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The first time I opened FikFap, I was greeted by a big, fat ass, cheeks spread wide while the girl strokes her own crack and pokes at her glistening purple butthole. I was really expecting some boring viral shit like Tiktok—you know, like stupid dances, vandalism/injury challenges, and retards lip-synching last week’s famous internet videos. But, on the contrary, this was at least something I could crank off to, and well, you know how much I love that kind of stuff around here. has a name that sounds like utter fucking bullshit. A couple of years ago, you’d immediately wonder just what, exactly, the fuck it meant. These days, you probably get the reference if you don’t live in a cave: this is a free amateur porn website that looks and feels a hell of a lot like TikTok. Hell, I’m in the door as soon as you start talking about homemade smut, and I’m a sucker for a unique presentation. The big question is how easy this one is to beat off. Based on their growing traffic over the last few months, to the tune of around 3 million visitors a month, I’m guessing there’s more here to shake your dick at than just that juicy booty I found out front.

Juicy Booties, Horny 18+ Teens, and Kinky Sluts

I think it was just sheer chance that the first thing I saw on Fik Fap was the chick doing stuff to her butt. After staring at the short loop for a few minutes on my laptop, I opened the site on my phone for a more “native” feel. This time I was greeted by a montage of a babe in a pink dress dancing at the side of the road before getting fingered and sucking cock. You never see her eyes, but her mouth is smiling and dripping sperm by the end of the loop.



I swiped up and saw another beauty hiding her face but showing almost everything else, groping her big boobies for the camera. Another swipe and a fully naked redhead stepped away from the camera to give us a better view as she fondles herself and sucks a finger. This one was less shy, letting us see that pretty face while she touches her naughty bits. I think she’s mixed, white, and something else, maybe Asian; gorgeous, sexy, and exotic.


Another swipe brought me to a handjob scene, and the next to a goth girl wearing nothing but boots as she bangs herself with a huge clear dildo. In less than a minute of FikFap, I witnessed dong-riding cosplay cuties, POV doggy style moments, restrained femdom BDSM with forced cock milking, nude and lubed twerking, face-riding, stripping, voyeur-cam boat sex, and even some MILF-themed taboo.


The loop-based format of means you’re going to be seeing a lot of very short videos and loops instead of the full-length scenes you’ll find on other porn sites. This might be a bummer for folks who prefer to crank it to one long movie, but I can’t help noticing the killer selection they’ve got. They’re drawing material from multiple sources, resulting in a wide range of porn genres being represented. It’s almost all DIY material like OnlyFans-style clips and iPhone hookup videos, with a few more professional shots popping up from time to time.

Instant Porn, Right Fucking Now

I’ve had a couple of broads try to tell me I’d actually really enjoy TikTok if I gave it a chance. Well, I tried, and while there’s some decent stuff on there, it always boils down to the same problem for me. TikTok just isn’t that easy to jerk off to.



FikFap is another type of beast entirely, but you know what? It actually helps me understand the popularity of TikTok. The setup and delivery are damn similar to my eye, and it clues me in to a huge selling point for both the Tok and the Fap. It’s the immediacy. I fucking love how it skips that initial selection process you find on a traditional porn tube and instead just delivering immediate loop after loop after loop of fappable content. It’s instant porn right now.


I’m actually less interested in where they got their inspiration for the design than the actual design itself. This is a really fucking good way to give fans a quick and easy stream of fap fodder without all of the clicking and potential typing that goes with using a typical free site. In addition, they’ve streamlined the interface to keep it down to just a bare minimum of practical, essential icons and text, giving the rest of the screen to hot MILFs and well-endowed (18+)teens.


One of the things that help people get hooked on TikTok is how their algorithms learn what you’re into and then feed you more of that content. It’s a similar formula to what companies like Google, Facebook, Amazon, and Spotify do to win you over for entire wasted days at a time, and I was curious if FikFap had a similar thing going on. So I poked around, and it doesn’t seem like there is, at least not yet. There’s a heart button to Like stuff, which is a great first step.


Of course, they’d be shooting themselves in the dick if they didn’t offer a way for masturbators to skip right to the stuff that makes them all hard and drippy. So I clicked away from the FikFap Feed and into their Discover section. There’s a search bar, which is always nice to see, but I’m also immediately interested in the hashtags they’re offering up. They’re in alphabetical order, starting with #1819 and #2busty2hide, which are both pretty damn self-explanatory.


I had barely scrolled down the screen at all before I got stuck in the #altgonewild section, watching tatted-up bimbos, emo chicks, and Manic Panic pixies flash their titties, play with themselves, and fuck their boyfriends. Then, after I’d spent half an hour there, I fell down the rabbit hole again at #bigasses, #gonewild18, and #hugeboobs.


Holy shit, my dudes. There’s no number listed and no easy way to guess or add them up, but there’s got to be thousands of short porn videos in the collection. And that’s really saying something, especially since has only been online for a few months. They’re already a hell of a lot better than TikTok in my book, and they’re still a young site. The best is probably yet to cum. Speaking of…

How’s It All Going to Turn Out?

FikFap quickly made a strong impression within minutes of hitting the site, but it isn’t quite perfect yet. They’re aware of that, which leads me to my only real complaint about the website. FikFap is still a work in progress, and you’ll notice that from time to time as you’re flipping through public indecency, intimate encounters, and solo girls with cucumbers shoved up their buttholes. I ran into some minor buffering issues if I tried to flip through loops too fast, which tells me they’re growing so fast they’re having trouble managing the traffic.



There are features you’d expect that aren’t there yet, though their About page tells us they’re working on them. I guess the current scheme is to build up the basic user experience before implementing features like individual user accounts. Once they’ve hooked enough users, they’d like to have a creator platform; maybe some OnlyFans babes will migrate over here as they grow. I’m also hoping for some of those fetish-sniffing algorithms I mentioned to customize your feed automatically.


None of these issues make FikFap a lousy site. On the contrary, I think it’s great, and I see a lot of fucking potential. Based on that growing traffic, I’m clearly not the only one. They’ve tapped into something here that I think could be big. They’ve combined what people love about a major social media platform with what they love about jerking off, and that sounds like a recipe for success.

It remains to be seen how builds their setup and their audience, but they’re off to a fucking killer start. There’s really not much more to be said, but in case you’re on the fence, let me just remind you of that immediacy again. If you give the site just ten seconds of your time, there’s a good chance you’ll end up jonesing for more.

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