresh as your mother’s tight vagina is what you are horny for, then keep digging and looking at the content you’ll find within on


But first, let’s look at what could be improved. I’m not going to spank’s ass in front of you. Well, maybe if it wants it! We’ll see what happens!



Categories could be better

Unfortunately though, there is much room for improvement when it comes to the categories that are available for you to browse on the site. You will not find that many categories whatsoever. And the ones that you do find? They fucking suck.



Let’s take a look at them so you can see for yourself why I was extremely disappointed by what I found here. I noticed that the only categories available to browse by was OnlyFans, Camwhores, Porn, Exclusive, Fansly, ManyVids, and that’s about it! You can only browse by platforms or extremely generic fucking categories. For example, why is there a ‘Porn’ category on the site? needs to broaden the categories and make this section actually useable. There is no fucking way that you can use this section unless you want to browse by a certain platform. Which is easy to do and is not a problem whatsoever if that is the kind of shit that you want to use this section for on But still, the category section needs to be absolutely fixed and altered to make it more user friendly.


I would like to see at least more categories here that show off the genres and fetishes that most users may have whenever they visit It would make that process much easier to manage, and it would go a long fucking way toward revitalizing this category section and actually making it functional.


So what in the fuck are you waiting for? If you want to get a good and hard look at some of the hottest and sexiest video samples that are waiting for you on, the categories section may help. It may if you only want to browse by platforms. But for everyone else that wish to browse by a certain type of fetish or genre on, it just is not going to fucking happen.



Full-length samples that load quickly

But that does not fucking mean that there are not amazing pornographic videos to be found on! Not a fucking chance! You will find plenty of full-length video samples available for you on the tube site, and it is not that fucking hard for you to find just what you are looking for here on this amazing site.



There is a wide variety of full-length video samples available to browse on, and you will find them so fucking fast that you won’t have to wait that fucking long to start getting off to what you love! If only it was easy to find just what you are horny for on via the categories section on!


But with so much porn available for you to get off to on, you are going to find more than enough content that will have you hard and throbbing in no time at all. And with an abundance of amateur pornographic content available for your ass to get off to, you will be on your fucking way to getting off to all types of videos that just keep getting added to the library. It must be seen to be appreciated, and you’ll love what you find here.


So do not wait around any longer! Get off to what you are horny for by finding all of the amazing full-length semi-pro samples available for your ass here on! You will love what you find, so go and take a fucking look!



Suggestions: is a hot and sexy tube site that has all types of semi-pro amateur content for you to get off to. You will find exactly what you need, and there is more than enough content here. But there need to be better categories. As long as new videos continue to go live, the site will continue to grow!

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