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I feel like I’m not alone when I say that the feeling of putting your cock in a girl’s pussy without a condom is one of the best feelings in the world. I mean, it’s like sticking your dick in a cream-filled pink velvet cake, right? I’ve never put my dick in a cake before, and if anyone says yes, they’re a liar!

But wait and let me check the reality. As good as condomless sex is, not to mention the climax of squirting baby batter deep into a naked slut’s hungry pussy, it’s a really bad idea to get into the habit of having condomless sex with random girls. You don’t want to receive an unwanted surprise nine months from now from “Breedable Becky,” nor do you want to hear that you bought an unwanted souvenir of “Kinky Karen’s” irresistible MILF pussy.

But don’t worry, horny bastards, there’s a light at the end of the tunnel that’s sure to satisfy your desire for bareback sex and creampie-loving antics. Yes, I’m talking about the sticky world of cum porn, which can range from deep throats and facials to creampies and cum-soaked tits. Whenever you feel the need to slide your cock into a hole of unknown origin, it’s probably best to fall into the sticky arms of cum porn. You’ll thank me later, trust me!

However, in the world of cum porn, there are many shady sites to avoid, like that BBW girl who stalks the club at closing time and begs someone to breed her. This is where I step in to put an end to this!

And no, I don’t patrol clubs and bars telling dirty girls with hungry pussies to “go to slut prison”, I browse virtual cum porn landscapes to keep my readers informed about which XXX sites with a penchant for cum deserve a visit. It’s worth giving them a proverbial creampie, and for those who don’t, it’s virtually worth fucking with a condom.

Over the past few years, I’ve come across (literally) countless cum-centric porn sites, but few have been as aptly named as the one we’re looking at today. His name is man juice!

Unless you’re planning a “fancy handjob” as the Brits say, leave your condoms at the door, you won’t need them for this site!

What is is an adults-only site with a URL that gets straight to the point. This is a porn tube site that knows where its bread is buttered or its pussy stuffed and has focused on the cum porn niche, spread across a wide variety of sub-niches.
At the time of writing this review, from the pussies of their beloved wives. freshly fucked idiot.

What is the cum porn like on

If you don’t like the sight, taste or sound of sperm sent into or on a girl’s body, then you better run for your life. If, on the other hand, you do, then you’re in for a wild time because we’re about to delve deeper into this site’s porn selection. Oh, and of course we’re going bareback!
● Adriana Chechik in incredible anal gangbang scenes – To say this is incredible is an understatement. In this libertine gangbang, Adriana Chechik takes a dizzying amount of cock up her ass at a time. This kinky slut takes THREE hard cocks in her whipped wallet simultaneously and goes cross-eyed with intense pleasure. Many people thought this was logistically impossible, but this horny slut made it possible. To celebrate this porn feat, Adriana takes a cum bath and sticks out her hungry tongue so as not to waste a single drop. She’s waiting for that drunk look in her nymphomaniac eyes when she finishes the scene, and you’ll have no doubt how sexually fierce this wild slut is!

● Naked Kinks for a Fat Wife at Hard Cuckold Interracial-This guy thought he could marry a fat slut with a violent sexual attitude and tame her. Mistaken! She began tricking him and forcing him to watch as he received intense beatings from a variety of Alpha Bulls. In this clip, we see her BBC lover lick her hot body several times and leave creams on her wet pussy and even cover her feet with cum. It’s a completely messy fuck, but that’s okay because the cuckold husband is ready.

● Soccer Mom Pushes the Limits of Her Mature Pussy with Stepson – When this mature stepmom surprised her 18 year old stepson at soccer practice, she lost control of herself and ended up letting him touch her until he got home. Behind closed doors, she decided it was time to try a real woman. These two fuck like there’s no tomorrow and this 18 year old cock fits perfectly in her mature pussy. It was a tough choice between giving her a creampie in her pussy or painting her fake tits white with cum, but he chose the latter!

Web-page design

It didn’t take me long to start seeing some unique aspects of that really made it stand out as a unique porn site, so let me share some of the design highlights the site has to offer.
The site has a small but mighty logo in the color of an anal prolapse (what do you mean, “invalid color”?) that incorporates a sperm-like flourish. Cool! Next to it was a prominent search bar that dominated the top of the site, as well as a hamburger menu that expanded to display a variety of cum porn categories spread throughout the site, containing everything from Arab and bukkake to gangbangs and MILFs.

Bordering all of this at the top and bottom is a top bar menu showing other porn sites on the network and a main menu hosting three sponsored links to external porn sites, as well as a selection of some of the most popular in the place. Popular porn niches like 1080p, anal, high heels and pussy licking. The latter can get you into a slightly stickier pussy than you’re used to, as evidenced by the cuckold porn mentioned above!

And then we have the meat and potatoes of the site, or the cute stockings and high heels, in the form of its porn portfolio. Videos are presented in rows of four thumbnails with metadata available by hovering over a semi-transparent information logo in the lower right corner. The resulting information shows things like the title, user rating, duration, and whether the video is HD or not.

What I like most about him

Unless you have a condom fetish, there’s a reason you don’t see many condoms in porn, so I love the niche that has decided to focus on. Not only that, but the site has managed to create a very sweet variety of cum soaked filth to enjoy, featuring many different porn stars and amateur sluts.
I’m also very interested in the way the videos are presented on the home page. Not only did the site add an upload logo in the shape of puddles of cum that I like to shoot in the faces of my favorite sluts, but the metadata is contained within the handy info symbol, leaving the glorious featured image drenched in cum. completely visible in all its splendor.

While the site may boast over 1,100 cumshot porn videos, it is equally capable of providing seamless navigation through all of them, and it’s not difficult to filter the content to find what you like, nor is it difficult to search for it. titles, porn stars or specific niches.

What I do not like

Damn, why does something always have to disappoint the eye? The biggest negative aspect of is the overwhelming use of ads on the site. There’s more sticky stuff rolling across the screen than my fuck buddy’s thighs see after I’ve pumped an average of eighteen loads into him. The difference? What was sticky before is the kind of shit I don’t want to see.
The world of cum porn is a solid niche with many high-traffic subcategories that you can focus on, and one of the best ways to do this is through a series of well-written porn blog articles that cover the types of things that people wish know about. However, at the time of writing this review, no blogs were found on the site.

Suggestions I have for

Relax with website ads. At the time of writing, there are too many for the average porn site user to deal with. There are so many ads flashing at once that it’s hard to even focus on the content on the site.
There is also great potential for a blog on the site that focuses on a wide variety of topics related to your niche, while also linking to videos already featured on the site. You can write things like guides to the most cum-hungry pornstars, the messiest creampie gangbangs in porn history, and the best anal creampies ever caught on camera, etc.


In terms of cum splatter porn videos, is a site that actually does what it sets out to do through a collection of porn clips spanning over 1,100 pages. However, there are some parts of the site that leave you with a salty taste in your mouth (and not just because of all the cum), and this ranges from the huge amount of third-party ads to the missed opportunity in the form of a porn blog of semen disappeared.

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