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Most of the content on imageboards or similar porn sites is great, but there’s no denying that fap material you can find on TikTok is hot. And before you tell me that you don’t look at sexy models on TikTok, I know for sure you betas do it all the time. You find the hotties, subscribe to them on platforms like OnlyFans, and then enjoy their amazing jerk-off material that keeps you subscribing and coming back for more.


It is a lot of work, but fuckers do it anyway. So now, if you wish that you could find the sexiest TikTok beauties easier, check out Fyptt. This site has a variety of amazing TikTok posts for you to plow through. You will be jerking off in no time. And the best part of it all is that you can find new beauties to follow on other subscription platforms (in most cases – more on that later).


Fuck ton of TikTok porn

You are here because you want to see page after page of pornography that only comes from the beautiful women that make TikTok such a compelling platform to visit. And if you have browsed TikTok before, you know exactly what I am fucking talking about. There are numerous fucking gorgeous females showing off their perfect asses and titties for the camera, hoping to entice you to follow them and watch every one of their TikToks going forward.



Fyptt has this kind of content. But if you only joined TikTok in the last year or so and are wondering where in the hell you can find these NSFW videos, you are going to be searching for a long fucking time. So why is it that you can watch pornographic TikTok videos on Fyptt, but you cannot actually find any of this shit on TikTok now?


The best explanation would be that the videos you are watching on Fyptt are essentially older. You see, when TikTok first debuted several years ago, everything was fair game. NSFW content was allowed, opening the floodgates to amateurs and pros that want to get the attention of horny fuckers like yourself. But since it blew up in popularity, TikTok pulled a Tumblr and outright banned any kind of NSFW content. However, unlike Tumblr, TikTok actually has legs and is now bigger than ever.


Sometimes, TikTok porn slips through those proverbial cracks and ends up on a certain subreddit before it is taken down. I assume that some of that content also ends up on Fyptt. Still, more NSFW TikTok content likely comes from other sources, making Fyptt a place to go when you want to see all of that NSFW TikTok porn all in one fucking place.


I know what you are thinking. Why come here when you could go to any other community that collects NSFW TikToks? Sure, Fyptt may not be the only place to find this kind of content. But equally to the content is on Fyptt, the layout and ease of navigating the site are just as impressive.


Minimalistic design

I’m impressed by how easy it is to look through the content on Fyptt to find posts that will get you off almost just as much as the actual content on the site. Fyptt looks and browses like an imageboard, much like a site like Imgur.



As you browse from top to bottom, you will notice that many of these images are already full-sized. They do not automatically play, thank goodness, because that would make it fucking impossible to look through anything. But when you want to watch a TikTok post in its entirety, all you have to do is select the TikTok and watch it on the other side.


Clicking on a post will show you the entire TikTok in all of its glory. Keep in mind, though, that you often have to watch an ad before you can watch a TikTok. But you can skip it within five seconds in most cases, allowing you to watch the entire TikTok.


It’s not a big deal, but when the TikToks are sometimes only a bit longer than five seconds, it can grow to be annoying. Still, once you have clicked off of the ad, the content loads immediately. On the page, you will also spot tags that you can select at the top, which you can click to explore more similar content.


As you scroll down the TikToks, you will see when the content was posted and the title of the TikTok. Then, when you get to the bottom of the page, merely select ‘click more’ to see additional TikToks on the site. It couldn’t be fucking easier and makes the browsing experience all the more enjoyable.


One thing that I would have liked to see that would have made the navigation process even easier is a few sorting options. Currently, there is no way to sort goddamn anything on Fyptt! Of course, you would assume that you would have the luxury of sorting content on Fyptt by anything other than the default mode, but that’s not the case which forces you to look through content from the newest to the oldest.


I want to have the luxury to sort content in a couple of ways, like by the most viewed, most popular, and so on. But, as it stands, you cannot do any of this fucking shit. It would make it so much more convenient to sort content in this manner, but like I fucking said, that’s impossible.


Another thing that may rub you the wrong way when on Fyptt is finding out that there is not that much daily content posted on the site. You will notice that on some days, there are a couple of NSFW TikToks posted. But I realized that there are several days where no new content is posted.


Of course, this should not really come as a surprise. Remember that TikTok banned NSFW content, so there are not that many pornographic TikTok posts in general. Most of the time, it gets flagged, though there are times when NSFW posts slip through and are caught before they are taken down. So really, it’s pretty goddamn impressive to see that Fyptt has at least this much content going live on their site sort of regularly, even though there isn’t that much TikTok porn coming out, like, ever.


Despite all of that, it is easy as hell to look through absolutely everything on Fyptt. You will be impressed by what you can find on this unique site that only has fucking TikTok pornography. And if you find a chick that gets your cock rock hard, you may want to look below their embedded TikTok post.


Some TikToks have links to the OnlyFans page of the model

It should come as no surprise to say that the ladies on Fyptt are also on OnlyFans. If it does come as a surprise, well, where the fuck have you been the last few years? TikTok is used to entice viewers to jump over to that model’s OnlyFans, Patreon, and similar subscription pages. It works, and a lot of models have seen success this way.



And this is why many of these pages also have links to these subscription pages. Scroll down below the embedded page, and you will sometimes spot a link that will take you right to that model’s subscription page. It couldn’t be more convenient. It is a great way to follow them and see everything they have to offer!


If you are not yet convinced that Fyptt has some of the most amazing TikToks to ever grace, well, TikTok, then maybe you need to check your fucking penis. The content available on this site is fucking amazing. One visit will lead to you visiting the site regularly just to see the latest updates that pop up. There may not be that much fucking pornography posted every goddamn day, but for what there is, there is a constant wave of incredible posts that will keep you coming back for more.



Fyptt has an amazing assortment of TikTok pornographic posts that will make you take your dick out right where you sit and start stroking! Better be sure you are off the bus! Unfortunately, there are a few things that could be improved.



Fyptt does not utilize any sorting options, which is a huge missed opportunity. There is also not much content posted to the site every day, though that is not a fault of Fyptt. If Fyptt can improve some of the issues here while adding new content as soon as they can get it, there will be a continual flux of users who visit the site all the fucking time!

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