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If I asked you to join My Club, would you do it? That’s something of a trick question, obviously, since you’re already reading my website and may have seen my work at PornDudeCasting, too. I’ve already established my own little corner of the web, which is growing bigger by the day, but what about all the adult content creators out there who don’t want to learn web design, marketing, and all that other nerdy bullshit? They’ve got a growing number of options for peddling their smut, and this next one looks promising as hell. (Although if you’re looking for an edge, I’ve got a lot of tips on my other site, PornWebmasters!)


My.Club calls itself “The #1 subscription-based platform with real creators.” That’s a big brag, especially with OnlyFans pulling more than a quarter of a billion visits monthly, but this ain’t some new company popping up out of nowhere. This one’s a social media porn platform by the same folks who do StripChat, so I immediately had higher hopes than I do with most OnlyFans knockoffs. Their webcam platform has consistently held a top slot on my list of Live Sex Cam Sites here at ThePornDude, so I couldn’t wait to see how well they pull this off. Could the big OF finally have a real competitor?



My Club, Your Club, Everybody’s Club

If you’re a regular around here, you may have heard me ranting about a few longstanding issues I have with OnlyFans. One is their weirdly sterile landing page, which doesn’t really tell you what’s inside. They’ve gotten a little better, with at least some preview content out front, but they still try to sell it as if jacking off ain’t the main reason people stop by. Sure, everyone knows what they’re selling by now, but it’s such an odd setup for a porn site.



My.Club, on the other hand, makes it very clear what you’re signing up for. The front page is covered in thumbnails showing nylon-clad legs and red heels, pretty girls in lingerie, and ripe, succulent peaches aimed right at the camera. They also list the basic perks of the platform instead of expecting you to have heard about it elsewhere. The whole thing’s wrapped up in a polished presentation that makes OnlyFans feel a little half-assed.


I know most of my readers here are going to be visiting the site as fans, not creators, but it’s worth taking a quick look at the terms here. My.Club takes the same 20% cut as OnlyFans, which seems pretty standard at this point. OF is big enough to set expectations we see all over the adult internet, from paysites ditching downloads to the payouts I’m talking about here. I keep expecting a platform to lure creators by offering a better percentage, but so far, I haven’t seen it happen.


Unlike OnlyFans or any of the off-brand clones I’ve reviewed, My Club will let you start poking around their growing catalog before you even sign up. One of my biggest longstanding beefs with OF is the general lack of freebies, but that ain’t the case here. Clicking through to the Discover area, I found a wealth of free adult content to get you in the mood to spend money. From nudie photo shoots to twerk videos to fetish photos, there’s plenty for a cheapskate to shake his dick at around here.



What If OnlyFans Had a Useful Search Function?

My Club easily has the best free section I’ve seen on one of these sites, hands down, but I wanted to get the full experience. Signup is quick, free and easy. I used my Google credentials, but they’ll also accept Twitter or regular ol’ email if you want to go the classic route. Most of these platforms will stock a new user’s feed with featured users and promoted posts, but I respect the decision here to start users off with a blank slate. While they may be leaving some money on the table, promoted posts can feel spammy and off-putting.



There is, however, an unobtrusive row of content at the top of the page, sortable by Top, Trending or New. The current spread includes foot fetish models, thick-assed Latinas, ebony dominatrixes, cosplay cuties, goth girls, Asian nymphettes and sexy chubby chicks. In other words, they’ve got a nice range of models and homemade pornstars hawking their wares. As with OnlyFans, the demographics do skew a little younger than the amateur tubes. This is the social media generation, after all.


My absolute biggest complaint about OnlyFans is that it’s damn near impossible to search. They make it so difficult for fans and creators to find each other, basically expecting all promotion to take place on other platforms. It’s crazy from a business perspective, and frustrating from a masturbatory angle. My.Club’s recommendations already make discovery easier, and it gets better.


The search function works so much better than the bullshit at OnlyFans. The search bar actually says “Search creators,” so I was worried it’d be the same largely useless setup, but it helps find tags, too. I was quickly able to find category selections for Blondes, Masturbation, Anal, Femdom, BDSM and Feet. My dudes, I can’t tell you how happy it makes me to find a social media porn platform that makes it this easy to find your preferred fap fodder.


Oh, and in case you missed the obvious subtext in that last paragraph, I’ll spell it out in bold letters: creators are posting a fantastic variety of adult content in this Club. The content does lean heavily toward solo shows and photosets, which is to be expected from the genre. Most of these models are working with webcams and iPhones, often from the comfort of their own bedrooms. Hey, ladies, if you ever need a stunt cock for your videos, hit me up!



Stock Your Feed and Slide Into Those DMs

OnlyFans creators often have two accounts, one free and one premium, but My.Club doesn’t make fans and creators play that inconvenient game. Here, you can click the Star icon in the corner of a creator’s profile to start receiving their updates in your feed. As I perused the featured chicks and did my own searches, I built up a nice little selection of models to keep my free feed stocked up.



It’s ultimately a premium platform, though. Between the photos in my feed of bare feet, big butts and pretty girls in bikinis, there were a lot of blurred-out thumbnails. “Join Club to Unlock,” reads the text. Some posts are unlockable for a few bucks as one-offs, but usually you’ve got to subscribe to a particular creator.


Models on the platform set their own prices. As you can probably imagine, those prices are all over the place. Some babes only want a few bones for the privilege of seeing them naked, while others are asking twenty bucks or more. You can usually score a discount on longer subscriptions. Considering how fast these packages can add up, I’ll take any deal I can get.


Joining a club on My Club gives you access to a creator’s content and their stories, unblurring those cockblocked pics and vids from your feed. It also lets you chat with your favorite content creators. This is one of the biggest selling points of OnlyFans or any of its imitators, as you just can’t get that level of intimacy on your average porn site. Leave a comment at PornDudeCasting and the models might see it, but here, you can slide directly into their DMs.


I’m not bullshitting when I say My.Club is the most promising OnlyFans competitor I’ve seen yet. The layout is gorgeous and the growing selection of models even more so, but I think it’s the interface that really takes this one to the next level. They may well have the best search engine of any social media porn site, which ensures those lovely ladies will have all the eyes on them they deserve instead of languishing in obscurity. As the platform continues to grow and attract more models, it’s only going to get better and better. This one has some of the best freebies, too, so it couldn’t help to sign up and start poking around.

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