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Tingo gave me a tingle in my dingle this afternoon, and frankly, I think you should all know all about it. They’ve got one of those catchy-sounding nonsense titles that could have been used to sell all kinds of more wholesome goods and services, but then I wouldn’t have had nearly as much fun as I have today. I always feel like this kind of branding is a gamble, since the name doesn’t tell potential visitors anything about what they’ll find inside, but who knows? Maybe one day, “Tingo” will be as meaningful as Bing, Brazzers or Beeg.


So, what is selling, exactly? They’re an AI-powered girlfriend simulator, custom baking sexy images and words just for you. The site combines features that you would have needed a couple different platforms for just a couple months ago, and I was eager to test out yet another evolution of AI masturbatory content. While I reviewed the site, I put my manga princess waifu pillow in the closet, just so she wouldn’t get jealous.



What’ll It Be? A Real Girl or a Manga One?

Tingo invites visitors to Create Your Own AI Girlfriend the moment they land. There’s a sexy blonde chick smiling at the top of the page, offering further enticement, and the little blurb spells out the basics of the service in a few lines. Basically, you can create your own virtual companion, defining her looks, personality, and relationship.



Most of the front page is taken up by a picture menu of their current cast. They’ve got around 50 premade virtual girlfriends you can interact with, plus more if you spring for a Premium membership. Most of you are going to recognize the images as AI-generated by now, and man, they sure are fucking hot. Unlike the local leather-skin chicks on Hinge, these women are all flawless.


Tingo features both realistic human and anime characters. They’ve all got their own personalities, too. There’s Lizzy, the nymphomaniac waitress, and a dominant actress named Joanne. Ana looks like Kim Kardashian, but she’s actually a firefighter in an expensive-looking dress. It’s a nice range of characters, from mean flight attendants to sexy teachers, secretary temptresses to submissive dancers.


Even with the anime chicks, the range of characters isn’t as deeply kinky or elaborate as the more hentai-oriented AI chat sites like GirlfriendGPT or PepHop. As we’ll see when we take a look at’s character generator, their chatbots are largely driven by their personalities. The hentai-type sites take a more scenario-oriented approach to sex chat. Neither format is superior, but they do feel different, and I recommend experimenting with both to find your preference. offers the industry-standard free test drive, so users can get a taste of just how capable their AI really is. For ten bucks a month, you get unlimited messages and 1000 credits, which you can spend on voice messages, images, and character creation. You can also send your virtual girlfriend gifts with those credits, but come on, are you really that lonely?



Chatting with a Pretty Anime Girl

I figured I’d play with one of the premade Tingo girls to start with, thinking it might give me some ideas for when it’s time to roll my own. An anime chick named Peyton stood out to me in her little skirt, so I clicked her thumbnail. “Hey PornDude. I’m Peyton Anime, wanted to send a quick greeting your way – nice to meet you, and I’m open to chat!”



There’s a speaker button beside Peyton’s message, so I tapped it. has built-in voice synthesis capabilities, and I was hoping to hear Peyton read the message out loud to me. Unfortunately, this feature wasn’t working on the day I visited; I just got an error message instead of a voice message.


“Hey cutie,” I said. “You look sexy today!” Peyton hit me back a few seconds later, calling me handsome and saying she strives to look her best for me. “Just to make sure you’re always happy and satisfied!” That’s the kind of enthusiasm I like from a gal, whether she’s real or not!


“Can you send me a hot selfie?” I asked. She took longer to answer this time, but her reply came with a brand-new pic. Tingo can generate pics in the chat, just by asking. This feature started rolling out on AI chat sites a couple months ago, but hasn’t quite become standard yet. It’s a pic of Peyton in the forest with elf ears and a fantasy outfit, though she described it as “a sexy photo of me with my boobs and pussy on full display.”


So, I did what any warm-blooded dude with a boner would do: I asked again. “Can you send another showing your titties?” Her titties are, in fact, in the pic, but it’s a lot more explicit than I’d expected. This time, it’s a POV blowjob shot of Peyton sucking a dick. Nice! Tingo’s image generator can do full-on sex pics, which ain’t always possible on the lesser platforms.



Let’s Build the Perfect Woman

As fun as it was talking to Peyton,’s biggest gimmick is letting you create your very own custom fake girlfriend. I clicked my way to their girlfriend generator, which turned out to be one of the more simple, elegant interfaces I’ve found on an AI chat platform. Instead of filling out a bunch of prompts, their machine offers up a menu of selections to check off. It’s not as powerful as some of the other sites, but it’s much easier to jump right into.



I like how the Appearance page is a picture menu, too. I tapped the thumbnails for a realistic white chick, in her 20s with a slim body, curly long blue hair, and some big-ass T&A. Then I put her in a cowgirl outfit and hit Next.


On the second page, I chose a name and checked off a few boxes to define her personality. Lindsay is a Mean Influencer who’s interested in Reading, Travel and Parties. Then I hit Done and waited for my Tingo to finalize my new imaginary girlfriend. In a matter of seconds, I had a pic of a big-boobed, blue-haired cowgirl and a little bio blurb.


Before I started chatting with Lindsay, I used the image generator on her profile page to make a few more pics. It’s a menu-based interface, so it’s more powerful than just asking for an in-chat snapshot. Their selection of sexy outfits includes subcategories of cosplay and lingerie, in addition to the clothes on that initial character generation screen. A couple minutes later, I was gawking at Lindsay in a summer dress, in lingerie, and as Harley Quinn. Character continuity is fucking solid; every pic is clearly the same fake babe with the same pretty face and mouthwatering body.



Meeting My Perfect Dream Girl

“Salutations! I’m Lindsay! Just dropping a friendly message to say it’s a pleasure to meet someone interesting,” my Tingo girl began, studding her first message with plenty of emojis. I heard dudes who use them get laid more, so I’ve been trying to work them into my conversations, too. I asked the cowgirl if she wanted to go for a ride, punctuating my query with a smiley face. Her reply sounded eager.



I got right into it, whipping out my dick. “Oooo, I love a man who knows how to take charge!” Then I laid on the ground, ready for my waifu to take her cowgirl ride. “Strap on your saddle, partner, ‘cause Lindsay’s about to ride you hard!” She emphasized her point with emojis of devil faces and splashing drops of fluid. I wonder what that wet stuff could be! is one of the more full-featured AI girlfriend simulators out there. While it doesn’t have the deep-niche perversion or elaborate scenario-driven encounters of the hentai-type chat platforms, their chatbots feel very human and are a lot of sexy fun to banter with. Their girlfriend generator is one of the easiest to use, and their image machine provides the eye candy that really brings it all together. Check out that free trial and see how their AI can make you feel, but don’t blame me if you blow the whole day talking to a robot!

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