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Pure Leaks! Even though OnlyFans announced that they would no longer accept adult content on their platform, it isn’t going to kill the genre they unintentionally spawned. There will still be a market for semi-professionals and pros alike that love showing off their best assets for fans and the world to see. So it obviously won’t matter if OnlyFans fucking kills itself or comes back to its senses.


A platform will fill the fucking void. And I suspect that Pure Leaks will be there to ensure you get to see some of the hottest and most exclusive material to come out, just like they provide with OnlyFans. So if you want to find new performers and models to follow, keep tabs on your favorites, or observe what the fuss is about with this new OF shit, check out Pure Leaks to see what they have available to get you off!



Lots of exclusive OnlyFans-type of content

For those of you fuckers that are horny for the type of amateur, unique, and personable content you can find on OnlyFans, Pure Leaks wants to be your go-to site for this kind of smut. They know what you want, so they avail the content you just can’t find in AAA porn these days.



I get why fuckers like you crave the content on OnlyFans and similar platforms. This kind of porn feels much more personable than what you can find on traditional mainstream tube sites. Further, the porn you find on platforms like OnlyFans always feels more professional and complete even though the beauties starring in the galleries and videos are still a bit amateurish by nature.


It is like the happy medium between AAA pornography and raw amateur content. One can feel too overproduced, while the latter can feel too sloppy and unfulfilling. Plus, whenever you reach out to performers and models on OnlyFans and get unique pornography delivered straight to your inbox, it creates an experience and vibe that even the most popular amateur porn stars and professionals alike cannot match.


It’s a goddamn new genre and segment of pornography. And let’s be fucking honest, it is a stupid move for OnlyFans to ban explicit adult content on their platform, to begin with. It is what made OnlyFans, and to shit down the throat of the moneymakers that created this, is a recipe for disaster. This kind of genre isn’t fucking going anywhere. I suspect that Pure Leaks knows this, and you will have the opportunity to look at semi-pro content for years to come no matter how badly OF fucks up its business model.


If you want to see what everyone is jerking off to at the moment, you can easily do that. Check at the top of the page; there will be a list of featured social media porn. Each listing in the featured social media porn section also shows the performer’s name and the number of items inside the gallery (e.g., photos and videos).


Unfortunately, the rest of the listings on Pure Leaks do not offer this kind of relevant information. Every listing that is not in the featured section only shows a few thumbnails and a brief description of the gallery (such as the performer’s name and what they are doing). There need to be details about the number of items you can find within each gallery, and it does not have to be reserved just for the featured items of the moment.


One thing that I can say about the content on Pure Leaks is that the thumbnails are large and vibrant. You cannot help but look at the thumbnails and want to take your cock out and start to masturbate. They are that goddamn sexy, and they will make you want to click and look at fucking everything that is inside of that gallery.


To that end, the thumbnails on Pure Leaks actually work. If they make you want to click and look at the gallery, it is hard to complain about the lack of information in the listings. If this information were featured anyway, there would not be nearly as many thumbnails that could fit within every listing.


In a way, it fucking works. But is the tradeoff worth it? Ultimately, that is for you to decide.


I would prefer to have the listing feature the number of items inside of a gallery. But then again, I’m fucking anal about that kind of shit. So long story short, it probably won’t bother you that bad. But if you are like me and you go crazy when you don’t know exactly how much content is in each listing before you click on it, the lack of information within each listing will trouble you.



You can browse by performers – but it’s broken

Pure Leaks tries to make it convenient for you to browse by your favorite OF performers. At the top of the page, there is a drop-down menu labeled ‘girls.’ Click on this, and you will see a huge list of performers featured on Pure Leaks. I don’t know if this is every performer featured on Pure Leaks or if some have been left out. But at any rate, the drop-down menu makes it somewhat easier to see everyone that has been featured on Pure Leaks.



Unfortunately, the drop-down menu is pretty fucking broken. But that is not to say that you cannot find the names of the performers that make you horny as hell on Pure Leaks – you can still see them. The problem lies when you start looking for a performer and notice that the drop-down menu bleeds all the way down the fucking page. It looks ugly as fuck, and can even be a bit difficult to read the names of some of the performers when you are looking at thumbnails of perfect titties, pussies, and asses to the left and right of the menu.


It would be much better if Pure Leaks placed a separate section on the site where all of the performers are listed. Doing so would allow anyone to easily explore the list of beauties featured on Pure Leaks while keeping the overall site looking attractive and pleasing to the eye. As it stands, though, looking for the performers that make Pure Leaks such a must-visit site for fans of OnlyFans models and the like is more complicated than it is – and that should fucking change.



New content posted regularly

One of the great things about Pure Leaks is that you can find new content all the goddamn time. In fact, you can expect to see new content posted just about every day. Unfortunately, I cannot tell you for sure if new content is posted every day because, frankly, there are no dates showing when a gallery was listed. All the same, regular visitors will know fresh content when they see it at the top of the page.



That may sound like a complicated mess, but it’s really not a big deal. Besides, because the content is sorted automatically by latest, you can easily see which content you missed and is brand-new on the site. Of course, it would be helpful if you could sort content by most viewed, most popular, most downloaded, etc. Still, how content is arranged works pretty well. And if you are a regular visitor, you will probably want to browse only the latest material anyway.


Pure Leaks is ultimately worth the visit. There is a fuck load of hot as hell content that you can only find on platforms like OnlyFans. The site is incredible in that you can use Pure Leaks to find new performers to subscribe to on OnlyFans or a similar platform. It is a fantastic exploratory site in that regard. But between there being way too many fucking ads and a lack of categories to browse by, Pure Leaks could be easier to browse, explore, and it could fucking look better. The content is definitely there, and it’s hot as hell. Now, Pure Leaks needs to make the actual site easier to navigate and find the kind of content that gets horny fuckers like you off!




Pure Leaks is a porn site that features hot as hell content from sites like OnlyFans. New content is added regularly, and it is an awesome place to start if you want to find new OnlyFans performers to follow. Unfortunately, there are too many ads, browsing by performers is difficult, the listings are lacking, and there are no categories. Pure Leaks has the content – now they need to make browsing the site user-friendly.

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