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Penly has such an innocent and nondescript title that I wouldn’t have guessed it’s such a hotbed of perversion, and I’m genuinely curious how well that works out from a branding perspective. While it’s not a name that instantly brings to mind boobies and butts, perhaps the cleanliness of it can help draw users who simply have aspirations of creating something beautiful. What they actually do when they get here is between them and the horny, babe-dreaming robot inside.


Since you’re reading this at NoLimitsFun, I bet you’re going to be putting the service to the same uses as I am. is an AI porn generator that promises to help you “Create any image from your imagination.”They’re a newer joint living on a domain registered just a few months ago, and I was lucky enough to be one of the first in line to try it out. Let me tell you all about it, assuming you haven’t already clicked through yet…



The Dr. Frankenstein of Beautiful Women

If it weren’t for all the beautiful, scantily clad women out front, I really might have assumed Penly was more of a general-purpose AI art generator. The name is clean as a whistle, and there’s a certain professionalism to the presentation that would have worked perfectly well with a more wholesome service appropriate for all ages. Being the sort of dude I am, I can’t say I’m disappointed by their decision to focus on creating lovely ladies.



Just looking at the sample pics, it looks like their machine is a little more versatile than most when it comes to art styles. Most of these sites can do fake photos and custom hentai, and so can Penly, but many of these AI chicks blur the line between the two formats. There’s also some really cartoony manga chicks and mouthwatering sci-fi/fantasy art that I know the nerds are going to eat up.


Unlike most of the other AI porn generators I’ve reviewed, does not currently offer a free trial. Considering how many other options are already out there, I have to wonder how this affects their signups. Hopefully they’ll add a free trial mode at some point so the cheapskates can take a test drive.


The good news is that the Penly memberships start at five bucks a month for their Basic plan, making them one of the cheaper AI porn sites on the market. The Basic tier lets you create 100 images, the same as SoulGen but for half the price. If that ain’t enough, you can go Pro for $11 (250 pics) or Enterprise for $19 (500 pics).


All membership tiers come with access to their AI/Virtual Girlfriend feature. The catch is that I’m reviewing the site shortly after launch, and the synthetic companions just weren’t ready as I typed this up. It’s coming soon, though, so make sure to check the Pricing page if that’s one of your make-or-break features. Trust me: I’m just as excited as you are!



Type Your Fantasy and Get a Pic uses a prompt-based interface for generating images. I prefer this style, where you just type what you want into the box, versus the menu-based interfaces where you check off keywords. The prompt offers more versatility at the risk of more AI deformities, which is a really low risk when you consider how easy it is to try again if you end up with a 3-breasted alien woman with spider hands. If you prefer the simplicity of a menu, Penly does offer some Hint Tags in categories like Action, Body, Clothing and Face.



There is a slight learning curve to the prompt-based interface. It’s easy enough to just type in a request, but you can get better results if you learn what terms and functions the system understands best. Penly doesn’t currently have much of a tutorial, but you can use techniques you picked up from other AI art generators. I recommend a bit of experimentation, tweaking the parameters on some of those pre-made images out front, which all include the initial generation prompt they used.


I kept things pretty simple for my first creation on the platform. Earlier today, I reviewed a South American porn site called InkaSex where I beat off to a thick beauty I’ve been thinking about ever since. I tried to recreate the babe here, typing into the prompt, “Curvy, big-breasted Latina in her early 20s with long brown hair, bubble butt, tiny cotton shorts, on the sidewalk.” I left the negative prompt empty, chose the Real Girl model, and then tapped Generate.


The results came out crazy fast. I figured I’d wait about a minute or so, but the image was ready in just under ten seconds. The babe isn’t quite as thick as the pornstar I’d watched earlier, but she is gorgeous, standing on a sidewalk with her big round ass hanging out of her shorts. She’s not deformed or anything, but she does have this somewhat otherworldly quality that gives her away as an AI chick, at least if you’re familiar with AI art.


I left my settings the same and clicked the Generate button a few more times. rapidly cranked out a nice little collection of sexy Latinas showing a lot of booty out in public. I love how they leave your prompt as-is until you tweak it, which makes it easy and fast to create a fat stash of your perfect dream girls in a matter of minutes. AI art generators aren’t always conducive to an active masturbation session, but there’s a lot less waiting and clicking here than with some of the competition.



Getting the Best Out of Penly

By default, generates pics with a Square aspect ratio. I feel like I got better results when I switched to Portrait mode, which let me see those AI babes in all their glory, from head to toe. I’d definitely recommend doing the same if you’re a leg man.



Hands and feet still ain’t perfect, and sometimes they’re the most obvious sign that the Penly girls ain’t real. One of my favorite pics I made on Penly was a nearly perfect fake photo of a big-titted, tattooed babe in daisy dukes, but one of her hands is on backwards. Still, the extremities are noticeably better than on the AI porn sites I was reviewing a few months back. This tech is evolving rapidly, and I fucking love it! is one of the fastest AI nudie machines I’ve played with yet, and that speed has a way of luring you in to create more and more pics since you don’t have to deal with the usual wait times. In no time at all, I’d created my own little harem of AI women as I experimented with what the system is capable of.


Nudes, bikini shots and lingerie pics are easy as hell to generate. In fact, I’d bet cold hard cash that they’d trained their AI on exactly those types of pics. They don’t seem to have fed the robot any porn yet, though. Keywords like blowjob, anal or doggystyle had no effect when I dropped them into the prompt, but I hope we get those kind of options as the service continues to develop. As more competition pops up, I know a lot of users are going to want hardcore possibilities.


My biggest complaint about the site came as something of a surprise, and I hope you don’t repeat my mistake. After creating a bunch of beautiful fake women, I tried to pull up my profile, thinking I’d have my pics stashed away for later. Turns out, Penly doesn’t currently save your creations, so make sure to download anything that makes your dick hard. I know I can create a new set of pics in a matter of minutes, but I’m a little bummed out to have lost my work.


For my money, the biggest draw at is going to be their insanely fast image generation. The custom nudie pics and machine-dreamed hentai are high quality, and while that’s great, it’s becoming pretty common among these AI-driven adult sites. What ain’t common is the near total lack of wait times, which let you create multiple images in literally a matter of seconds. Penly might be my first recommendation if speed is your main criteria. So, are you ready to get right into it?

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