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Let’s have a look at Tub X Porn! With the massive fuck pile of porn sites that are available for free on the internet, you’re bound to have completely missed a few. Sometimes this is for the better, because there are a shit-ton of sites out there that are nothing more than a ton of shit, full of dismally poor site design, low-quality scenes, awfully low-resolution pics, or that basically just function as little more than clickbait marketing hubs designed solely to generate ad revenue. Not every unknown site out there, though, is the digital equivalent to a $10 back alley hooker. Some are just unsung for one reason or another, providing nothing but the best HD porn videos for free but are unable to compete with the giants of the free porn tube industry.


Those giants that I speak of are, among a few others, the free porn sites that everyone knows and loves: the sites of the Porn Hub network. The Porn Hub network is comprised of the tube sites that everyone and their brother faps to on a daily basis … Red Tube, You Porn, Thumbzilla, Tube 8, Porn MD, and, of course, the all-powerful industry leader, Porn Hub. This entire network, however, is owned by an enormous corporation called Mind Geek.


Mind Geek also owns plenty of incredibly popular premium paysites, such as Reality Kings, Brazzers, Digital Playground,, Sean Cody, and many others. They are clearly well-known for their quality porn, smoking hot starlets, and crystal-clear video quality. But are sites like Porn Hub and Red Tube truly the best free porn tubes out there, or is the hype and money put behind them merely causing people to believe that they are without conducting much further research of their own?


I’m not going to sit here and try to tell you that the free porn tubes of the Porn Hub network are not good tube sites. They most certainly are. And they excel at what it is that they do (offering millions upon millions of porn videos, both amateur and professional, while also providing strong community features that allow you to interact with other users and, thus, potentially get laid in real life). But to say that they are completely without their flaws would be delusional. One major problem that I tend to have with these bigger porn tube sites is the fact that they don’t tend to have many full-length videos samples available (unless, of course, you pay for the premium versions).


This results in, of course, a slew of excerpts from the professional studio stuff. I’m sure you are more than familiar with the 8 to 10-minute clips of scenes, which basically amount to extended trailers for the studios that made them. This definitely adds up, too, when you consider the fact that the same company that owns sites like Porn Hub also owns many of the pro studios featured on the “free” site.


It seems like Porn Hub’s real agenda is to get you hard enough to subscribe to one of the paysites. That’s where they will make the real money. They have you by the balls is what I’m saying. It’s not in their best interest to just give away tons of full-length scenes and videos samples for free. So, instead, they give you shortened previews of what you could have if you paid the monthly fees for their premium sites. These clips may be fine and dandy for you minute men out there who can fap to completion thrice over to these 10-minute excerpts, but they definitely will not get you there if you have a modicum of stamina.



Cummin’ Straight

Luckily, though, there are a few high-quality free porn tubes out there that aren’t trying to tease you out of your money. Tub X Porn is one of them. Receiving only 129,899 unique visitors a day (a relatively low number), according to Hype Stat, and valued at under a million dollars, Tub X Porn is certainly flying under the radar. In fact, according to Alexa Traffic Rank of most visited websites, comes in at number 7,309. These are not astounding numbers by any means.



But why is this site so infrequently utilized? It appears to me, at first glance anyway, a perfectly fine free porn tube. The site design is, more or less, similar to what we have come to expect from such a site, there are thousands upon thousands of extremely high-quality professional porn videos to enjoy, and it includes all of the community and organizational features of competitor tube sites. So, what the fuck is going on?


Well, for one thing, Tub X Porn is relatively young in comparison to other sites. It was founded just four years ago in 2015. And the site didn’t launch until sites like Porn Hub and Red Tube already had a stranglehold over the free porn tube market. So, one would imagine, it is likely an uphill battle for a small, independently owned site to compete against veteran giants of the online adult entertainment industry with millions and millions of dollars behind them.


But, as any serious music fan will also tell you, sometimes the best shit exists outside of the commercial order. And this very well may be the case with Tub X Tube. Although it isn’t out there making it rain with the big boys, this site has more prudent concerns … like creating and upholding a quality site with nothing but the best porn videos and the hottest skanks for your wanks.



All Full-length Professional Videos Samples

The most crucial aspect of Tub X Tube that marks it as a standout site and one that should certainly be on the rise in the years to cum is the fact that every single video featured on the site is a full-length sample scene from a premium pay porn studio. No amateur shaky camera bullshit to filter through here. Nor do you have to worry about clicking page after page to find a decent full-length professional porn video sample the way you do on most other sites. Everything on Tub X Porn is uploaded in perfect video quality, without a single change or edit made to it. Just unadulterated adultery on film. And it’s 100% free. How can you go wrong with that?



Now, I’m not going to sit here and act like Tub X Tube is completely without its flaws. Every site, even the biggest in the galaxy, have their setbacks and letdowns. If there’s one thing that I’ve learned while doing this job, it is that no site is perfect. Well, that and the fact that I guarantee you my job is better than yours. I get paid to sit around my house, watching porn all day. I make a living doing what you do to decompress.



An Inconveniently Missing Feature

One glaringly missing feature from this site is its lack of a Porn Stars section. This is disappointing for a couple of reasons. One, I always appreciate it when a porn site goes out of its way to pay tribute to the beautiful girls that make porn possible. And two, it makes browsing the site a little more difficult than it needs to be. Say you’re browsing around the site, trying to decide on what to fap to, and you see a girl who makes you harder than rocket science, but you’re really not feeling the particular video that you found. On many other sites, this is no problem, just click on the girl’s name and be brought to a whole page of just her videos. On Tub X Porn, though, this is impossible.



Instead, you have to hope that someone else was equally taken with the same chick and has inquired as to her name in the comments section; furthermore, you have to hope that someone has taken the time out of his busy day of jerking his chicken to reply with the correct answer … then you have to plug her name into the search bar and hope that Tub X Porn has more videos with her name in the title. Simply tagging each porn star would make all of our lives a hell of a lot easier, don’t ya think?



Porn Snobs

On a positive note, though, Tub X Porn has an incredibly active (and, it seems, critical) community of users. On other sites, in order for a video to get a highly bad rating, it would have to be pretty fucking awful, right? People seem, for the most part, pleased with sexy chicks fucking and sucking dicks with decent quality video and camerawork. The users of this site, however, appear to be extremely hard to please. It is not uncommon for a perfectly good porno to receive nearly as many downvotes as it has upvotes. I don’t know where this is coming from, but apparently, Tub X Porn is used by a lot of people (probably idiots) who fancy themselves porn experts.



All in all, Tub X Porn is a great resource for full-length HD videos samples completely free of charge. This is definitely a site to be on the lookout for, as I can only predict it will become more and more popular as it grows and improves.

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