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What kind of length makes you blow your load? No, I’m not talking about the measurements of the hung porn Chad on screen, who is balls-deep in your favorite smut icon; I mean the length of the video itself. Do you prefer the longer and more drawn-out porn movies that allow you to sink into a world of masturbatory pleasure, or do you prefer those on the shorter end of the scale?


These days, I’m seeing an increasing number of people seeking out the latter kind of smut. I guess it’s because we’re living in a TikTok generation where people are more used to short-form content and want to bring that into their porn-viewing adventures, too. Well, if that sounds like you, then I have your horny ass covered!


In recent years, the all-seeing eye of the global porn industry hasn’t missed out on this phenomenon, and we’ve been seeing an increasing number of sites popping up on the scene to cater to people who want to consume as much filth as they can, in the shortest time possible. Hey, we all lead busy lives, and there’s a lot to be said for fitting in a bunch of short, sharp, and mind-blowing wanks throughout the day!


But while these sites all sound badass on the surface, let’s keep it real here because not all of them are created equally in terms of quality. There’s an ample number of fresh-faced sites that exist to give you the shittiest porn experience imaginable, and many of them pose as reputable sites to earn your trust. It’s my job to ensure that they don’t!


Today, I will introduce you to one of these sites and the array of sticky things between its virtual legs. Its name is, and it specializes in short-form XXX content that makes you feel as though you’re watching a porn version of TikTok. At least, that’s what it appears to do on the surface.


So, let’s take a deeper dive into the site, find out what it’s really all about, and see whether it can make our naughtiest fantasies come true, as its name suggests, or ruin them forever!



What is is a newly-established site that presents a wide range of erotic content from across the web in short-form videos that feel as though you’re browsing through a platform like TikTok or Instagram. All you have to do is scroll, and a sleek algorithm guides you through the numerous short videos posted by the site’s numerous content creators.



Just like major social media platforms, allows you to consume a massive array of porn in a short space of time. Plus, if you want to see more of a particular model or content creator, many offer paid premium content that you can buy in a way similar to platforms like ManyVids.


But while might have a chunky selection of erotic videos on the site; the question of whether it’s worth watching is another thing altogether. To answer it, let’s slide balls-deep into the next section and check out the erotic content on and see what it offers.



What’s the Short-Form Porn Like on

As runs on an algorithm, you don’t have a say in the content to be watched on the site, and, in the same way as being on your knees in front of a German Dominatrix, you never know what kind of utter filth is going to be stuffed in your porn-hungry mouth.



But to give you a better idea of the quality of content on, allow me to introduce you to the highlights of the content that was thrust into my horny face during my journey across the platform.


● Chinese Hooker Earning a Night in the Hilton – After her client had dumped a load on her and was ready to call it a night, this hot Chinese escort didn’t want to leave his plush room at the Shanghai Hilton. So, she struck her client a deal; he could fuck her all night if it meant she could catch some shut-eye in the room. He was more than happy with this agreement and bent her over the bed, held onto her slutty high heels for support, and turned her tight Chinese pussy into a punched lasagna with his fat cock!

● Riley Reid Worshiping a Porn MILF’s Pussy – This is a prime example of the blend of porn on the site, as it’s not all just amateur content. This short but sweet clip from a Riley Reid porno shows her dropping to her knees and burying her tongue deep in the blonde pussy of a porn MILF who is easily twice her age. The clip is cropped for the moment when this horny older woman cums violently all over Riley’s gorgeous face!

● Fuck Me Hard and Break the Bed! – This couple thought it was a great idea to buy a cheap Ikea bed for their sex sessions. However, when this hot Asian slut wrapped her hands around the metal bed frame while her BF smashed her from behind in doggy style, things got so intense that they ended up bending the metal out of shape! Fuck me, if that’s what the damage to the bed is like, what does her pussy look like after that?



The Design of the Site

Now, let’s delve into the kind of design that is rocking. Overall, the site design stands out from your average porn site as it really feels like a video-focused social media platform. is split into two sections. The first is a significant video player that displays the content fed to you via the algorithm. Sitting at the top of this is the site’s logo and a set of links that allow you to follow, see content creators deemed the most popular, and see those best suited to you. The site’s logo is plain but stylish, spelling its name in sleek-looking text.


The videos on the site contain a tonne of functions, too. These allow viewers to do everything from liking and commenting on a video to sharing it and tipping the content creator. The second half of the site is home to a profile preview of each content creator, which is in a social media style and contains the profile picture, cover photo, a short bio, a store of custom video clips, and a portfolio of their other on-site content. There are also tickers showcasing how many fans, posts, and content views each performer has.



What I Like Most About it

I’ve been balls-deep into several TikTok-style porn sites in recent months and found that a solid chunk of them fail to run smoothly and display content correctly. This is a problem that didn’t have, and I found the site ran smoother than my lubed-up cock does when it’s sliding into the well-used asshole of a 40-year-old MILF who’s been a fan of anal since she was 19.



Another positive thing that stood out to me about was that the site allows content creators to monetize content through a smooth-running store that lets fans buy their custom video content reserved for VIPs. In doing so, the site combines the ease of use of TikTok-style platforms with the custom content benefits of platforms like OnlyFans and ManyVids.


For fans of amateur Asian porn, has the potential to be a dream come true as there’s a tonne of amateur Asian sluts from around the world posting XXX content on the site. So, whether you want to see the utter filth going on in the bedrooms of Thai 19-year-olds or indulge in the sight of a Hong Kong MILF who loves riding the cocks of younger 18+ men, you’ll have fun on this site.



What I Don’t Like

The downside I found with was that the site locks down all content to non-members. When you arrive at the site, you’re pretty much unable to see anything without signing up for a profile, which can be a massive turn-off for many people. After all, why should they sign up if they have no idea of what the content within is actually like?




Suggestions I Have for

I’d suggest that loosens up on the censorship wall that hits fans in the face like a stray cumshot at an orgy. If you want to lure people into signing up for the site, at least give them some sample content that is open to all visitors. Perhaps you can enable a limit of ten reels, after which potential users are hit with a membership wall if they want to indulge in more.




Conclusion does a poor job of making a good first impression when you first land on the site due to locking down the content to members-only. However, the content within is pretty fuckin’ fun, and there’s a diverse selection of porn to enjoy in a TikTok-style format, especially if you have a soft spot in your cock for horny Asian sluts.

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