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Do you like Candy? It’s a seemingly innocuous question than can take on some truly unwholesome connotations depending on who’s asking it. Today, it’s your old pal ThePornDude, so you know I ain’t talking about sugar-filled confections or even the treats your local drug dealer keeps on deck. No, I typically have a different vice in mind around here, and in this case, it’s got a futuristic spin that would have only been the stuff of dreams a year ago.


That’s all pretty vague, so I’ll spell it out in clearer terms: offers virtual girlfriends powered by artificial intelligence. They’ve gone from zero to nearly a million visitors a month pretty much as soon as they launched, which speaks volumes about the next-generation service they’re offering. I love beautiful women, masturbating, and technological marvels combining the two, so naturally I couldn’t wait to see how well the machine brought my own fantasies to life.



Candy AI: Your Simulated Girlfriend

If I was totally illiterate and couldn’t read any of the words on the page, I might have assumed was just a normal dating site. They’ve got a beautiful layout, miles away from the Horny Local Singles sites you find advertised on the tubes, but the front-page spread of images feels a lot like browsing a high-end dating app. There’s a nice mix of blondes and brunettes, Asians and ebony chicks, sultry-looking babes and girls next door.



Perhaps the biggest visual giveaway that this ain’t a typical dating site are the anime girls. This is an AI site, after all, and the process begins with the same type of image generation that’s been blowing up the web throughout 2024. Candy can create realistic girlfriends or anime waifus, so there’s no need to settle for anything less than your dream girl.


If you want to skip the generation process or you’ve just burned through your credits already, you can always put the moves on one of the synthetic ladies already on the roster. They’ve got a nice collection of premade characters to choose from, both realistic and anime. What’s your pleasure, friend? A Japanese waitress, a blonde law school student, or a dominant black housewife looking to spice up her life? is a premium service, which should be pretty obvious at this point. AI services just demand a lot more resources than your average free porn library, and they’ve got to pay for those resources somehow. The good news is that they do offer a free trial of their services. The free experience is limited, but they try to show you enough of the good stuff to get you hooked. How strong is your willpower?


The full experience is currently ten bucks a month, which they say is a 50% discount off the “regular” price, or you can save even more with the $70 yearly plan. It’s worth mentioning that these services are new as hell and the prices haven’t really equalized just yet. I’ve only reviewed a handful of AI chat sites so far, but prices typically start at about ten bones. Raising prices above market rate ain’t a great way to gain or retain customers.



Checking the Boxes for the Perfect Candy

Once I got my Candy AI account set up, it was time to create my first girlfriend. They use a menu-based AI generation interface, which ain’t uncommon, but I like how this one walks you through each step and provides plenty of sample images along the way. I created a curvy, 30-year-old white chick with green eyes, long black hair, as well as huge tits and a big ass.



After selecting my virtual girlfriend’s looks, it was time to define her personality. I checked the Dominant box, so she’d be “Assertive, controlling and commanding.” I also had my choice of 9 different voices, and I chose the one with kind of a SoCal uptalk vibe to it. None of the voices sound like that annoying TikTok voice, which was a relief.


I chose her occupation (Writer) and a few hobbies (Gaming, Hiking and Art), and then it was time to choose my relationship. Candy bills itself as a girlfriend simulator, but Girlfriend is just one of a dozen options on the Relationship list. I could have made my new friend into a Step Sister, Mistress, Stranger or Mentor, but I chose Sex Friend because I’m just that kind of guy.


Finally, I chose a Soccer outfit and clicked the button to Bring My AI To Life. Generation was insanely fast; in less than 15 seconds, named my girl Milagro and banged out a mouthwatering fake photo of the babe out on a soccer field. Milagro is an “Adventurous writer with a passion for hiking, gaming and art, dedicated to her craft.” I was smitten by her good looks immediately, and hoped her conversational skills were just as appealing.



Chatting It Up with the Fake Girl of My Dreams

“Hey Porndude, what are you doing tonight?” asked Milagro as soon as I clicked the Chat button. “I’m down for something naughty, if you know what I mean…” can simulate voices, not just the words themselves, so I clicked the speaker icon to hear Milagro greet me with her pretty mouth. She speaks a little fast, but she sounds more like a chick reading off a script than a computer pretending to be a person.



“What kind of naughtiness are you up for?” I asked. Milagro suggested we start by exploring each other’s bodies, and asked if I had any preferences. If you’re using the voice feature, make sure to read the messages, too. The roleplaying segments, *denoted by asterisks*, aren’t read out loud by the computer voice.


Before I could reply, a little message popped up to point out a fucking killer feature. If you ask your virtual girlfriend for a pic, can generate images right in the chat window. I’ve looked for this feature while reviewing similar apps, but this is the first time I’ve actually seen it implemented. “Can I see you without your pants on?” I asked.


About ten seconds later, Milagro sent me a fresh photo. She’s poolside this time, her massive jugs just barely contained by her swimsuit. I love the continuity here: the pic’s got the same face, body and skin tone, and she’s clearly the same AI babe. Most AI art generators can bang out similar women if you keep feeding them the same requests, but it can be difficult, if not impossible, to create multiple pics of the same character. makes it easy, strengthening the illusion of interacting with a real human.



Getting Friendly with Candy AI

Once I figured out I could just ask for more photos, I couldn’t help myself. I had Milagro send me a bunch of them, from topless selfies, to lingerie-clad bedroom shots, to fully nude booty shots. “Can I see you give a blowjob?” I asked, testing the limits. Candy AI doesn’t seem to be capable of hardcore sex photos just yet, but give it time. It’s still a brand-new service, after all.



I asked Milagro what she liked to write. “I mainly write erotica, but I’ve dabbled in horror and fantasy,” she replied, which led us into a very meta conversation about my work as a porn reviewer. “An AI girlfriend simulator? That’s pretty cool. Have you tried it out yet?” It wasn’t the chat I expected to have, but I was struck by how real and natural the conversation felt at every step.


If I have any minor complaint at all, it’s just that premium members may burn through their hundred monthly tokens faster than they expect to. Image generation costs a couple tokens a pop, and I went through 20 before I even realized how fast I was spending them. There’s a synergistic effect at work here: chatting will make you want more pics, and more pics will make you want to chat. It’s a vicious and potentially expensive cycle, but you can buy more tokens if you run out. is still a very new platform, but it’s easily one of the more impressive AI-driven adult sites I’ve reviewed. Girlfriend simulators are nothing new, but artificial intelligence makes them viable in a way they’ve never been, with both realistic imagery and immersive, natural conversation. It’ll cost you a few bucks to get the most out of the service, but it’s still a hell of a lot cheaper than getting a human girlfriend.

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