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Tired of masturbating to the same old, massive video sites like PornHub, xHamster, and Eporner? No? I can’t blame you, but I can tell you that variety is the spice of life. There are other sites offering totally free, high-quality pornography by the sticky bucketful. One such site is Porn K Tube.


That’s not a typo. has been around a decade, so it’s actually just a few years younger than the site they blatantly stole their name from. So, how does it hold up to the classic? Not bad, actually. It’s smaller, but all their material is world-class HD smut.



WTF is Up with that Name?

At first glance, it seems like PornK Tube would be trying to draw visitors who accidentally hit K while they’re trying to get to PornTube. There can’t be a very high chance of that happening, though. None of the other letters are even in the same row.



I’ve got an idea of how that K might end up in there. It’s a long shot, so bear with me. Let’s say what led you to look at porn in the first place was thinking about that fat girl you used to smash, the one who gave really good head. The memory of that piggy squealing got you in the mood for porn, with an N, but you were also thinking of pork, with a K.


Yeah, I told you it was a stretch, but it’s all I’ve got. The mystery may never be solved. Who really gives a shit, though? All that matters is whether or not they deliver the porn. Or the pork, for that matter.



You Looking for Porn or Pork?

If it’s pork you’re after, I’ve got excellent news for you, my friend. PornKTube’s Fat category is a rich three pages of HD chubby porn. Three pages may not seem like much, but a quick glance reveals what type of smut the site focuses on. It’s all really high-quality stuff. You’ll recognize names, faces, and studios, all presented in glorious HD.



They’ve got fifty-one categories of fuck flicks, so all of your major turn-ons are covered. Are you looking for Asian, Cumshot, Lesbian, Masturbation, or Squirting videos? They’ve got ‘em. Latin, Feet, Double Penetration, Hardcore, or Public? You’re good. It’s all here.


Most of the big categories have more than three pages. Group Sex and Anal have 30, and Big Tits has 45. If you’re only into the kinkier fetish stuff, you might feel underserved by PornKTube’s offerings. There are only 29 fisting videos total, for example, and a whole 7 latex clips. The 9 pages of Feet videos are mostly barefoot chicks in normal porn scenes, with just a handful of real fetish vids mixed in.


They have a page that lists all the categories, and another that lists the most popular ones. Check out the latter if you’re looking for a really deep porno hole to fall down for a few hours. Mature, Pornstar, Hardcore, and Brunette are a few of their bigger ones, besides the ones I listed above.


There are just 6 pages of Amateur clips, but that makes sense. If they’re only serving HD material, they’re obviously not going to host your creepy uncle’s Thai vacation videos he took with his phone. Most of the clips in the category are obviously produced by porn studios, but your cock probably won’t know the difference.


I’m surprised there’s no Taboo section. A look at their Top Rated HD Porn Videos of All Time shows that it’s clearly popular on PornKTube.


The Latest Updates is the default page when you first load up the site. PornKTube is up on the new shit, so you’ll see pornstars you recognize immediately. Mia Malkova has a few clips on page one, and plenty of smut from babes like August Taylor and Mea Melone.


No, it’s not the biggest collection of dirty movies on the ‘net. It does seem like one of the better ones, though. Instead of a ton of low-quality smut as filler, they just serve up the good shit. It honestly feels like it’s been hand-curated by someone with a real love for hardcore sex flicks, rather than collected blindly by some kind of Internet porn robot.



Digging Through the Pile

Like their clips, PornKTube’s layout is clean as fuck. There’s a simple header, a list of categories along the left sidebar, and the rest of the page is big, crisp screencaps from the videos they’re serving up. Poking around the site, I didn’t see any broken or fuzzy video stills among them. You never have to squint to figure out what the image is supposed to be. Hover your mouse over a pic and a quick slideshow preview flashes by.



It all adds up to easy navigation. Pick a category and then choose one of those big-ass, pretty pictures. Turn your monitor so the rest of the office won’t see what you’re watching. Wait, I think I may have gotten those steps in the wrong order. I do porn site reviews, not workplace etiquette advice.


Once you pick your category, you don’t have many sorting options. You can choose Recent, Top Rated, Most Viewed, or Longest. There’s no way to choose a duration like on some sites, but who really uses that anyway? If you can only whack off to a ten-hour video compilation of cumshots, I guess you’d better just sort by Longest.



Let’s Watch Porn!

Each video has your standard player like on any other video site. I’m sure you’ll take advantage of full-screen mode if you’re not an absolute idiot. Below is the comment section, followed by a selection of Related Videos.



Honestly, the comments should come after the Related Videos. When I’ve got one hand on my dick and the other on my mouse, clicking from clip to clip, time is of the essence. Anonymous notes like “Damn I would fill her cunt” and “wow so hot plz do massage video next” don’t help me at all. They just get in the way while I’m scrolling. I did laugh at the unreserved pervert who wrote “I would be happy if my mom is fucked like this” under a video called Rough Gangbang With One Girl And Six Evil Men.


The actual Related Videos that come up are generally pretty sexy fucking videos, but they don’t necessarily seem related. I checked out a Tina Kay clip that was listed in the Teacher section. Only one of the related videos beneath it featured a teacher. I had to finish to a video of a MILF boss seducing her employee, which really wasn’t that great.


I did have a pop-up slip through my blocker when I first pulled up PornKTube, but the tab didn’t resist when I killed it. That’s not uncommon, as I’m sure you look at enough porn to know. I’d be more annoyed if it was a flood of ads, and I couldn’t close them.


PornKTube offers accounts for anyone who wants to sign up, but I don’t see any good reason to do it. The sign-up page doesn’t offer any incentives. Their content is already free to watch, no sign-in necessary, and I don’t have to get spam emails from them. You don’t even need to log in to leave witty comments like “Very very sex women, I want more videos to this women, Thanks.” They obviously let any anonymous fucking idiot do that.


If you’re one of those fancy masturbators who demands only the freshest HD videos while you’re pounding the pud, PornKTube is going to be your kind of site. The collection is smaller than on other sites, but you only get the top-shelf smut here. It’s also big enough that you shouldn’t get bored unless you have a fetish, since they’re not really catered to on PornKTube. The overall layout is designed well enough that you’ll barely notice it while you’re enjoying all those clips.

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