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How are things across the pond? Well, I think everywhere’s pretty much the same right now, with perverts staying home to masturbate instead of getting out there and banging the local fatties of Tinder. It makes me wonder how many of the movies at XXBrits were filmed during the pandemic, and how many were up before. It’s a new site, though, registered only months before everyone started worrying about what to wipe their asses with. is a new free tube entirely dedicated to British porn. In fact, they’re the only free porn site I know of specializing in UK sluts. They’re really just getting off the ground, but they’ve been getting more and more deviates tuning in for something a little more intense than tea and crumpets. You know me: if I see a crowd with their dicks out, I come wagging mine along to see what everybody’s fapping at. Hit the link if you want to play along at home.



Gorgeous, Slutty UK Amateurs

You know, the name threw me off a little bit. In the world of porno, we’re always talking about X-rated (18+)teen blowjobs and XXX lesbian adventures. It’s rare to see anyone go for just a double-X. I have to assume the XX in XXBrits represents the chromosomes that make for a human female, ideally one with huge knockers and a tight twat. The name might be some intellectual shit for your brain, but the rest of the site is firmly devoted to exciting the more important organ in your pants.



The tall letters and simplicity of the logo seem classy, a vibe enhanced by the color scheme and sleek header. It’s clean as hell, especially with my spam-blocker running, but doesn’t really deviate from the typical porn tube format. Most of the front page is a wall of hot British porn thumbnails.


And what a wall it is! I haven’t wanted to stick my dick in a wall since the last time I visited a gloryhole, which was before such basic human interactions could result in drowning on your own lungs. The collection has all fucking kinds of English pornography. They’ve got some Featured British Categories thumbnailed halfway down the landing page. British MILFs, British 18+ Teens, British Camgirls and British Amateurs are what fans are piling in for. Based on the thumbs, I can’t blame them.


Truth be told, most of the collection is amateur porn, which is fine by me! I see some professionally shot hotel-room orgies, interracial dick-chuggings and pretend-amateur reality flicks, but most of the movies look homemade. I mean that in the best way possible, because I’m hard as rock looking at these chav bitches flashing their titties, getting it from behind, and stroking cocks with both hands while juggling balls with their mouths.



A Huge, Growing Library of British Porn

The front page of videos has 20 flicks, and the whole collection is already 63 pages deep. That’s over 1,000 free British pornos already, and the site is barely out of the fucking gate!’s collection is growing faster than my boner when I look at these amateur 18+ British teens and MILFs. Fresh updates to the site are always streaming in.



Half a dozen have been added today, so I’m in luck. A quadfecta of vertical amateur vids graces the very top row. There’s a horny British slag playing with her wet pussy, a horny UK (18+)teen mocking her ex by fucking herself on camera, an Essex chick with huge titties bouncing on a dildo, and a freaky British couple breaking social distancing rules. Ah, see? I was right!


As much as I love the solo stuff, especially when the girls are as beautiful as these young 18+ ladies, I’m in the mood to see a babe really get her twat hammered by a big cock. A pop-under slipped by my plugin as I clicked through to the 10-minute HD amateur movie. has plenty of bandwidth, because the movie plays instantly without buffering. I was hoping for 1080p, but it maxes out at 720p. It’s amateur, though, and the girl has a stunning ass, so I’m more than happy with the last-gen HD. The babe crawls on top of the dude, ass facing the camera, and it’s on from there.


They make out for 30 seconds before her top comes off, showing off a big back tattoo. The angle of the bedside iPhone only gives us a little sideboob to begin with, but that full, beautiful rack is visible as soon as she flips on her back to get her pussy eaten.



The Perks of Fapping to British Chicks

One thing I noticed right from the XXBrits front page is that the runtimes aren’t bad. The amateur scene suffers from a lot of minute-long blowjobs and 30-second anal pokes. That’s the nature of the beast when you just happen to bust out your phone during an impromptu bang. I’m not sure if XXBrits is just vetting their scenes better or if British amateurs are just better with the camera, but the DIY fuck flicks frequently run around 10 minutes. That’s short compared to full-length premium flicks, but fucking solid in the world of homebrew fuck movies.



The couple I watched had a lot of fucking fun in 10 minutes, I can tell you that much. After the dude feasts on tuna taco, he pushes her legs up in the air and drills her pussy deep. She’s got an amateur moan, raw and real, not phoned in at all like you’ll hear from some of the pros. I think she’s trying not to be loud, but it ain’t exactly working. The squeals are much louder than the slap of flesh on flesh, and that’s before she even gets on top.


It really encapsulates what I fucking love about homemade porn. allows downloads, so I saved the full-resolution MP4 to the ruggedized porn hard drive I’m saving for the apocalypse. The one and only rule is that you have to sign up for a free account before you get to download. It’s a standard trade, and way cheaper than the thirty bucks most paysites are asking.



Plus a Nude Forum

Downloads aren’t the only perk of registering. You’ve also got to register to use XXBrits’s hopping forum full of nude content and Internet sluts. The OnlyFans subforum is the most popular, with thousands of posts and a shit-ton of content. They’ve also got Instagram, ManyVids, Twitch and YouTube. That last one is pretty dead compared to the rest, but that’s mainly because there’s not much to fap to on YouTube. They ban me every single time I post even the most softcore anal creampie.



Shit, don’t take my word for it. You don’t have to register to see what the posts are about, just to see the content. The post format will probably entice you to sign up in a hurry, though. Each thread is top-loaded with social media porn image galleries, audio files, and full OnlyFans videos.


You’ll find more social media content in the site’s extensive Photos section. I often skip the pics on video tubes, but this one’s worth looking at if you’re into social media whores. Some of these British babes have galleries with thousands of explicit nudes and sex photos.


My biggest complaint about XXBrits would have to be the spam, but it really ain’t that bad. Ads are expected on any free tube as part of the trade you’re making for free fap fodder. I only got that one pop-under ad before my plugin adjusted and kept the rest out of my face and away from my dick-stroke sesh.


I’d recommend to anybody who has a thing for English girls, but I think the bigger audience will be anybody who loves amateur porn. This is a big-ass, rapidly growing collection of DIY flicks with all the raw sexual excitement and energy you expect from the genre, with nice scene length, so you’re not clicking the whole time you’re beating off. These guys are brand new to the Internet porn scene, but I’m really looking forward to watching the site grow.

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