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When I saw the name, I thought X-Video was going to be a cheap knockoff of the XVideos everybody knows and loves. I see a lot of these copycats as a porn reviewer, with webmasters asking me to come check out their half-ass free tubes with familiar names and a ton of spam. Turns out I was wrong about X-Video, though, because it ain’t at all what I expected. This ain’t another low-effort cash grab trying to steal typo traffic. is a tube, as the name implies, but it’s not just another generic clone of the bigger platforms out there. This one’s a freemium joint with a ton of full-length pornos samples, among other things. I should have guessed it was something good, because their traffic is much better than I expect from the lesser tubes out there. They were only getting a handful of visitors a couple months ago, but about a quarter of a million more recently and the numbers are still rising. Let’s see what all these horny fuckers are shaking their dicks at, shall we?



A Different Site with X and Video in the Name

I have to spend a second here to talk about X-Video’s title again. Speaking as a successful porn webmaster and the guy who runs, I feel like this was a missed branding opportunity. That name will pretty much guarantee some traffic from visitors who mistake them for the other, currently more popular site. As a copycat title, though, it might be difficult to establish their own unique place in the hearts, minds and fap fantasies of their users.



I feel like it would be less of an issue if the site itself was a copycat of the big boys, but the freemium nature of the site sets it apart from the vast majority of video tubes out there. It only took me a few seconds to notice the FREE and PREMIUM labels out front, instantly putting in a class of its own.


Free samples aren’t even standard on paysites anymore, and I feel lucky when I find one offering more than a couple two-minute trailers. For a site with paid offerings, X-Video carries way more free content than the other guys. If I’ve done my math right, there are about 30,000 free videos in the stash. There are photo galleries galore, too, though I spent less time poking around in that area because I know my readers. Hey, I get it—I prefer the moving pictures, too.


Only half of the front-page selection is free, though, because freebies are only one half of the equation around here. Both the Free and Premium sections seem to max out at 599 pages, meaning there are about 30,000 Premium movies, too. I do wonder if there’s a glitch in the system that cuts off the collection right before 600 pages, in which case there might be even more inside.



A Non-Stop Flow of Porno

According to the “Join Now” blurb at the bottom, the full membership area at includes over 1.2 million pics, more than 18,000 hours of porno, and a whopping 5460 models. I jack off for a living, and even I know I can’t make a dent in this pile even if I tried all day, every day, for the next month or so. That doesn’t mean I won’t try, but I’ll probably have to reup my lube supply soon. The current barrel is running low.



With paysites, I like to see at least one update per week. I upload a new video every Friday over at PornDudeCasting for example. Some of the big networks will give you more, but once a week is my golden standard. With free tubes, I expect a lot more updates. The better ones are constantly stocking the shelves with fresh fap fodder, giving fans a reason to stop by again and again to fuel their wank sessions.


X-Video shines in this respect because they’re more like the tubes. Despite the available paid memberships, they’re adding fresh porn to the pile all day and night. It looks like the Premium section gets more action, with new videos dropping every few minutes. In the last half hour alone, they’ve added more than a dozen scenes featuring slutty wives, masturbation, fuck machines, fisting and even some golden fountains of love.


The free pile doesn’t get quite as much love, but they do hook you up. All 15 of the newest freebies out front were added within the last eight hours. That includes big-titted MILFs, 18-year-old teenagers, cum-swapping stepsisters, BDSM and first-time double anal penetration. Good goddamn, is one X even enough for these X Videos?


Hey, I Know That Pornstar!


While I was perusing the latest releases on, I couldn’t help noticing a ton of famous porn brands, studios and paysites represented in the collection. The newest additions include material from Fansly, HotWifeXXX, LegalPorno, PornBox, Spizzoo, Brazzers and DeepLush. I could go on, but I think you get the point. I’m actually a little surprised there’s no brand index on the site, because it seems like one of their big selling points.


It goes without saying that the major studios ain’t hiring randos they found smoking pole in the McDonald’s restroom, which means you’ll find a ton of famous pornstars, rising starlets and talented amateurs. Recent updates have featured such bombshells as Octokuro, Cory Chase, Syren De Mer, and Whitney Wright. They’ve even got some PornDudeCasting vids where you can watch me bang babes like Clara Trinity, Cecelia Taylor and Allie Addison. They love my giant head and enormous cock! comes through in a big way when it comes to the big names, which is why I was surprised by how much content I found from, small timers, amateurs and fetish studios. A lot of the tubes that specialize in the really popular material tend to neglect the smaller outfits and deeper niches. These guys have an everything-goes approach that includes everything from the major-label family roleplay scenes to homebrew hotwife scenes to ballbusting fetish porn where dudes get kicked in the nuts repeatedly.


The range of depravity runs deep as hell at X Video. They’ve got such a wide variety of material that the Categories index becomes a bit unwieldy, with over 40 pages of thumbnailed subgenres covering everything from Legal Teens to Creampie Gangbangs to Female Domination to Reverse Cowgirl. I appreciate the thorough tagging, which makes it a lot easier to find what you’re looking for, but I’d probably recommend the search bar over the Categories section. Then again, you may find something you’ve never fapped to before!



Double Your Pleasure, Cheap as Hell

If I have just one complaint about X Video, it’s just that some of the Premium videos are labeled as “free”. The Videos section linked in the header brought me to a list of mostly Premium videos with a Free Videos label at the top. If you’re looking for either section, Free or Premium, just use the Show More buttons out front under the appropriate headers.



If you want access to everything, you’ll have to bust out your wallet. Since this is 2024, you can also use your e-wallet if Sam Bankman-Fried didn’t make off with all your crypto. Either way, it’s only twenty bucks a month, which is about ten bones less than you’d pay for a typical paysite. Paying for a free tube would be a hard sell, but X-Video has a lot of full-length movies samples.


With a sprawling catalog of fuck flicks in damn near every category under the sun, works just fine as a free tube. They’ve got enough free material that you could beat off until you die of old age without watching the same video twice, and you don’t even have to register an account to tune in. If you want to double up on that porno, though, the cheapo Premium membership expands that already expansive catalog in a big way. The films are clearly labeled as Free or Premium, so I recommend whipping your dick out and giving it a fap test. I think you’ll know whether or not that upgrade will be worth it to you.

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