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PornGen is an adult website with a distinctly 21st century title, or to be more precise, a name that places it squarely in 2024. Just a year or two ago, it would have been a lot harder to guess what kind of smut they’re peddling, but I understood the gimmick even before I clicked the link. We’re living through the early days of the AI porn revolution, so my big question was just how well these guys measure up to the competition. is generating pornographic art using Artificial Intelligence; this machine can undress your wholesome photos or create dirty pics from scratch. The joint was just launched a few months ago, but their traffic has been rising by hundreds of thousands of visitors a month. Today, your old pal The Porn Dude is among them once again. Who wants to make some nudes with me?



Who Wants to Make Some AI Boobies?

Porn Gen has one of the nicer landing pages I’ve seen among the early AI porn generator sites. The first wave of them all had the most barebones layouts, though more recent examples have put more effort into the design. These guys go a step further, decking out that tour with sexy imagery, a clean and modern color scheme, and a logo imitating Pornhub’s iconic two-tone monogram.



A lot of the other guys try to keep it clean out front, acting like their users aren’t going to be using the robot to make topless hotties. SoulGen, for example, has an almost comically clean tour page. Meanwhile, PornGen doesn’t bullshit their visitors. They know what you’re up to, so they offer up plenty of examples to show you what they’re capable of. The first thing I saw was a before-and-after demonstration of their nudifier, turning an underwear-clad hottie into a fully naked one.


Their system also bangs out high-quality realistic photos, custom-dreamed hentai, and even full-on porn pics. Between the purple-haired manga chick squirting pussy juice and the more realistic fake nudes flashing by, I was hard as a rock before I even made it off the front page. In what could be a sign of evolving technology, nowhere did I see the extra fingers or other AI deformities that plagued the genre just months ago.


You can generate or modify a few of your own custom nudes for free. Unpaid visitors get a handful of watermarked samples, but can only use a few of PornGen’s most basic models. Sorry, cheapskates, but sex acts like doggystyle and titfuck are restricted to paid PornGen members only.


Membership to has gotten cheaper since they launched, with a $10 monthly plan and a yearly rate that breaks down to half that. No shit, they’ve gone from one of the pricier AI image makers to one of the best values on the market. Paying members can undress or generate as many images as they want and also get the full spread of models, plus perks like faster generation, no watermarks, commercial rights, and editing features. It’s worth mentioning that yearly members get even faster speeds and even higher-quality images.



Turning Wholesome Shots into Masturbation Fuel

One of PornGen’s latest and greatest features is their AI undresser, which can strip the clothes from your SFW photos and turn them into something much naughtier. I’ve written a more in-depth look at their service in my section of Premium Deepfake Porn Sites here at ThePornDude, but I couldn’t resist running some more of more of my photos through while I was here today.



The interface is simple as hell: all you have to do is upload a pic. I sent a snapshot I took of Isabel Love when she visited me at NoLimitsCasting recently, and Porn Gen took about 25 seconds to automatically identify her clothing and remove it. This is one step easier than the deepfake makers that ask you to highlight the clothing by hand before the robot goes to work.


Overall, the results are fucking spectacular, realistically painting in body parts that had previously been hidden by shirts, skirts and other bits of apparel. Depending on the images you use, there may be some trial and error involved. Sometimes the machine failed to detect the panties on the photos I was uploading, but given how fast this technology is evolving, I’m sure it’ll understand underwear soon.



Porn Generating with PornGen offers a menu-based interface for generating images. I think these are slightly less versatile than the prompt-based services, but come with the benefit of fewer AI fuckups, monsters and birth defects. Lately, I’ve been seeing more platforms offer a hybrid mode with an optional prompt, sometimes as a premium feature, and I expect this to become a standard feature almost everywhere as the format continues to develop.



For my first experiment, I selected the Detailed female model, a Woman base and asked for just one character. Checking off the boxes, I requested a babe in her 20s with Huge Boobs, Big Hips, and Pouting Lips. I wanted her to be Japanese, with Purple Hair styled in Pigtails, Working Out Topless in the Jungle while wearing a pair of Daisy Dukes. I checked the box for a Front View, and then tapped the Generate button.


I was impressed by how fast the pic came out and how sexy it looked. The image was ready in around 15 seconds—less than half the time PornGen was taking a couple months ago. If you’ve ever played with one of these AI porn generators before, you know it’s pretty rare for them to meet every single one of your criteria unless you only checked off a few boxes. Porn Gen surprised me, nailing almost every one of the keywords I’d asked for. The only thing I didn’t get was the daisy dukes, but I ain’t complaining because the gal’s smoking hot.


There is a certain perfection to the pic, making it seem more like a lightly photoshopped, professionally shot modeling photo than a candid. I don’t see any obvious signs that it’s an AI pic, though her hands and feet are both offscreen, and those tend to be the biggest giveaways in almost any AI image. Overall, I was more than happy with the results, and eager to continue tinkering with the machinery.



And It Does Porn, Too!

The earliest AI porn generators only did fake photos and hentai. Soon after that, platforms started unveiling porn modes meant to create images of hardcore fucking. The earliest examples of this were pretty lackluster and required a lot of experimentation before you ended up with anything worth shaking your own real dick at. I can’t count the disembodied dongs and misplaced boobies I saw in the early days. comes just a few months after those wonky attempts, but AI tech has been developing at a crazy rate. Naturally, I couldn’t wait to see what this thing was capable of as far as fucking and sucking goes. I changed the Generator model from Detailed woman to Blowjob, then dialed in a few preferences as far as booby size, hair color and body types.


This image was ready about 35 seconds after clicking the Generate button, and the results were even better than when I gave PornGen the same request a couple months ago. The babe looks real and she sure looks hungry, the dick in her mouth pushing out her cheek as she wolfs it down. It’s an overall fapworthy pic, though eagle-eyed masturbators may notice some light AI defects, like the strange curve of her fingers. The Missionary and Titfuck models churned out similarly titillating content.


I’m whipping up this review very shortly after PornGen’s launch, and it’s worth noting that not all of the premium features were ready at the time of this review. The editing feature, for example, currently only lets you tweak the tags. With time, I expect them to roll in features like upscaling. has been progressing nicely since their launch, and the site’s a fun way to whittle away the hours while you shake your dick at your laptop or iPhone screen. In about 30 seconds, it’ll whip up some custom imagery based directly on your fantasies. The free mode has some limitations, like the restricted sex poses, but it does show you how awesomely powerful their system is. If you use up your freebies and still want more, the full membership is cheaper than it’s ever been.

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