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Only Tik calls itself “The best AI optimized Nude TikTok Porn Video App,” which got me excited even before I’d had a chance to take a look for myself. As much fun as I have cranking off to the real TikTok, it’s such a pain in the ass hunting for the good stuff since they’ve got a shitty set of community guidelines. I get why a lot of sites and apps ban porn, so they can help cultivate a more family-friendly demographic, but let’s be real here: those viral injury challenges are more of a risk to the youth then some jiggly titties and twerking booties, don’t you think?


I actually just got banned from TikTok yet again, so it’s a mighty fine coincidence that popped up in my DMs this morning. As you may have guessed from the title, it’s a TikTok-style porn site promising the same immediacy as the real thing. They’re a relatively young site, but holy shit, they’ve been gaining users in a hurry. With over two million visitors a month, I get the feeling there’s something here worth busting out the lube for. Let’s find out exactly what it is.


Only Tik, or Some Tok, Too?

In 2024, pretty much every website is mobile friendly. If it ain’t, it means the site is really fucking old, or the webmaster just really fucked up. More than half of the people browsing the web at this very moment are on their phones or tablets, so you’d have to be kind of a dumbass or out-of-touch grandpa to build a non-mobile-friendly site in this day and age. (If you want more tips on running your own successful adult site, make sure to check out my directory of resources over at PornWebmasters.)



I rarely mention mobile friendliness anymore, even though some paysites still brag about it. I bring it up here because, like the inspiration it’s based on, OnlyTik goes above and beyond the usual level of iPhone accessibility. The site really does look, feel and function a lot like the original app, which might make it a better fit for your lunchbreak restroom faps than your typical tube. That’s not to say your experience will be crippled if you’re on desktop, because they’ve built in some keyboard shortcuts to make it easier, and you can even “swipe” with your mouse.


There’s an “Installation” icon that’ll give you a quick link to on your phone, making it feel even more like an app. To keep things discreet, you can even install it with an icon for YouTube, Gmail or Google Photos. Then when your wife borrows your phone to look up a cake recipe, she can watch a pretty girl shake her big ass instead.


The very first thing I saw when I pulled up was an Asian chick in her pajamas. She looked hot enough in the opening couple seconds, but then the shot cut to the same girl in a strappy BDSM getup, and then flashed again to some sexy cosplay. After a few seconds, the clip repeated, just like it would on TikTok.


I swiped up and watched a loop of a gorgeous young brunette twerking in her panties and then nothing at all. Another swipe brought me to a blonde chick on her knees, again doing the camera-cut trick where she’s suddenly naked as the music shifts. In a span of just about a minute, I saw a Latina flash her tits, an athletic chick getting held in the air and doing a 69 with her dude, a blindfolded lady in lingerie licking a popsicle before sucking a dick, an OnlyFans-watermarked closeup of a g-stringed ass shaking, and a slim young thing dancing in her PJs before cutting to a dance in lingerie and then topless.


I Think They’re on to Something Here

There are a few things about that I loved right away. For one thing, there’s a great variety of short, dirty video loops. It leans toward modern amateur content, with a lot of the kind of polished DIY clips you expect from the OnlyFans generation, like stripteases, twerking, masturbation videos and cosplay dildo shows. That means you’ll see a lot of solo content, though there’s plenty of actual sex to be seen, in a lot of different styles, positions, scenarios and niches.



Another major factor in the site’s appeal is just the women. Pull up your average free tube and you tend to see the same pornstars. I love those babes and even smash some of them myself over at PornDudeCasting, but OnlyTik has a lot more of those slutty social media influencers, homebrew webcam models and OnlyFans chicks. When you do catch one of the more traditional pornstars around here, it’s probably because she’s dabbling in the modern wave of amateur porn. I did see a few scenes on OnlyTik that were taken from higher-end premium vids, but they were rare.


Variety and hot chicks aren’t all that uncommon in the world of online porn. In fact, I might even argue that most adult sites need both to be successful. What really sets apart from any random tube is the TikTok-style presentation. TikTok is successful for a variety of reasons, including advanced algorithms to feed you addictive content. For my money, though, what makes both TikTok and OnlyTik so special is how immediately accessible and fast they are.


The videos are vertical, so they fit perfectly on your phone instead of forcing you to turn it sideways. They’re also short, play automatically, and loop. The interface is super fucking quick; instead of choosing a video, you just swipe.


One of the only real downsides is that they’ve taken a lot of the choice out of it. In exchange, though, you get instant porno after instant porno. There’s no menu to fuck with, no selection to browse. Load up OnlyTik and you’ll be immediately greeted with a video that plays the moment you tune in. Then you just flick your finger whenever you want to see the next one. Do with your other hand as you see fit.


Show Me All You’ve Got

I mentioned TikTok’s algorithms, which may be why your girlfriend hasn’t stopped staring at her phone in the last six months. I was curious how OnlyTik’s recommendations compared to TikTok’s, at least as far as keeping you hooked. By signing up for an account, you can follow your favorite accounts and explore new trends, so I decided to give it a shot.



Once I had an account, I started clicking the Like heart on my favorites, like an Asian girl dressed as a topless French maid, a young PAWG shaking her butt, and a chick with pigtails dancing nude in the kitchen. I wasn’t able to Like tags like #bigtits and #ass, but it looks like neither could anyone else; the tags all have zero likes. Most videos don’t list tags at all, so the whole tagging system could use some work.


I’m not sure that Liking videos has any effect on the videos OnlyTik ultimately recommends you, but it does put them onto a page of your own personal Likes for easier access later. I’m not sure I mind, though. TikTok’s got a much wider variety of content than OnlyTik, so they need a more complicated recommendation engine. When I pull up OnlyTik, I’m in the mood for amateur porn with internet chicks. They deliver that the moment you load up the site.


My only real complaint about OnlyTik is that, as with any free site, there’s some spam to contend with. I think it’s a little bit more noticeable here just because of the format. It’s easier for your adblocker to handle on a tube. On mobile, I just had to sit through 5 seconds of spam every so often. On desktop, the spam kept showing up as videos that wouldn’t load and I’d have to refresh the page. I ended up turning my adblocker off, which is a rare thing for me to do, but it was less trouble that way. is kind of a no-brainer. As in, you can damn near turn your brain off and just let your dick drive this one. The joy is in the simplicity here, with an instant and steady stream of naughty amateur videos fired at you, one after another. I think I’m going to go flick my finger for a while longer.

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