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OG Fap may not be your original fap unless you just got on the internet and had your first boner today, but there’s a decent chance it’ll be your first really good fap to a rapid-fire selection of dirty little movies. Sure, you can find twerking models on TikTok and bikini-wearing influencers on Instagram, but those wholesome community guidelines sure are a fucking cockblock. This next joint takes the format and runs with it, away from the prudes and into the well-lubed palms of pervs like you and me.


That’s right, folks: is a TikTok-style free porn site serving up naked ladies at the flick of a finger. The premise alone got me all hot and bothered, and I clearly ain’t alone, because they’ve gone from zero to a million monthly visitors in the very brief time they’ve been online. It usually takes your average free tube much longer to achieve that kind of visibility, so naturally I was curious why everyone was so excited. I already had some hunches, but I’m a hands-on kind of dude, so let’s get into it.



Getting Hands-On with OGFap

The first thing I saw when I loaded up OG Fap was a POV shot of a babe in green socks and pink pigtails riding a dude’s dong. It’s a very short loop, running just a few seconds before repeating. “Oh, you feel so good,” she moaned again and again until I flicked the screen. In an instant, I was watching a pair of lesbians stripping each other and caressing on some luxurious, expensive-looking bedsheets.



It’s 2024, and mobile friendliness is something I rarely ever mention anymore when I’m reviewing adult websites. If your site doesn’t work on a phone or a tablet, you’ve completely fucked up and should probably start over with a fresh design. (Find more smut-peddling tips on my other site,!) With OGFap, that mobile friendliness is worth mentioning, because it really feels and functions like the video-sharing app it’s aping.


The TikTok vibe is so strong here that I’d say OGFap is one of few sites where the mobile version does seem a little better than the full-sized desktop version. It’s partly a matter of the modern amateur video format, consisting mainly of vertical videos. The interface seems better optimized for mobile, too; a flick of the finger brings you to the next video, but a flick of my mouse always scrolled too quickly through a handful of them.


I spotted a few professionally shot snippets as I flicked through the selection, but the content is mostly the kind of next-gen homebrew porno you expect from platforms like OnlyFans. In fact, a lot of the clips include an OnlyFans watermark in case you want more of the lovely lady in question. The place is absolutely crawling with gorgeous amateur models, social media influencers and homemade pornstars. If you’re a fan of the genre, there’s a good chance you’ll see some of your favorite internet girls as you’re swiping and OG Fapping.



What Are These Internet Models Getting Into?

Given who the stars of the show are at, it shouldn’t be a huge surprise that the library mainly consists of solo content. A lot of these chicks are shooting content on their webcams or iPhones in the privacy of their own bedrooms, so you won’t find quite as much dick-in-hole hardcore action as you would on your average free tube. That said, the range of content might be even wider than your average free tube.



Flicking through as I bang on these keys, I see a MILF demonstrating how well her big naturals bounce in her new bra, an emo chick with perky tits dancing naked in the mirror, indecent exposure in a public gym, and a tatted girl riding her boyfriend raw-dog in the living room. In under a minute, I’d also seen snippets of blowjobs, anal sex, sidewalk masturbation, and synchronized dildo riding.


There’s kinkier stuff in there, too, though it may require a bit more swiping to find. I spotted rope bondage, an ice dildo, fuck machines, double penetration, and even a bit of animated Pokemon porno. I wasn’t expecting to see any hentai today, but I certainly ain’t complaining!


Unlike some of the other adult TikTok knockoffs I’ve written about, OGFap doesn’t drop the ball when it comes to tagging the content. I clicked the #hentai tag on that Pokemon video and was served a full page of anime and anime-inspired adult content. Some of it is the hand-drawn depravity that drew me in to begin with. Other bits are in 3D, created by computer. I also see a fair number of cosplay cuties with the tag, in case you’re looking for babes in rabbit ears or princess dresses.


The OG Fap Explore page functions like the Tags or Categories index on a free tube, with a whole wall of animated thumbnails leading to full collections with tags like Ass, Amateur, Anal and Asian. They’ve got aisles devoted to Petite babes and Lesbians, Latinas and Redheads. All of the major porno standards are covered, from Interracial to Creampie to Squirting. If you already know what you want to see, there’s a search bar, too.



Fapping Hard to OG Fap

I clicked on a Latina getting nailed from behind,’s thumbnail image of the #doggystyle category. That pulled up an extension collection of similar videos, many of them shot from a POV angle that shows off those assets in a beautiful way. One of the included clips was a hippy chick with blonde dreadlocks getting boned on stage while a band plays at a festival.



I’m a sucker for that public stuff. After watching the video loop a couple times, I clicked the #public tag, bringing up a whole bunch of risky, indecent tomfoolery. There are chicks whipping out their tits at the bar, stuffing themselves with dildos in the woods, and straight-up getting fucked in front of a bunch of people on the street in broad daylight.


I lost track of time, shaking my dick at the screen with one hand and flicking through videos with the other. OG Fap nails that TikTok format, and it just might be as addictive as the real thing for a lot of you. I definitely prefer it to the heavily censored content you find on the original, though your girlfriend might feel a little different. There aren’t many viral dances or unoriginal sketches being repeated by dozens of boring influencers.


I did occasionally see the same clip more than once, but it didn’t happen often. Because of the TikTok-style setup, I can’t list off the usual digits I put down when I’m reviewing a free tube. I don’t know how fast they’re updating the library or how big the collection is, but I’d wager there are already thousands of videos in the stash. OGFap’s only a couple months old, so this is just the start of the show. It’s probably going to get a lot bigger.


One of my only real complaints about the site is the spam. Even with my adblocker running, I’d occasionally get treated to an unskippable screen with a Skip button on top. Click the button and you get a popunder. It ain’t a dealbreaker, as it didn’t really slow down my fap session, but it is a mild annoyance. If you’ve spent any time beating off to free porn sites, you already know the deal: you see some ads, and in exchange you cum into an old sock for free. is worth a look if you love the quick, instantly accessible video delivery of apps like TikTok, but would prefer a more adult-oriented collection of content within. This site is still very young and already has a big, wide, genre-spanning selection of short amateur videos to burn through your productive hours with. The interface is clean, simple and intuitive, keeping the porn coming quickly and steadily. You know who else is probably going to be cumming quickly and steadily? Well, look in the mirror, pal.

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