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Tik Tits! Unsurprisingly, porn sites featuring TikTok pornography are popping up all over the goddamn place. Who can blame these porn webmasters? TikTok is fucking hot right now! Likewise, so many insanely beautiful models and amateurs alike are showing their perfect figures on the world’s hottest social network site making these kinds of porn sites are almost inevitable.


Among all of these sites, it’s going to be hard to beat a name like TikTits. TikPussy and TikAsshole just don’t have the same ring to them. Kudos to whoever bought this fucking domain name because it’s perfect and literally tells you what you can expect to find on TikTits. But a kick-ass name is one thing. Is the site worth browsing?



Decent sorting options

You are goddamn right it is! The first thing you will notice when you land on TikTits is, well, the fucking tits! The gorgeous assortment of boobies will undoubtedly catch your attention as you look at the homepage. Looking through the content available on this amazing porn site, you will probably be overwhelmed by the number of TikTok listings featured.



But that’s not a fucking problem because you can easily sort the content on this website! To watch the very best of the best or sort content differently altogether, all you have to do is go to the top of the page and browse the drop-down menu. Which drop-down menu am I talking about? Well, the unlabeled drop-down menu.


Yes, TikTits has a drop-down menu that’s unfortunately unlabeled. Why this is the case is beyond me. The only thing labeled on this section is the ‘sort by’ tab. Again, regrettably, the drop-down menu does not tell you how the content is sorted. However, if you look at the timestamps of the content, you will quickly see that the TikToks are sorted by newest by default. But if you want to sort differently, you can sort via rating, relevance, and top now.


It only takes a second to figure this out, but the lack of a label on the default sorting preference makes the overall Web design look fucking sloppy. Really, it’s a further testament to the fact that the site needs a serious facelift. That much is obvious.


The background is solid black, so the color scheme will really not blow you away. Sure, the ‘TikTits’ logo at the top looks a bit like the TikTok logo, so that adds a bit of flair to the design. But even so, the overall look of the website implies that the content was slopped together without really considering the overall navigability of the site.


At least it isn’t a total pain in the ass to explore the site. There are categories at the top of the website that you can explore, even though they are sparse. Still, the most convenient way to navigate the site beyond the sorting options at the top of the homepage is to browse the ‘models’ page. Here, you can see every beauty that is featured on TikTits. This will allow you to only look at their videos. So if you are a picky mother fucker, the models’ page is exactly where you want to be.



Browse by model

To access the ‘models’ page, go to the top of the homepage and click on the ‘models’ tab. It loads a list of every model that has made an appearance on this sexy XXX TikTok site. The models can also be further filtered by rating or relevance. It is easy enough, though I wish you could sort models by the number of videos they have starred in on the site.



There are over nine pages of models in this section. And with 20 models per page, that’s over 180 models to choose from. Clicking on a model displays information about that particular model. You will see the model’s penname, age, gender, zodiac sign, breast and booty size, the status of their pussy hair, sexual preference, and a brief description of the star.


Towards the bottom of the page, you will see the videos that they star in. I have to say it’s easy as hell to find precisely the kind of models that you want to look at. And all the while finding exactly the videos that you want to jerk off to.


As convenient as it is to browse the models on the site, looking through the categories section pales in comparison. It’s not that the categories are displayed poorly, or they are difficult to navigate. Certainly, if you find a category that you want to browse, you can click on it and sort the categories by date, rating, relevance, and top now. However, unfortunately, there just aren’t enough categories to make looking through them really worth your time. TikTits has categories like sexy, XXX, NSFW, Teen18+, Boobs, and Naked.


The categories are okay. But a lot of them are monotonous. You only need to browse three of them to get the whole variety of what TikTits has to offer: XXX, Teen18+, and boobs. On the other hand, where are the categories for blondes, redheads, cheating, couples, and so on? I saw plenty of content that checked at least one of those boxes. It would make it more convenient to browse and find the kind of TikTok content you want to watch.



Content loads immediately

As much as I would like to use the following few paragraphs to bitch about the few categories, I want to talk about the amazing loading times. I kid you the fuck not: TikTits loads content faster than PornGeek can cum inside his mother’s panty drawer (and that’s pretty fast!). Content loads instantly, and you won’t have to worry about any buffering issues here.



I watched a ton of pornography on TikTits. I went from one TikTok to the next, trying to see how much variety there actually is. FYI, there is a ton of variety on TikTits, which is why I’m annoyed about the lack of categories. But from looking at one TikTok about couples fucking each other on a movie night to watching a teen spreading her pussy to simulate face sitting and all of that hot shit in between, I never had a problem with anything loading slowly.


Part of that is because the clips are so fucking short. You have undoubtedly browsed TikTok, so you already know how short a majority of these clips truly are. It’s the same length of content on TikTits. Still, the content loads instantly, so you are never left just hanging and waiting for the content to load.


That in and of itself is enough to make you want to jump in and out of these TikToks. Yet, one feature that I wish TikTits would add to the site is a ‘left’ or ‘right’ button to jump from one TikTok post to the next. It would make browsing everything a lot faster and easier, but it isn’t exactly a must-have feature.



Regular content posted almost daily

What excited me the most about browsing the content on TikTits was seeing just how much content is posted every fucking day. You see, TikTok banned porn on their platform a few years ago. However, some posts slip through every now and then. But by and large, when TikTok porn is found, it is almost immediately removed.



That is why it is so fucking impressive to find several XXX TikTok posts added to the site every day! There are literally dozens of pornographic posts added every fucking day! Of course, some of these may actually be older TikTok posts. But I seriously doubt that they are all like that. New content is consistently added to the site, and that is all that fucking matters.


If you want jaw-dropping short-form porn on TikTok, this is where you are going to find it. Where in the hell they are getting this content after all these years is fucking beyond me. But it’s all here for you, so you don’t have to search for it. Now go and fucking check it out!




TikTits has some of the most beautiful TikTok models who love showing their pussies and tits for their fans. There are new XXX TikToks added all the fucking time. And although the categories leave a bit to be desired, just like the bland site design, the star of the site is the content. TikTits is such an amazing website that will undoubtedly leave you happy and drained!

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