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SocialMediaGirls Forum

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SocialMediaGirls Forum

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Have you ever watched a YouTube video that got so raunchy that you just couldn’t help but rub one-off really quick to some random babe’s side-boob? Don’t lie to me; we’ve all been there. Besides, all the famous YouTubers these days are practically pushing porn on the damn platform. And sure, they have to skirt around the no-nudity rule, but that doesn’t stop them from making some hot ass shit. Hell, Belle Delphine marketed her fucking OnlyFans on YouTube. And yes, it eventually got taken down, but that’s just because it racked up the views. There are tons of lesser entertainers out there who make all kinds of fantastic fap-worthy shit that you should be jerking off to, especially if you prefer some more softcore, tease-oriented smut.


If this sounds like your cup of tea, I’ve found the website for you. The forums over at SocialMediaGirls are the place to be. If you’re the kind of guy who stalks chicks’ accounts trying to find bikini shots to fap to, then you’ve found your next bookmark. Forums.SocialMediaGirls.Com should be your next destination. This is a smut den of many super-active perverts who scour all the popular social media and video sites trying to find content to jerk off to. They don’t stop there, either. They talk to each other and work hard to catalog this shit so you can fap easier. They make entire collections of softcore smut for perverts across the globe. They’re doing God’s work.



The Popular Categories

The most crucial section on the SocialMediaGirls forum is the popular categories tab, which boasts five threads, all growing like wildfire. I want to go through them quickly because they tell you everything you need to know about this site’s content. We’ll dive into the less popular shit, too, don’t you worry. As far as I can tell, the most active thread here is the YouTube thread. I’m not surprised to see that since this place is one of the most popular gathering posts for perverts who frequent that site. If you’re more into OnlyFans, well, they do link to it sometimes, but for the most part, they try to scrape the very tip-top of entertainment to find fuckable bitches.



I guess that’s what it comes down to – how fuckable the bitches are. After YouTube, you’ll see Instagram, then a smattering of random popular sites like TikTok, Periscope, Live Me, YouNow, and the like. The posters are really covering their spread here. Pro-tip, check out Periscope. For some reason, there are tons of perfect whores there. If you’re looking for the kind of bitches who have no chill, the type of bitches who shove shampoo bottles up their asses, this is where you’ll find them. This site is a fucking godsend. I especially love the fact that there’s no real preference for one single site. All that matters is finding the absolute best pussies from around the globe.



The Kinds of Smut

I’ve always known that people are, at their core, pure whores. Men and women alike are just thirsty for someone’s genitals at all times. If anyone tells you otherwise, they’re probably trying to sell you something, or they’re ugly. The point is,  I’m not surprised to see that all of these supposedly family-friendly platforms are littered with bitches who are dying to suck cock on camera. It’s just the natural order of things. Women like to suck cock. Men exist to be sucked and brag about it on social media. SocialMediaGirls’ forum is where the video evidence of all this whoring around ends up. I suggest that you fap to it because it’s about as close as you’re going to get to real sex if you’re an incel.



And when I say real, I mean real, as in, not staged. 99.9% of the smut on this site is actual amateur fucking. For the longest time, the word amateur used to refer to smut that’s trying to look realistic, but it was all still professional-grade pornography. I hate that shit. I don’t like pretending that the smut I’m watching is something that I know it isn’t. It’s insulting to my intelligence. So, if you’re like me and you appreciate actual amateur pornography made by young lovers in the comfort of their homes, you’ll love this fucking forum. Social media girls are real girls. They have real jobs. And most of all, their thirst for cock is real.


They might be profiting off of this smut in one way or another, but the passion for the cock is real. Don’t get it twisted; most of these girls are genuine whores. Pornstars are different because those get paid to fake it.



How it Works

Rule number one is that you respect the forum culture. This website’s whole point is that people come together to work collectively to find and share smut. Don’t jump in there like a greedy virgin begging for specific content. These people are not running a business. They’re not here to serve you; it’s a community. Pretend it’s a type of country club, and you’ll do just fine. You don’t have to contribute to get your hands on the smut, of course.



The various posts across various threads are mostly people sharing links to specific chicks and discussing what they want to keep an eye on in the future. Some ask questions about particular chicks that may or may not have sexy content out there. They’re curious, and they want to see if anyone else is too. It’s a well-oiled machine that works towards finding the most fap-worthy content from social media babes. I sometimes look at how amazingly well these kinds of porn forums run and wonder what it would be like if these same perverts ran governments. They’d do a better job than politicians, that’s for damn sure.


Anyways, the links that they post are all external since the forum itself doesn’t support video hosting. It makes sense to me. Offering unlimited video posting on a forum site is a sure-fire way to set the damn thing on fire and guarantee that it crumbles to the ground. Luckily, the sites that they use for uploading the videos are pretty much free across the board. There will be a premium link here and there, once in a while, but for the most part, they use video sharing sites and not file sharing sites. The difference is, on video sharing sites, you can watch the video immediately. You don’t have to wait an hour for it to download or whatever.


So, in other words, even though SocialMediaGirls’ forum is a bulletin board, it functions as a tube fap station, thanks to the external links. You’re going to have a great time on this website. I can guarantee that much.



It’s Fucking Fantastic

All right, let’s call it as we see it – this is a fantastic website that is entirely free to use, and it’s loaded to the brim with pussy that you can’t find elsewhere. Yes, you can see some of these whores on other sites, but if you want a particular location for all social chicks, you won’t find a better one. It’s not that Social Media Girls is serving better content more frequently than other sites or whatever. This is an excellent site because of the specificity. I know how picky you fappers can get, especially when you get tired of mainstream smut. That’s what this forum is all about.



You get all of your favorite smut in one place. That’s why I recommend that you check this place out. And sure, it can be a bit annoying to browse through smut across a textual forum. I know. But, the format works. Also, it encourages people to come back and post more content. That’s sort of the point.


People keep coming back to this place to share more smut because they feel welcome. They’re hanging out, chatting about their favorite pussy, and generally having a good time. If you’ve got a lot of time to kill, you could consider befriending these perverts and posting your own smut. It’s a great way to make like-minded friends you can share smut with. Go wild.

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