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AI Exotic

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AI Exotic

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AIExotic would have seemed like pure fantasy only a year ago, the kind of thing that perverts could only dream about but never experience in real life. What was once just a pipe dream is now creating our wet dreams out of thin air, as AI can spit out custom porno with just a few taps on the screen. Naturally, this has been really fucking bad for my productivity, but at least my blue balls have been cured for the time being.


Yes, my horny friends, uses artificial intelligence to generate your very own custom nudes and simulated porn pics. The domain was registered back in 2022, though their explosion in popularity is a more recent thing. Close to a hundred thousand visitors stopped by last month to play with the machine, and I just couldn’t resist giving it a test drive for myself. Let’s see what this thing is really capable of.



Getting Exotic with AI Exotic

“We don’t make Deep Fakes,” reads the front-page promo blurb at AI Exotic. “We bring FANTASIES to life.” I think it’s a fair assessment, because the current wave of AI porn generators seems to have pushed all that talk about deepfakes into the background. About a year ago, I had a BBC producer asking me about the potential hazards of deepfakes, but the chatter largely seems to have died down. Fakes are still getting more realistic, but fully AI-generated porn has been getting a lot more attention.



I’m sure part of that shift is just the novelty of AI porn. There’s also the matter of immediacy. If you want to make a fake of your ex-girlfriend, your sister or some famous chick, you’ve got to dig up some high-quality source material to work with. There’s no such prep work at AIExotic, where you simply select a handful of keywords to build your dream girl. It’s kind of like Mr. Potato Head, except you’ll be jacking off to it.


It’s worth mentioning that they have a custom prompt feature coming soon. Up to this point, most AI porn generators have used either a prompt- or menu-based interface, but it’s becoming more common to integrate both. The menus are a bit easier, especially for newcomers, and reduce the chances of hideous deformities and eldritch horrors. Prompt-based systems, on the other hand, offer a little more versatility in exchange for a little more effort, and sometimes an extra limb or two.


The menu options currently include 8 different Generation Models, each offering a different style of art. As you’ll notice from the site’s Showcase, they specialize in custom fake photos and high-quality hentai, with a few models that straddle the line between the two. Manga and photos are the standards on most of these sites, though I wouldn’t be surprised to see AI Exotic unveil other models in the future. We’re still in the early days of AI porn, with the genre fleshing itself out a little more every day.



Let’s Make Some Custom Porn!

Like most of the current AI porn generators out there, AI Exotic will let you have some fun without paying for it, with the limitations you’ve probably come to expect. Membership plans start at ten bones a month, which includes 200 images and daily bonus credits, no watermarks and subscriber access models. The $15 and $30 tiers add some more perks to the package, like enhanced image quality, more tags, remixing and unlimited generation.



In any case, you’ll make your way to the Create page, where you’ll start checking off boxes. I began by choosing the realistic Erotic Girl model and Enhanced image quality. Keywords are broken down by category, with options for Base, Body, Face, Clothes, Scenario, Explicit and Styles. Making my way through the menu, I asked for 20-year-old Persian Mistress, shot from the Back in a Kneeling position. I wanted her to have a Curvy body, Accentuated Booty, Gigantic Breasts and a pair of Cheeky Panties.


After making my selections, I clicked AIExotic’s Create button. According to my stopwatch, the pic developed in about 14 seconds, and it’s fucking fantastic. I’ve been reviewing these sites for a few months now as they’ve been popping up, and I think this may be the first time an AI image managed to nail every single one of the keywords I’d selected. The imaginary woman I’d created was smoking hot, and I wouldn’t have guessed she was AI-generated if I hadn’t made her myself. saves your creations in your History. I pulled up my Persian princess and hit the Remix button, which reopened the generation menu with all the same boxes checked off. I left all the tags as they were, but this time I selected the Hentai Euphoria model. This one took about 24 seconds, and the results were remarkably similar. It looks like the same girl, in the same pose, in the same scene and the same outfit, only she’s now a big-eyed anime girl instead of “real” one.



Stripping Your Favorite Characters Naked

Some of’s best gimmicks ain’t quite apparent from the front page. One nice surprise I found while fucking with the menu was the wide range of Cosplay options listed under the Clothes menu. Their system will let you create custom sexy versions of popular characters like Chun-Li, Daenerys Targaryen, Harley Quinn and Elsa from Frozen. I’ve seen other sites with similar parody character options, but it looks like AI Exotic has one of the biggest selections I’ve seen.



I cleared my prompt and started over. With the Sensual Muse model, I asked AIExotic for a sexed-up version of Wednesday Addams with a Giant Ass and Fat Breasts, as well as One Leg Up. The goth girl dreamed up by the machine could certainly pass for Wednesday, and she’s got the large endowments I’d requested. Unfortunately, her torso is stacked onto her body backwards, tits in the back and ass on the front.


I left everything the same and clicked the Create button again. Wednesday still has both feet on the ground and kind of a creepy face, but at least I could jack off to the second version. Part of the magic of AI porn generation is that you can just keep trying until you get it right. Sometimes, especially with more complicated request, you’ll have some feeling around to do.



But Can It Do Straight-Up Porn? also has a selection of “Super Tags”, currently still in beta. The super tags include picture-defining actions like Blowjobs, Titfucks, Milking Machines and POV Doggystyle. If you’ve ever tried to create full-on porn with an AI generator, you know that it’s often a lot harder than making regular ol’ nudes.



I gave it a shot, keeping it relatively simple with a request for a chubby Asian in a POV Squatting Cowgirl pose. The first pic was a naked Asian chick squatting in an empty room by herself. The second babe is in the same position, but with a disembodied penis poking outward from her vagina like she’s giving birth to a dong. The weird, detatched ding-a-ling made a few more appearances as I clicked the Create button, but I eventually got what I wanted: a POV shot of a thick Asian chick riding a dude’s hog.


It may have taken me a few minutes of trial and error, but the custom porn was worth the effort. It’s also a good demonstration of what AIExotic is capable of, and where it’s heading. I’ve only been reviewing these sites for a few months, because that’s as long as they’ve been around, but it’s fucking wild how quickly they’re evolving. AIExotic is already banging out some high-quality custom smut, and I know it’s only going to keep getting better. is worth a look if you’re into AI porno or even just curious what these machines are capable of. Speaking as a professional masturbator, I think it’s a miracle on par with turning water into wine, oregano into cannabis, or wet dreams into nudie pics. The inclusion of all the cosplay characters will be a big selling point for the weebs and neckbeards, since most sites don’t have those, but the overall high quality of the service will hook everybody else. If nothing else, I’d take advantage of those freebies they offer.

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