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I wanted an XXX Tik Tok since the very first time I heard about the video-sharing app. I mean, shit, the basic setup seems tailor-made for amateur smut; you get a non-stop feed of short home videos, so any pervert should immediately see the potential there. Well, if you’ve been waiting in vain for the site to start allowing real grown-up shit, I’ve got something really goddamn fun for you. You’ve got some time to burn and lube to spare, right? I only ask because you may end up wasting the whole day shaking your dick at your phone. was registered at the very beginning of 2024, right around the time a lot of you oldsters finally started hearing about TikTok. (The original has actually been around since 2016 and has steadily been ramping up in popularity ever since.) Just like the name here implies, they’re trying to build an XXX-rated version of TikTok. That’s obviously a noble goal in and of itself, so I was intrigued immediately. The only question was, do they have what it takes to grow as big and famous as their namesake? Well, let’s take a look.


Devious Licks or Pussy Licks?

Alright, first things first. Since XXXTik was designed to look and feel like TikTok, it’s got a fucking excellent presentation on mobile. Loading it up on my phone, it immediately hit me with a video of this cute slender babe pulling off a towel and groping her tits and then showing off her shaved pussy and asshole. A swipe and I was greeted with a POV shot of a babe riding backward cowgirl on this dude’s dick, bouncing that ass at the camera and making my own boner pulse. More swipes brought more boobies, blowjobs, and naked twerking.



Right away, the mobile version really does come off like TikTok, if TikTok was nothing but porno. It’s got the same kind of immediacy as the original, serving up videos without the hassle of searches and menus and thumbnails like you expect with more traditional video-sharing sites. The web version of XXXTik is only a little less identical to TikTok’s, with more of a thumbnail view than TikTok’s almost blog-style web presentation. Personally, I prefer it here since it gives you a quick batch of dirty clips to choose from, and the inclusion of popular categories in the sidebar is a nice touch.


Oh, and let’s talk about those categories. XXX Tik falls pretty cleanly into the new school of amateur sites where the elderly swingers with camcorders have all been replaced by gorgeous cam models, social media sluts, and OnlyFans babes with webcams. And unless you just got out of prison and didn’t have access to a good butthole phone in lockup, you must have noticed how they’ve kind of blown up the porn scene over the last couple of years. One of my favorite things about this development is the range of content these homemade models have been kicking out, and that’s on clear display here.


Putting the XXX in XXX Tik

That cloud of tags out on the landing page was enticing right from the start, rattling off subgenre hashtags like #big tits, #big ass, #dildo, #petite, and #ebony. Those are honestly expected on almost any porn site, whether we’re talking pro, amateur, or even the more niche stuff like hentai. If you want to see the entire list, click on the hamburger icon (three lines) in the corner of the web version or the Explore link on the desktop.



XXXTik has an impressive range of homemade porn categories. It leans toward the solo stuff since it’s mostly made by sexy chicks, home alone with their webcams, but there’s a fair amount of hardcore couples’ content, and I spotted a couple of threesomes, too. Believe me, when I tell you, they’re getting into all kinds of fun stuff here.


When I looked today, the first one on the list was #cumshot, immediately illustrating in dripping white that it isn’t all solo content around here. Moving right along, we have #titty drop, #ass eating, and #exhibitionism. There’s a #lesbian section for those who like a girl on girl and a #feet area for those who want pretty toes and sexy soles. All kinds of tastes in women are covered, from #teens and #brunettes to #bbws, #goths, and #gamer girls—even #trans for those who prefer their chicks with dicks. Come for the #cosplay, stay for the #anal play.


One thing I noticed as I flipped through the selection was a bit of unnecessary and inaccurate repetition. This cute teenage blonde with a huge rack and a brunette in a blue skirt popped up repeatedly for categories that didn’t fit, like #slapping, #fishnet, and #anime. (And in case you’re wondering, I didn’t see any animation, only lovely amateur models.) My guess is that they’re using a couple of the repeated vids as placeholders for categories that haven’t yet been filled out, which makes sense for a site this new. I like that they’re clearly planning ahead for well-stocked aisles of #stripteases, #assholes, and #spreading.


And they’re well on their way, too. Unfortunately, doesn’t make it easy to figure out how fast the collection is growing. The whole thing is streamlined for quick, efficient delivery of fap fodder, which means ditching as much extra clutter as possible, including upload dates. That said, the entire feed seems to scroll on forever. The site is very young, but they’ve already got thousands of short porn clips, which makes me all the more excited about seeing this place fill up.


Get Your Custom Porn Feed Here

One of the things that have really helped TikTok blow up is how the app learns what you like and feeds you more of the same. People have even told me I’d probably enjoy it after a while, but I haven’t really wanted to go through the app-training period where I have to watch dipshits doing viral dances or being assholes in public for clout. I’m much more interested in what the XXX Tik Tok can do to keep my dick hard and drippy.



The good news is you can set up a custom smut feed here. The implementation isn’t quite as robust as I’d like, but it’s definitely a good start, and hopefully, they add more features as the site develops. For instance, I’d really like to be able to follow my favorite tags, like #pawg and #cute, but currently, you can only follow individual users. (If TikTok users are called TikTokers, I guess that makes us XXXTikers. They both sound stupid, but at least the latter gets to cum often.)


As I was scrolling through thick-ass Latinas, dick-eating Asians, and perky-boobed emo girls, something occurred to me: the chicks of XXXTik come in a variety of flavors, but they all seem to be pretty fucking hot. So, of course, given the law of averages, you’d have to assume you’d run into some random uglies and fatties. But, on the contrary, I think I could beat off to any of these women.


And that begs the question of just where these videos are coming from. If it’s all hotties, that means it’s probably a curated collection. I’d been operating under the assumption the videos were largely self-uploaded, but then I realized I couldn’t find an Upload button anywhere. The TOS page talks about users being able to upload, and my profile says Zero Posts, but perhaps they haven’t fully opened uploads up to the public yet. Again, we’re talking about a very new site.


At the end of the day, though, it doesn’t matter all that much where it comes from. It only really matters who’s in it, how hard it will make your dick and how much fun it will be to jerk off to. So looking at it from that angle, I can’t say I have any serious complaint about XXX Tik. They hit all the main checkmarks I’m looking for when I’m in the mood for amateur porn, and the TikTok-style presentation adds a new wrinkle that sets them apart from all the generic sex tubes out there.


Just what is it that special something that makes XXXTik and TikTok so addictive? In either case, clean or dirty, I think it boils down to the fact that this is instant video entertainment without even the minor wait times of the more traditional porn sites. Who’s got an extra ten seconds when they’re hard as a rock with aching balls?

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