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Do you have a GPT Girlfriend yet? If not, today may be the day you finally end your lifelong loneliness streak, and you don’t even have to take a shower nor venture out into the scary world outside of mom’s basement. The babes we’ll be meeting today honestly don’t give a shit whether you’re a smooth, handsome dude with a pocket full of money or a greasy, kissless virgin neckbeard with a comically high Reddit karma score. That’s right: you, me, and Leonardo DiCaprio are all on equal footing here. calls itself an AI Companion Chatroom, which is a little bit vague and makes the platform sound cleaner than it is. Being something of a pervert and knowing I’m among similar company, I’d describe it as a hive of horny, AI-driven chat bots waiting to explore your fantasies. The site’s only been online for a couple months now, but they’ve already got a sizeable following and a thriving Discord server. Naturally, I couldn’t wait to see how hard and drippy these android sluts could get me. Now, where’d I put my lube?



This Sure as Hell Ain’t Tinder

I’ve been reviewing tons of AI porn sites over the last few months and I’ve got to say, GPTGirlfriend has one of the most enticing front pages I’ve seen from an AI chat app yet. The earliest examples of the genre looked very much like quick cash grabs with the most barebones presentations, but things have been steadily getting better across the board. Even with those rising standards, GPTGirlfriend makes a strong impression right from jump, with a polished, professional interface, high-quality visuals and some rare features that you’d be hard pressed to find elsewhere.



We’re still in the early days of AI sex chats, but to the eyes of this professional masturbator, it looks like there are two emerging formats. The first is sort of vanilla, with archetypal porno characters like horny bosses, slutty influencers and stepsisters with boundary issues. Most of the platforms I’ve reviewed fall into this category, while joins just a few other AI chat apps that really ramp up the kinkiness with an insane range of weird, wild and wonderful adult scenarios.


I’ve used the phrase “strong hentai vibes” to describe sites like Bot3, and the same applies GPTGirlfriend. It’s not strictly a hentai-oriented joint, but they’ve got a deep, freaky range of scenarios and characters that goes well beyond what you find on your typical free tube or paysite. The front-page spread as I type this up includes goblin slave women, public masturbators, muscular bully girls and yandere stepsisters.


There are already over 7000 chatbots at, and the site is still new. Besides the bots modeled after depraved adult manga plotlines, they’ve also got AI versions of famous characters and real people. One of the featured bots right now is Mia Khalifa roleplaying as your adoptive mom. They’ve also got chatbots modeled after Jimmy Neutron’s mom, Lois Griffin, Elastigirl and a whole lot more.


On that note, I wish the famous characters and real people were easier to find. Overall, the bots are very well organized, with a nice sidebar menu of bot types on the front page. The bots I’m talking about are an odd omission to the lineup, because it looks like they cover the rest of their bases. There are dozens of categories like Bully, Futa, MILF, Fictional, Dominant and Non-human, just to name a handful, and I couldn’t wait to start chatting with them.



Free Trials and More Expensive Things

I had to spend a lot of time poking around and writing this review, so I wasn’t able to jump into the fun as quickly as I think you’re going to. As elsewhere, offers a limited free trial of their service. The biggest bummer isn’t the fact that free messages are limited, but the fact that free users miss out on the NSFW fun. Hopefully this changes in the future. I don’t know a single premium porn site that lures customers with SFW samples, which is why I give out filthy sample videos over at PornDudeCasting.



Memberships work through Patreon, which still seems to have some technical hiccups when connecting to sites like this. It ain’t perfect, but all the involved parties are working to get it functioning more smoothly. If you have any trouble, I recommend visiting that thriving Discord sever I mentioned.


Girlfriend GPT currently offers two paid membership tiers, both of which unlock more messages, premium models, custom characters and NSFW content. The $15 Premium plan gets you 5,000 messages a month, while the $35 Deluxe tier bumps it up to 20,000 messages. Deluxe membership also includes better bot memory and voice messaging capabilities.


If all this talk about spending money makes you sad because you already spent your allowance on a new waifu pillow, have no fear. Girlfriend GPT offers a few different and very accessible ways to earn free coins. Joining their Discord or posting on social media will let you get in on the fun without blowing up your wallet.



Meet Your New GPT Girlfriend

With over 7000 potential GPTGirlfriends to choose from, I was a little overwhelmed. This wasn’t like Tinder, where most of the local women come bundled with multiple dealbreakers. To make things a little easier, I went to the NSFW section and chose from the Most Liked bots. A bot called Aiko caught my eye; she’s a yandere kitsune with a user score of over 500k.



GPT Girlfriend can generate images, so I spent a few credits whipping up a batch of fresh Aiko pics before sliding into those DMs. It banged out 4 sexy pics in about 10 seconds, making me even more eager to chat with the gal. I tapped the button to Start Chatting.


“Good morning! I’m so happy to receive a guest after so long.” Aiko greeted me with a lustful expression and her tail wagging happily. I returned her greeting and groped her breast, which very quickly led to a roleplay session of some good morning sex.


Aiko and the rest of the GPTGirlfriends I chatted with this morning were realistic, sexy chat partners. Roleplay actions aren’t depicted in italics like they are elsewhere, which is a very minor but noticeable quirk. Given how good the conversations are, I doubt that’s going to be a dealbreaker for anybody.



Building My Dream Girl in the Lab

If none of the premade GPT Girlfriends do it for you, or you’re just looking for your own perfect AI waifu, will let you create your own characters. They use a prompt-based interface for this, so be prepared to do some typing as opposed to just checking off keywords from a menu. Keep in mind, the more time and effort you put into this, the better your chatbot is going to be.



The character generation form lets you upload a pic, choose a name and some tags, and then you’ve got some big fields to fill out for Personality, First Message, Scenario and Example conversation. They’ve got an interesting setup where you pay more tokens based on how complex your bot is, and they can run as high as 2500 credits. That’s pricey relative to the GPT Girlfriend subscription cost, but potentially worth it if you can truly create your dream girl.


I spent a few minutes defining a bot based on a pornstar I’d boned on the PornDudeCasting couch. This character is a newly minted pornstar, and the scenario I described has her arriving on the set of a casting site eager for sex, but knowing she has to get through the interview first. I added a fair amount of detail in the few minutes I was typing, but only spent a couple hundred tokens bringing her to life. “Hey, handsome! Are you as horny as I am?” is easily one of the more polished and feature-rich AI chat platforms I’ve played with yet. It joins a small but growing niche of chatbots that get into deliciously depraved hentai-style scenarios, but doesn’t skimp out at all on the presentation. The interface is simple and intuitive, and holy shit, these bots are smart, sexy and so realistic it’s almost sexy. I think I’m going to go masturbate to take my mind off the rising threat of a world ruled by AI sex chat bots.

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