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Where is the porn zone? This is the type of question that will give you different answers depending on who you ask. Old bastards will immediately think of that sacred space between the mattress and the box spring where you hide all your dirty magazines of beautiful women sucking cock. Meanwhile, bastards save their favorite porn as a collection of bookmarks to their favorite clips on the Internet. In the middle are media accumulators, both physical and digital, filling closets and hard drives with lesbian pussy licking videos, amateur gangbangs, and kinky POV fetish videos., the focus of today’s review, would probably have looked a little different in your grandfather’s time. Currently, it is a free platform where you can watch many full samples of premium porn videos. You could say it’s a modern, evolved version of the stack of nudist magazines your dad kept in his sock drawer. The most important visible differences here are scale. While your uncle may have had the best porn collection on VHS back then, it’s a joke compared to what’s on this site. has hundreds of thousands of users every month, so I guess they have a great selection of kinky stuff. Let’s find out.

Find your own porn destination

When I was over 18, I once came across what could be considered a pre-internet version of The Porn Place. I was walking through the woods with a friend, smoking a fat joint of cheap, shitty weed full of stems and seeds. We noticed a strange hole in the bushes along the path we were walking and decided to go through it. On the other side there was a clearing where we found an open metal box under a fallen tree. Inside was a stash of glossy porn magazines and off-brand rags from the high shelves of truck stops with names like Big Boobie Bonanza, Foxy Mama Fox Hunters, and Earl’s Anal Ass Lovers Loving Anal Ass.
Looking back, I know we probably gave some poor guy a terrible box of blue balls. He probably returned to his porn zone with a sore erection and discovered that he had been robbed. My friend and I split a box of porn between us and went our separate ways. I was still high when I got home, so I was able to enjoy a greater level of immersion by walking around Hooter Town XXX, imagining that I actually lived in Hooter Town. My friend got lost in the forest and was never seen again.

I mention this story not only to highlight the generational differences that ThePornArea mentions only by name, nor to express regret for my life to strangers, as I would to a dear therapist. No, I mention this to emphasize ThePornArea’s inherent superiority over old porn stashes from faraway places. On the one hand, there is more than enough for everyone. Instead of a miserable pile of magazines with sticky pages, has tens of thousands of free, dirty movies. You can see them, your stoned friend can see them, and everyone else in the world can see them too. They are not going to end.

There is also the issue of diversity. The porn zone my friend and I found seemed magical at the time, but it was just some random guy’s personal collection. He carefully selected the things that made him the hardest and dripping wettest. takes the complete opposite approach, offering a wide range of porn categories that will appeal to almost any pervert. The only people who won’t be able to arouse themselves well are those with deeper fetishes. (If that’s the case, don’t forget to check out my list of fetish porn sites here at NoLimitsFun!)

Let’s talk about these categories

I knew had a good selection as soon as I reached the home page. It wasn’t just the high-end thumbnails, which I’ll get to in a moment, but the variety of popular tags spread across the top of the screen. Big Tits, Teen 18+, Ass Fucking, Kink and Mom have been listed and linked, giving visitors quick access to each of these featured selections.
I clicked on the Categories page to see an even broader cross-section. I was impressed by the variety of materials and their incredible volume. For example, the Upskirt category, which is currently the most watched genre, has 1,409 videos. Upskirt is a niche, and that’s a solid number. The most popular porn niches have crazy numbers.

Currently, in the porn space, there are almost 11,000 videos archived on Feet. Additionally, there are 22,000 BBW videos, 60,000 cumshots and over 170,000 erotic videos with verified amateurs. And if you like watching female dogs squirting, go on sick leave because they have 14,000 videos of it. They have it from redheads to fisting, MILFs and transvestites. There are even main sections dedicated to BDSM, Voyeurism and Pissing.

I was a little surprised that I didn’t see any studies or sites listed in the categories. It seems like they would be a perfect fit, considering one of ThePornArea’s biggest draws is all the fancy shit they put on the menu. They have material from many reputable porn studios and pay sites. As I scroll through today’s videos on the home page, I see footage from Woodman Casting X, Czech AV, and Twistys.

You don’t have to look hard to find more sample premium content. I clicked on random sites and found content from FTV Girls, X-Art, Brazzers, then Babes, Czech Casting and BangBros. It’s practically a who’s who of the porn industry, with many famous names and faces.

Speaking of which: it goes without saying that if ThePornArea has porn from top producers, you’ll see a lot of talent there. Sure enough, I saw videos of sluts that I recognized every time I clicked on them. From Riley Reid to Valentina Nappi and Abella Danger, they have the best pornstars doing the best things in front of the camera.

Complete and fresh samples every day

Honestly, if you masturbate to online porn regularly, you know that a lot of what I mentioned is pretty standard when it comes to tubes. Any decent site full of free porn videos has a wide selection, covering many genres and many big names. Any less and they won’t be able to compete with the rest of the free channels. However, the Pornography area gives a little more than others. Their videos of top players are not necessarily the same as those found on other channels.
Most of the sample content on The Porn Area is full-length videos. Instead of the usual ten-minute samples found elsewhere, a good portion of these videos can be forty-five minutes, an hour, or even longer. Case in point are the Woodman Casting X videos featured on today’s cover, each over ninety minutes long. I hope you have the stamina, my masturbating friends. This will be a serious forearm workout.

I decided to start the official test with a half-hour film starring Syren De Mer. It starts with the MILF taking a shower and the camera recording right under her ass as she cleans up the cakes. A guy with glasses comes in and the next thing you know, you’re sucking his cock. I know this may sound like the plot of one of my PornDudeCasting videos, although it’s from Naughty America so the vibe is a bit different. My head is much bigger! has seen a significant increase in traffic over the last few months, and you don’t have to be a world famous porn dude like me to know why. It’s a simple formula that comes with tons of porn samples, including many full features you won’t find on other free tube sites. They add new videos every day, so if you want to have any hope of keeping up, you better get down to work. Don’t forget lubricant unless you want to get irritated.

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