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What do 1024 Fans have in common with your old pal ThePornDude? Well, they like porn for one thing, especially the kind of next-gen amateur content coming out of sites like OnlyFans. I’m actually not sure where that number comes from, because I looked at the traffic and this next site is getting a hell of a lot more visitors than just 1024. The digits have enough mathematical significance for their own page on Wikipedia, but it’s all deep nerd shit of little use to the average masturbator. Maybe the geniuses in the audience will be dreaming up theorems as they get their rocks off, but the rest of us will probably forget all about the number as soon as we start watching.


It ain’t quite clear from the title, but is a private collection of OnlyFans content. That means it ain’t exactly as free as your average free tube, but does come with some little perks that are hard to come by elsewhere. I spend an insane amount of money on subscriptions to my favorite model’s OF pages, and since the bank has been hesitant to give me another porn loan, I’m always looking for ways to scrape a few bucks off my monthly bill. Let’s see how well this joint lives up to my needs and expectations, shall we?


Jacking Off with 1024 Fans

Loading up the front page of 1024Fans, I initially thought it was a free tube because that’s what it looks like. After poking around for a minute, though, I realized it had an identical layout to an Asian porn site I reviewed a couple weeks ago. 1024Fans is brought to you by the same folks who made ThePorny, though the focus is different here. That site was a private collection of Chinese porn, while this one is stocked to the gills with OnlyFans videos.



When I say “stocked to the gills,” I ain’t bullshitting. According to the counter out front, they’ve currently got more than 41,000 videos in the collection. Those are the kind of big numbers I associate with the anything-goes tubes, so it’s even more impressive when it’s a library with a tighter focus on social media smut. A lot of the videos are only few minutes long, a major drawback of the DIY format, but I see a couple out front clocking in at over twenty minutes.


It’s a nice spread of homemade content, too, covering a lot of different niches, fetishes and subgenres. I didn’t even start digging before I saw foot fetish and dirty sock movies, masturbation scenes and butthole fingering, BBWs, MILFs and horny 18+ teen cosplay girls. Most of the content is solo since these girls tend to shoot with webcams in their own bedrooms, but you’ll find plenty of blowjobs and hookups. One video out front is titled Working On My DP, so there’s even group stuff on the menu.


The range of material does, unfortunately, call attention to the lackluster organization of the library. Most sites tag every video with the relevant sex acts, scenarios, costumes and kinks, but 1024Fans doesn’t seem to use any tagging at all. There’s no browsable menu of subgenres, so if you’re hoping to crank off to something specific, you’d better hope your preferred keywords are listed in the title or you’re shit out of luck. The “Categories” menu in the sidebar only lists video durations.


On a similar note, there’s no menu of models to peruse with your dick out. I wouldn’t be surprised if they lose some potential customers over this, because it ain’t immediately clear who’s flashing their tits and fucking themselves on camera. 1024 Fans has a ton of famous social media sluts and rising homemade pornstars. I was able to find most of the OnlyFans girls I searched for, from Belle Delphine to Amouranth, BishoujoMom to Mia Khalifa. Try typing some names into the search bar and see who comes up.


Freebies and Paid Perks

I already mentioned how 1024 Fans looks more like a free tube than a premium site, and it goes a little further than just the layout. Some of you won’t even realize it’s a paysite until you’ve watched a few videos. I actually thought their paywall might be broken at first, because I was able to watch some OF content without signing up for an account.



Turns out, even non-paying visitors can watch five videos for free every day. I like the setup at better than ThePorny, where your previews are limited by time and not volume. If you’re careful with your clicking, you can easily rub one out without having to sign up or bust out your credit card. If you want to go that route, I recommend using the menu out front to find the longer videos. They may not have a Tags page, but at least you can browse by length.


If the freebies ain’t quite enough to finish your fap session, no worries, because membership is just a few clicks away. Monthly memberships for will run you the same thirty bucks as just about any other paysite out there, my own PornDudeCasting included, but the longer memberships are much cheaper than your average premium porn site. The yearly plan, which is actually 14 months, will run you a cool $69, or there’s a Lifetime membership for $99. “Lifetime” in this case only works for a hundred years, so apologies if you were hoping to pass along this keepsake to your great grandkids.


As I type this up, they’ve only added two new videos today: a nylon-stocked dildo thigh job flick, and a thick babe oiling herself up and playing with her fat pussy. It might be a slow day for 1024Fans, but I think the low number of uploads is just because I’m here pretty early in the morning. They typically add a nice handful of new movies every day. Some days you might get ten, but it’s not uncommon to see a couple dozen fresh vids added in one day.


Fap-Testing the Library of Content

With over 41,000 OnlyFans videos to choose from, I wasn’t sure where to begin my official fap test of 1024 Fans, especially with no real Categories menu to choose from. I knew I wanted something longer than a couple minutes, though, so I appreciate the menu buttons offering flicks that clock in at 10+, 20+, and 60+ minutes. I figured I’d start in the shallower side of the pool, so I tapped the ten-minute link.



That still left me with a lot of porn to choose from. Would it be a behind-the-scenes vid from a professional porn shoot, an X-rated webcam stream recording, fur-suited furry fucking, or a stern dominatrix doing a mukbang, stuffing her face with food while wearing some tight PVC straps? I haven’t mentioned it because I know my audience, but there’s gay stuff like guy-on-guy blowjobs included in the mix, too. (If you’re into that, be sure to check out my other site,!)


I ended up watching a video called Shy College Coed Needs Your Dick, starring a thick, tatted-up goth girl with purple hair. “Hi, professor. I know it’s a little unorthodox to meet in my room, so I really appreciate it,” she says as the video opens, ushering us directly into her bedroom. Aiming the camera at her ample cleavage, she explains the situation: she ain’t doing great in class, and could use a little help.


The huge boobs come out a few minutes later, and they’re spectacular. She teases the camera with them before turning around to smack her ass. She ain’t wearing panties, so we get the full show. The babe shakes the whole package and plays with herself, making me realize it’s time to wrap up this review. I need both hands free to fully enjoy this one. has the look and feel of a free tube, but their private collection of OnlyFans content is so well stocked that you’ll have to pay for it. You’ve got a growing number of options in the social media porn genre, but I’d say the main thing that separates these guys from the competition is the library itself. It’s not organized as well as it could be, but I recommend typing some of your favorite OnlyFans models into the search bar to see what they’ve got available. If you like what you see, the prices on longer memberships are some of the best I’ve seen in a while.

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