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When you think of Glam Girls, who exactly do you envision? The term has taken on different connotations over the years, from the big-haired metalheads of the ‘80s to the well-maintained beauty influencers of today. Really, though, the shortened form of “glamorous” could be applied to all types of women, and with this next website, there’s no reason to slap the label on anybody but your perfect dream girl. So, what kind of women are you into? uses Artificial Intelligence to dream up realistic pictures based on your own fantasies. “Meet your glamorous wifey” reads the invitation out front, and I’m always down to shake my dick at beautiful women, real or otherwise. The site is literally just getting off the ground as I type this up, and I was eager to get an early look and see how the platform compares to earlier entries into the niche. Click the link to follow along at home or to head straight to the lab and do some tinkering of your own.



Ready to Meet Your AI Waifu?

AI porn is easily the fastest growing adult niche to pop up in recent years. OnlyFans changed the whole online porn scene when the pandemic kicked off, but I’ve only reviewed a couple dozen copycat sites in the years since. On the other hand, I’ve already got 60 image generators on my list of AI Porn Sites just months after adding the category. Between my list of Premium Deepfake Porn Sites and my list of AI Sex Chat Sites, you’ve got another 50 AI-powered adult playgrounds to step into.



GlamGirls is another image generator, and the website itself looks a million times nicer than the early examples of the niche. The overall presentation looks clean, modern and professional. There’s no nudity on the front page, though there’s enough exposed flesh that you may feel weird perusing with your coworkers standing over your shoulder.


Most of the AI porn generators offer a choice between instant hentai or custom fake photos, sometimes with other artistic styles in the mix, but keeps their focus a little tighter. As of this writing, they’re creating synthetic but highly realistic “photos” of beautiful women. There’s a button to explore the gallery, but it’s only a handful of pics near the bottom of the page. is still a very new site, which may be why I couldn’t find the pricing info right away. I wasn’t prompted to put any quarters into the machine until I was about to finalize my first image. There’s no free trial, which is a weird bummer when almost every site offers freebies, but they do have a nice, cheap early-bird price. I’m not sure how long it’ll last, but membership is currently only $3, which might make it the cheapest adult image generator on the market.



Let’s Make Some Glam Girls!

They don’t waste any time at all getting to the fun stuff at GlamGirls, literally greeting you with the first steps of their generation process right from the front page. You’ll start by choosing an ethnicity and an age, and I really love how they’ve included a whole picture menu instead of the usual checklist of keywords you find on other sites. I opted for an Aussie chick in her 20s and then clicked Next, bringing me to the next page of illustrated character options.



I asked for a babe with a fit body type, red hair in a ponytail, XXL tits and a Large ass. When the menu of Clothing popped up, I was a little bummed to find it’s text-based, but I get it; with this many options, a picture menu might be a little overwhelming, especially if they’re planning on expanding. I tapped the Cheerleader button and kept moving.


They’ve currently got 15 locales to drop your Glam Girls into, and yeah, they’ve got little pictures of the places. I asked to see her in a casino, at which point they showed me a summary of the options I’d selected. It’s a nice little final step that I haven’t seen on any of the other AI babe generators, giving me one final chance to switch up my selections. The whole process is so quick and simple that it might not matter much, but I still appreciate the overview.


Finally, I clicked the button to Create My GlamGirl. In about 15 seconds, it spat out 4 impressive fake photos. I was only expecting one shot, so the quartet of topless pics was a nice surprise. She ain’t dressed like a cheerleader, and it looks more like she’s in a hotel lobby than a casino, but she looks like a real woman. She does have that uncanny perfection you expect from AI-generated pics, which is the only real giveaway the pics are fake; I don’t see any extra fingers, lopsided boobies or other deformities.


I also love how she’s got the same face in all four photos. Usually when I’m generating multiple pics on other platforms, they’ll take my criteria and make a handful of similar women. That’s great for a lot of masturbatory purposes, but what if you’re dreaming up an extended fantasy about your ideal waifu? GlamGirls offers facial continuity that’s been hard to find among AI porn generators. It’s a great feature that I expect to become more widespread, but these guys are ahead of the curve.



Masturbation and Limitations

It’s so easy to create Glam Girls with that there’s really no learning curve. After doing it once and getting a feel for it, I started cranking out my own little army of custom waifus. I made pigtailed Latina baristas, purple-haired teen bimbos, blonde MILFs in the snow and sexy Asian grandmas in swimsuits. The pics consistently came out quickly and beautifully. Creations are not saved to your profile, and there’s no Download button, so make sure to right-click and save anything you want to crank off to later.



There is, however, a certain sameness to the pics I was generating. The GlamGirls interface doesn’t have some of the common options I expect, like different poses, different angles, and different lighting. Every pic I generated is a front-facing shot from the tits up, typically with those knockers exposed, and rarely in outfits that looked like the option I’d chosen. I love legs and butts, so I really wish full body shots were an option.


This is at odds with those front-page Gallery pics, with wider angles and full sets of clothing. If they were created with the same image generator, I wish they’d roll in whatever options they used to make them! There are a few bikini shots that show everything from the thigh up, which is more my style, at least until AI feet have improved just a little more. We’re almost there!


I do expect Glam Girls to unveil more options on their interface, for a couple reasons. For one thing, all of these AI sites are still developing, and this is one of the newest ones to hit the web. Secondly, more options would make them more competitive. At the very least, you’ve got to have the expected features if you’re hoping to break into this quickly growing niche.


Right now, the best things GlamGirls has to offer are the quality of their output and that cheap-ass price. Despite that weird sameness to the output, the pics I made today all look realistic and fully worth busting out the lube for. That’s easily worth three bucks, and it’ll be an even better deal when the generator grows a little more versatile. The image-based menu is also a sweet feature, one that will become even sweeter as it expands. would be a little easier to recommend if they had an industry-standard free trial, but I’d say this one’s worth a look if you want a cheap adult image generator and you’re mainly into boobs. This thing excels at topless shots, banging out four at a time with every spin of the wheel. You can see the full image generation menu without signing up for an account, so take a look and see if it’s got what you’re looking for. If not, well, it’s probably just a matter of time.

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