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Who’s the X Girl at X Girl Hub? Well, fortunately it ain’t limited to a single babe. In fact, this is one of those platforms that’s going to offer a bigger and bigger menu of beautiful women as they keep gaining momentum, so let’s hope this review reaches the right eyeballs. Like any good hub, one of the main gimmicks here is all the activity surrounding one central location. They ain’t reinventing the wheel, but with any luck, they’ll give us plenty to whack off to.


I know that’s all kind of vague, so let’s get into specifics. is a new social media porn site offering exclusive content from sexy OnlyFans models. As simple as it sounds, I honestly wasn’t immediately sure what I was looking at when I first pulled up the site. If you’re as confused as I was, click the link and you can follow along at home as I take a closer look at what these guys really have to offer.


Gawking at XGirls at XGirl Hub

The concept behind xGirl Hub makes it sound like another OnlyFans porn site. The promo slides at the top of the screen show off sexy ladies in their underwear while hyping perks like “Free Access to Model’s OnlyFans Accounts” and “Get Model’s Private Content Updates”. They go as far as calling the site “The Largest Hub of OnlyFans Model Content”.



It doesn’t feel like a social media porn site, though. For one thing, it’s a lot more polished and professional looking than your average social media porn tube. They’ve clearly put some time, effort and money into building their own platform, rather than going the lazy route and just scraping the web for whatever content they can find. Oh, and I didn’t see a single OnlyFans watermark on any of the pics on the site.


So, what the fuck is, exactly? It’s kind of an oddball site because it’s built almost like a competitor to OnlyFans, letting their models upload amateur nudes and sexy videos, but also serves as a nice compliment to OnlyFans, since the big OF has always been shitty about previews.


I’d sum it up like this: XGirlHub is a social media porn platform where you get access to everything for one price, and since all the models are also on OnlyFans, they’ve also got a nice tie-in with that site. The preview page says “Members can unlock free OnlyFans access to all of our models,” though they aren’t really specific about what they mean by that.


Going in, I thought maybe they offered one-rate access to all the OnlyFans accounts of all the XGirlHub models. That would be a fucking fantastic value, but unfortunately just ain’t the way it works. What they do offer is free month-long trial subscriptions to any OnlyFans model on the xGirl Hub roster. You need to have an active OF account with a credit card attached, because after the trial, you’re getting charged the regular amount.


Just Who Are These XGirls, Anyway?

While it’s not quite the ever-lasting deal I was hoping for, those free trials can really stack up when you consider how much the regular prices are for individual OnlyFans memberships. If you don’t want to blow up your bank account, I recommend setting reminders on your phone so you can cancel before the 30 days are up. It’s the same basic catch you get with trial memberships anywhere, but gets you access to a bigger array of trials than you’d get elsewhere. I tried looking up a few of these models directly through OnlyFans and found the freebies were unavailable going the direct route.



A membership for will run you twenty bucks a month, or a hundred bones for a year. Most paysites, like my own PornDudeCasting, charge about $30 a month, meaning XGirlHub is significantly cheaper than most premium porn. When you add up the costs of multiple OnlyFans subscriptions, the difference starts growing exponentially. Twenty bucks is a lot less than the fortune you can blow on OF if you really tried.


The free OF trials are one of the biggest benefits of a membership, but the platform has other things to get excited about. For starters, they’ve got a growing selection of models uploading exclusive content. The site’s still pretty fucking young, but the current spread of babes stretches for three pages.


It’s a diverse range of babes, too. They’re OnlyFans chicks, so they skew younger (18+), but you’ve got a nice selection of blondes, brunettes, and redheads, Asians, Latinas and white girls, goth chicks, chubby babes and cosplay cuties. If you like big boobs, pretty faces, and round asses, you may want to clear some time on your schedule.


Let’s Talk Exclusive Content

I’m looking forward to watching grow and pick up more models, which will make the whole thing start snowballing faster. Even now, though, the girls are already posting a steady stream of daily content. The current setup doesn’t let you choose which girls to follow, though I have to assume that’s coming in the future since it’s a pretty standard format these days. In the meantime, they give you a feed of all the fresh material on the site.



I’m writing this review on a Monday afternoon, and the X Girls have posted half a dozen fresh updates. The cleanest one is a lingerie selfie taken in bed, but the rest are either masturbation videos or stripteases. Each post offers a link back to the girl’s profile for more exclusive material, as well as a link to unlock a free OF trial of the same babe.


They’re posting a decent range of content, too. I think the spread will continue to improve as the site grows, but even with the relatively young collection, there’s a lot of depraved diversity. The current Categories page offers a couple dozen thumbnailed subgenres like Anime, Asian, BDSM and Big Ass. There’s no search bar, which makes a big menu of tags even more vital for finding what you’re into.


I made my way down the xGirl Hub Curvy aisle, which featured a couple dozen thicker babes. The video numbers are still skimpy compared to OnlyFans, with some girls only having one to their name, but I found enough material to keep my hands busy for a while.


I fapped my way through a few curvy model profiles, checking out the sights as I shook my dick at the screen. I noticed there are two separate profile views, Posts and Media, though they show essentially the same thing. The Posts have a tiny bit more info than the thumbnailed Media, but it’s just one extra sentence. Looking at the setup, I wonder if they’ll unveil a longer post format, but the site’s still so young that it’s hard to say.


The newness of the platform was a recurring theme as I made my way around, because I kept wondering what more was in store. I mentioned that you can’t currently follow your favorite models, and I feel it’s exactly that type of social media implementation that’s missing. Besides following our favorite chicks, we should be able to Like their posts by clicking on a heart, share our favorite posts at a click, and even slide into those DMs if we’re feeling frisky.


Then again, maybe the models signing up for XGirl Hub are doing it mainly to promote their work on OnlyFans. In that case, it might make sense to leave out the DMs and the Likes. I do like XGirlHub as an OnlyFans preview site, because it gives you a much bigger taste than what you’ll find in any free area of OnlyFans. For twenty bucks a month, do we deserve more or is this adequate? is a promising site, to say the very least. As it stands, I think the twenty-dollar entry fee is worthwhile when you consider all the OnlyFans trials you can score while you’re subscribed. The exclusive content being posted is a decent draw now, but it’s going to become an even better value as the site continues to gain traction and more models sign up. Even if you ain’t ready to sign up today, come back around to this one in a month or two and see how that menu’s looking.

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