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Xfree popped up on my radar recently as I was looking for some fresh free fap fodder to supplement my usual paysite memberships and OnlyFans subscriptions. I love the typical free tubes as much as the next guy, sure, but as a professional masturbator, I appreciate a good change of pace from time to time. This joint has been blowing up over the past few months, so I had a feeling there was some kind of party going on.


The domain has actually been around a long fucking time since the dawn of the 21st century. That simple X + Word formula for a name was probably always internet gold, so it’s kind of ironic that they seem to be easing into their own spot only now. It makes sense, though. The web is full of sex tubes that all feel like the same site, but xFree is a free porn video site with a social media vibe. So if you appreciate a modern delivery for your dirty movies, you’ll probably fit in well with the millions of other perverts fapping to the site every month.


You Got Your TikTok in My Tubes

Every morning, I take a look at the porn sites I’m going to review for the day as I’m eating my Cap’n Crunch with Viagra. Well, xFree immediately stood out among the generic webcam sites and scraped video collections, offering something I don’t necessarily see every day, week, or month. The cloud of category tags at the top of the screen hinted at an Eastern European user base with selections like Exhibicionistky, Rousky, and Anal with an accent above the second A. Still, it’s the thumbnails that really catch my eye.



Most tubes give you that traditional view of screengrabs, but those here are vertical boxes that remind me of an X-rated version of TikTok. Instead of dipshits doing viral dances or boring-ass reaction videos, the screen is covered in babes getting their brains fucked out in all kinds of different positions. The first row alone features a MILF sitting on a big cock, a guy holding a woman upside down and eating her pussy while another chick sucks his dick, and a pretty white girl getting double-fucked by two black studs while a few other dudes shake their dicks in her face.


From the vertical videos, I initially thought xFree was an amateur site. However, upon closer inspection, it’s an incredible mix of smut from a wide variety of sources. I see some amateur POV blowjobs and doggy-style videos, but many of the clips seemed to be pulled from professionally shot fuck flicks. I don’t see a watermark, but that black-on-white group scene sure looks like it could have come from Blacked, for example.


And since some of the material is pulled from big-name sources, it’s only natural that you run into a fair number of big-name pornstars. I found Skylar Vox giving a handy out on the front page, spitting all over it, and smiling big as she stroked the monster. Further down the page, Abella Danger bounced on a cock. I also found Gia Derza covered in sperm and getting fucked up the ass, which sounds like just her style. And in case you missed it, I got to know her quite intimately over on the PornDudeCasting couch recently. seems to take an everything-goes approach to pornography, including anything dirty enough to whack off to. That includes the usual suspects like lesbians, threesomes, OnlyFans-style masturbation, and twerk videos, and a whole fucking lot of dick sucking. There’s also a fair amount of really kinky fetish content, like a babe pushing out her prolapsed rectum, getting an enema, or kicking a naked submissive dude in the nuts. I clicked on a thumbnail of a hot blonde only to discover she was pegging a guy up the ass with a strap-on dildo.


Get Your Fuck Flick Fap on Fast

Free video tubes changed the way we jerk off by giving us an all-new, super-convenient, and immediate form of consuming pornography. Tubes have been around a long time now, and I bet many of you thought they were basically perfect already. The thing is, all the new social video-sharing sites and apps have an immediacy that puts the free tubes to shame. One of the things I love about is how they embrace that formula, building an incredibly fast interface for watching girls fuck.



I clicked on a thumbnail of an amateur doggy-style scene, which stretched the full version across my screen. Clips on xFree almost always run a minute long. It’s not the best runtime if you like long flicks, but it’s better than I’ve seen on a couple of similar sites. At the end of the video, it looped back around and started playing again, the babe pushing her sexy ass back on that POV dick.


To go to the next video or the previous one, all you’ve got to do is tap an arrow on the desktop or swipe on mobile. xFree feels just like the apps it’s meant to emulate, with all the immediacy that gets motherfuckers hooked. I quickly went from doggy-style to handjob, to cowgirl, to blowjob, to striptease, to 18+ schoolgirl orgy in the span of about 30 seconds. Whoever set this machine did a hell of a job with the infrastructure because the delivery doesn’t miss a beat as it moves from porno to porno. I’m not sure I experienced any buffering at all.


The format is not without its faults, though. Those videos I flipped through felt like a random selection, as they did not seem to be united by genre, sex act, or performer. One of the significant advantages of fapping to the tubes is being able to click through the tags or Related Videos to find stuff similar to what you’re already beating off to. No matter what I typed into the search bar, ultimately seemed to feed me the same front-page selection of movies after watching a single one in the category I chose. I did seem to have better luck selecting categories from the Discover page, where the following videos did seem to stick within the categories I chose.


Make a Buck Off That Tinder Fuck

I always like to tell my visitors how often a site is updating with fresh material because that’s a good indicator of how often you should come back around for a fap break or marathon wank. I couldn’t find any upload dates anywhere on xFree, though, which makes sense given the site’s barebones aesthetic. I have a feeling they’re getting a fucking ton of uploads, though, because they’re offering uploaders a buck for every uploaded video. I can’t imagine they’ll be doing this forever, but that’s a hell of a way to build a collection fast.



And what a collection it is, huh? I don’t really want to tell you how long it took me to write my xFree review because it’s kind of embarrassing. Hell, I’m not even sure how long I got distracted watching a naked, shapely babe riding a spin bike while she fingers herself from behind. One of my favorite moments happens right when the loop starts over, and the babe shows us her front before climbing onto the bike.


And that quickly led to a chick fucking herself with the bottle of champagne the cameraman is holding, a solo masturbation sequence, and then a POV reverse cowgirl ride. The babe’s asshole winks at the camera as she rides the lucky amateur stud, squeezing those gorgeous ass cheeks as he goes to town.


The interface may not be perfect, but goddamn, nails that rapid-fire clip delivery you expect from apps/sites like TikTok. The only thing I could really hope for is that they build up those suggestion algorithms like TikTok, which would hook perverts even harder by serving up exactly what gets them going. As it stands, you may need to do a little searching to find your preferred wank material, but it’s so easy to get right in there and start cranking off to video after video after video. So if you want your porn as fast as possible, xFree is definitely worth a look.

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