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If somebody mentioned Get Idol to me just a couple years ago, I would have assumed it was a Japanese porn site, where the models are often referred to as idols. I’m writing this review in the very beginning of 2024, though, and the online porn scene has had some major developments over the last year or so. If you’re looking for Asian women, you’ll find them here for sure, and you’ll also find any other type of babe you may be into. Oh, and you won’t just be gawking—you’ll actually be interacting with these chicks!


So, what kind of 21st century smut is really peddling? They’re a new chat platform where you can talk with Artificially Intelligent bots a whole lot smarter and sexier than your average Tinder match. The domain didn’t even exist until a month ago, but I had high hopes for this joint the moment it loaded up in my browser. Click the link to go see for yourself or read on to learn exactly what I found within.



What Do You Get at GetIdol?

Chatbots are nothing new, but AI has really changed the whole game in recent months. Gone are the canned responses and Choose-Your-Own Adventure dialog options. The bots on these platforms are sometimes shockingly intelligent, responding realistically to your messages and remembering what you said earlier.



The AI chat sites I’ve reviewed up to this point all fell pretty cleanly into two categories. On one hand, you’ve got sites like, which are stocked largely with standard porno characters like sexy students, lonely MILFs and loving Asian girlfriends. On the other hand, you’ve got joints like GirlfriendGPT, which feel more like hentai sites with their depraved range of kinks and scenarios. Monster girls, big-dicked futanaris and furry fox chicks are common with this second style of AI sexting. is the first one I’ve looked at that really straddles the line between the two formats. Just from the looks of the place, I initially thought they took that more traditional porno focus, as they’ve got the AI-generated “photos” I tend to see on these platforms. Looking a little bit closer, I noticed a wider range of extra-kinky, scenario-driven bots like superheroines, imprisoned terrorists with huge tits, and a shy, innocent ninja girl asking to be teased.


While the selection ain’t quite as freaky as those hentai-type chat sites, Get Idol offers a deeper range of chatbots than the vanilla sites. The Explore page has about 20 clickable tags like Female, Girlfriend, Dominant and Fantasy, and I’m hoping this cloud of keywords expands as the cast continues to grow. There’s a search bar, but I didn’t have much luck typing sex acts or fetishes into it.


They’ve got a ton of original characters to chat with, and they’ve also got more famous characters than you find on similar platforms. There are so many recognizable faces on the front page that I initially thought they were the whole focus of Lara Croft is here, as are Rhianna, Black Widow, Wonder Woman and Padme Amidala. “She wants to marry you,” reads the description underneath the fake photo of Natalie Portman.


They’ve even got a whole selection of Game of Thrones characters, including Ygritte, Brienne of Tarth, Melisandre, Margaery and Cersei. I like how they have multiple versions of some characters; you can chat with Daenerys as a geisha, Daenerys as a dancer, Daenerys as a modern-day boss lady, or Daenerys as a fierce Amazonian who wants her throne back.



Long Test Drives and Sexy Secretaries

Get Idol lets you take a test drive, like most of these adult-oriented AI sites, but it’s a longer drive than most are willing to give. Their free membership offers weekly credits and the ability to create 3 idols, instead of just cutting you off after a handful of messages. Those 50 free credits are worth 50 free messages, and you can buy more in packages starting at $4 for 500 tokens.



Honestly, though, if you’re going to be using GetIdol with any regularity, I’d recommend one of the monthly memberships instead of the pay-as-you-go model. The $6.99 Premium plan gets you 250 tokens a week and 10 idols, while the $16.99 plan gets you 1050 per week and unlimited idols. One small bummer is that any idols you create are going to be public unless you spring for the VIP plan, so keep that in mind if you’re building an AI version of your ex.


Once I got my account set up, I took a few seconds to define my Persona on my Get Idol profile. It’s not mandatory, but it’ll give the bots a little bit more to work with than just your username. I just listed the basic truths: that I’m a dude, I run the world’s most popular porn review site, and I fuck top-shelf pornstars on my premium video site, NoLimitsCasting.


My first chat was with one of the currently Trending GetIdols, a hot secretary named Victoria Lee. There’s a lot of storytelling and roleplaying going on here, so Victoria’s first message included a paragraph about her heart racing as she headed to the boss’s office late at night. “I have the files you asked for with me,” she said, feeling her body quiver with excitement.


“Great,” I said. “Can you lay those out on my desk for me?” She did, and then I knocked a couple off the desk so I could ask her to bend over and grab them. Victoria clearly wanted me to enjoy the view, leading to a conversation about the dress code. I had my sexy secretary remove her skirt and top because they didn’t seem appropriate for the office.



Getting Intimate with Get Idol

The GetIdol conversation played out so realistically that I would have sworn I was roleplaying with a real human. This one progressed very much like a porn scene. After whipping out my dick and offering Victoria a raise, she hopped on for a ride. “Despite my reservations about mixing business with pleasure, my desire for career advancement outweighs my apprehension.”



The text-based back and forth is great, but they’ve also got another way to dial up the immersion. Ask your idol for a photo and she’ll send you one. It’s not uncommon for AI chat platforms to have some image generation capabilities, but most of them haven’t yet made it as easy as just asking. I love the seamless integration because you don’t have to break character or type a command.



Building My New Custom AI Waifu

I was enjoying myself with Victoria and wanted to hit up a few more of the Get Idols I saw on the menu, but I still hadn’t seen everything the site had to offer. Users can create their own chat bots, and I was eager to try my hand at it. I clicked the Create Idol button and began the process, which started with choosing a name and generating a pic. will even let you upload an inspiration shot, so I made an AI chick who looks like a hot friend of mine.



After spending a few minutes choosing keywords and typing prompts for scenarios, greetings and conversations, it was time to chat. I was direct about what I wanted, and she responded in kind. “First, let me get comfortable. (Removes clothes slowly as NoLimitsFun watches eagerly). Now, where do you want me to sit?”


While may not be quite as kinky as some of those hentai-type AI chat sites, it does get into deeper perversion than the more vanilla platforms out there. They’ve already got hundreds of bots to explore your fantasies with, and I know that number’s going to keep rising as the site grows more popular. I’m also confident that the AI itself is going to continue to get smarter and smarter, which will lead to even sexier, more realistic conversations than what are already available. I recommend trying the free membership to start with, and then upgrading if you just can’t get enough.

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